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6 Simple Tips to Avoid Sleep when self driving in Uganda.

Uganda Self Drive is quite an easy way and can be managed by many travelers who opt for self drive or hire a car with a driver which seems to be the best solution when you rent a car in Uganda with one reputable company like Auto Rental Uganda. As it is, you always have many options at disposal of how you can make best of the car rental services in Uganda, the real decision usually belongs to the car hirer considering his/her tastes and preferences.

When one opts for a uganda self drive, then you are covenant of your driving skills and yes you believe in your perfection in driving on the African roads which Yes to say, can be challenging. Hiring and driving in Uganda is absolutely the best way to discover these beautiful lands but question is, How best are you familiar with the Uganda Self Drive and still be well considering that sometimes you could end up napping on the wheels.

Napping is a very healthy thing to do while on a Uganda Self Drive but yes we insist not on the wheels as you drive through the countryside or on one of those nice paved roads in Uganda. On the other hand, the big benefits of bumpy countryside roads is keeping you awake as you drive, You cant be bumped into a water-filled pothole and still keeping dosing on the wheels, however these smooth/paved roads will take you off and get your self dosing off especially when you have to drive a long distance with same vegetation and scenery. One of the longest same vegetation landscapes is the Murchison – kibale journey that takes 10hours but worry not, it’s a bumpy road.

Auto Rental Uganda Team shares with you some few tips for driving in Uganda and that can avoid sleep especially those that hire a car for self drive safaris; And if you prefer not to keep the tips and also prefer the comfort of your rental car, we advise that you hire a car with a driver for your trip through these beautiful lands.

Avoid driving when you are too tired.
Considerably, the first rule of staying safe on a self drive journey is not to hit the road when you are too tired. Since you are driving independently and not on a fixed schedule, take time to sleep little, relax enough and avoid being stressed. If You have been busy the previous day, how about use part of the next day to relax? Trust me this will do wonders for a long journey ahead and yes for your safety when driving in Uganda.. You need a strong mind to enjoy a Uganda Self Drive.

Avoid driving & Rushing
Supposedly, most self drivers drive at night without stopping for breaks or would rather make the most of the holiday weekend or holiday journey. But, there’s a limit to the amount of stress and labor that your body can take without taking rest or breaks. So, don’t cut the resting time to rush to the destination. Plan accordingly, like have an itinerary or travel plan with time. Some car rental agencies like Auto Rental Uganda will definitely draft you a very perfect itinerary with travel time.. Planning is a very important aspect and especially long journeys.

Make use Caffeinated products
Driving with the help of Caffeine helps in keeping you awake when self driving and especially for sole traveling self drivers in Uganda, believe me your mind will keep alert. So, drinking one or two cups of coffee whenever you feel sleepy when driving will help to avoid falling asleep at the wheel. Keep caffeinated mints and gum in the vehicle in case you can’t buy beverages on the way as you drive past.

Make use of Breaks/driving intervals.
You control the car and yes control Time of travel too. Taking a break at every two to three hours or 100 kms will give you a time to relax and refresh your mind. Usually park the vehicle somewhere safe with people in vicinity and enjoy a snack or listen to a song. Start the journey after 15 to 20 minutes. If you want, you could make use of a small jog just behind your rental car and allow blood in you move fast, this way you have the sleep under control.

Remember to take a Nap
Driving a rental car in Uganda for long distances at some point requires taking a nap. This could be the last resort if nothing mentioned above works. A 20-minute of nap will keep you alert for the next couple of hours. So, if you are sleep deprived and caffeine seems to have no effect anymore, park somewhere safe and take a short nap. Trust me This will def work for independent self driving travelers in Uganda

Travel and share driving with a buddy or spouse
Is is not nice and good accompaniment? This is also one of the most efficient way to avoid sleep when driving and yes, not loose time when self driving in Uganda. This is helpful when you are set for a very long journey. Hire a car and drive with someone else so that you can take turns. It’s the best way to avoid falling asleep when driving on Uganda roads because you can take rest when the other person is driving and surely works out just so perfect. Trust me even sharing self driving memories is just paramount and memorable.

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