Toyota LandCruiser

4×4 car hire Uganda for safari experiences with an extended Built and customized Jeep to conquer the Africa and Uganda safari experiences. The extended safari land cruiser is one and the best 4WD land cruiser of the 76 series with a tough and utilitarian 4X4 car hire Uganda. The land cruiser is extended to fit a maximum of 8 passengers and 1 driver. Built with a pop up roof and inbuilt freezer,  would be the perfect luxury safari land cruiser for an inspirational journey. Sitting and driving in our extended land cruisers is a feeling of its own, a feeling of Safari and yes a feeling of Adventure.

We have managed to add to our fleet 2 extended land cruisers especially for our guided trips. We only offer these two land cruisers in company with our insightful driver guide. The Cruisers offer us the space, reliability and strength that we believe is necessary for our safaris most especially on our Every year guided trips and in particular they will make great vehicles for families and longer multi destination country expeditions. They are comprehensively insured, unlimited kilometers, 24-7 roadside assistance.

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