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Uganda at 59 Years: 59th Independence Day.

Uganda at 59: some very many years ago we used to be Ugandans in our country with just us, one day other groups of persons came to visit and made it their home as well. Those times our ancestors thought it was a normal welcome to visitors as it is our cultural norm.

Little did they know that the visitors had plans far away from normal visitors or self drive travelers? They took over almost all the aspects of my mother Uganda and controlled its everything. Some 59 years ago we got our Uganda back to us after a lot of this and that.

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When the British handed Uganda Independence on October 9, 1962 at – then Kololo Independence Square, the Queen’s Representative, the Duke of Kent, handed over the Constitutional Instruments of Independence to the Executive Prime Minister,  Milton Obote. Sir Edward Mutesa II, then-Kabaka of the Buganda Kingdom and who, in 1963, was elected by Parliament to be the first President of Uganda at 59, stood next to Milton Obote during the ceremony.

Since then, Uganda at 59 has traveled on a journey full of challenging economic and political changes. These changes made Uganda a unique country in Africa compared to other African countries. Because we are Uganda and we know how to make us happy and grow.

Indeed, Uganda at 59 is the only country in East and Central Africa that has had nine Presidents since Independence, compared to other African countries in the same region. Just like google mentioned “Along with being a chance to reflect on almost 60 years of independence, today is also an opportunity for Ugandans to look toward the future of their nation—a forward motion symbolized by the raised leg of the grey-crowned crane found on the center of the Ugandan flag.” Uganda will reflect on the future and be much more than the best.

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With over 45 million people, Uganda is growing at unpredictable rate giving us the honor to celebrate Uganda independence day. Due to the covid -19 pandemic Uganda has not had those joyful celebrations as usual.

The independence celebrations are helped at the kololo grounds with a few persons attending to reduce the spread of the deadly various. However all Ugandans are celebrating this at their homes in all ways possible. Home cooked meals(luwombo) and bears will be served of Course not for getting the Uganda waraji

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