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Family Self Drive Tours

Family self drive tours are perfect for people traveling to Uganda with children and great grandparents as well. Be in control of your time and explore all the best a Uganda safari has to offer. Family self-drive tours include various activities for the whole family as well as little something to keep the young ones occupied while driving.

The best way to fully experience the world is by traveling through it. Family self drive tours bring you closer to amazing places via iconic and scenic road routes through the highlands and low lands of the pearl of Africa.

Just because you settled down and had kids doesn’t mean your adventuring days are through. Family makes our big planet small enough for all.
farmily self drive tours

Key benefits of a Family Self Drive Tours

Self-drive tours in Uganda have become increasingly popular as it offers ultimate freedom and flexibility to explore Uganda’s natural wonders and cultural attractions at your own pace. Iceland ring road is ideal for a self drive vacation with magnificent scenery.

– Freedom and flexibility
– Family activities included
– Children friendly self drive tours
– Safe destination

Here you can find a variety of Uganda self drive tours or road trips of various duration that include a pre-booked accommodation and a rental car of your choice.  Detailed itineraries are provided with all family self drive packages as well as a GPS unit for easy navigation and a map of Uganda travel, where the route has been highlighted.

The family self drive tours are the ultimate way to travel around Uganda for the independent traveler, family tours, guided tours as well as pre-arranged safaris in Uganda.

Family adventures speak to travelers of all ages

On family adventure vacations, it’s a slow pace, minimize long drives, carry snacks, and make frequent stops for cultural interactions and easing. Local guides and drivers, often teachers or parents themselves, combine a mastery of their profession with personal experience to create interesting, fun activities that will thrill kids and adults alike.

Take camel horse rides in jinja and Lake Mburo national park, You can ask your travel agent to reserve you a gorilla trekking and chimpanzee tracking here or just relax and lake bunyonyi to the singing  of weaver birds. Explore wildlife and archeological sites with easy trails and stimulating learning opportunities during the day, and then head back in the evenings to your family-friendly accommodations with flexible room arrangements, menus, and a pool wherever possible!

farmily self drive tours

Family self drive tours or travel is truly fun for the whole family

i know from experience that my kids are stimulated, having fun, and feeling safe, I am usually having a good time too! The better prepared you are, the more you’ll get out of your trip, ask your car rental agency packets to your children that include colorful posters, laminated field guides, diaries, reading lists, and language and geography primers. You can as well pack for yourself some.

Take a designated family trip where you’re matched with a family with similarly aged children to yours, or work with our experienced Uganda safari team to plan a customized family adventure to Uganda or East Africa.

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The bloodshed in Kenya’s capital appeared designed to inflict maximum damage to the country’s image of stability and its tourism industry, an important source of revenue.however we will stand with you our bothers in Kenya and work hand in hand to get to the bottom of all this.

Uganda was attacked a few years back which brought a clear setback in our tourism industry, we are very sure and stand proud that uganda,s security is intact and can easily take dawn these inhuman beings.

We are with you our Kenya brothers and sisters, we are strong and you can be strong in us.

Uganda self drive

Self Drive Uganda Quick, simple & Basic Travel Tips

Self Drive Uganda safaris is absolutely rewarding especially for the independent travelers that would like to adventure on their own. Remarkably, Self drive Uganda safari adventures is one of the most convenient and exciting travel options through the scenic and magically Jaw dropping terrained Pearl of Africa that presents an opportunity to adventure and discover all the hidden treasures of Uganda  with a rental car in Uganda from a reputable Car Rental Uganda Agency. Our rather insightful travel experts avail you with quite essential knowledge about traveling more particularly to the alluring and scenic Pearl of Africa, Uganda.

What do you need prior travel?

As you consider traveling to Uganda for a self drive Uganda safari, it is important to ensure that you book a flight that perfectly rhymes with the dates of your trip around Uganda because most car rental Agencies in Uganda charge according to how many days you spend with the car therefore to arrive a day earlier is perfect for relaxing in preparation for a whole new and exciting day of adventure.

Also, ensure that you pack all the necessary documents like international driving licenses since you will be required to present them on some journeys especially on the highways where traffic officers are stationed on various points to ensure correct road usage by the drivers to curb unfortunate incidents along the road.

Ensure to confirm with your car hire Uganda  agency your arrival time and date to avoid last minute plans and over waiting at the airport and also in case of bookings, ensure to confirm that they were made to avoid inconveniences when you arrive. Confirmations are very vital.

What to expect in Uganda.

The Pearl of Africa, a small land locked African country is a very culturally rich nation with rather hospitable people and warm equatorial conditions given that she is blessed with an equator in the southern part therefore the temperatures are always reasonably high but not too high to cause discomfort hence it is important to park light clothes, basically Uganda has some of the best weathers in Africa .

While in this scenic and rather nature endowed land, you will notice that the people like to dress up decently and cover up a better part of their body and therefore it is quite important to pack clothes that do not reveal too much skin so the light clothes will work best because they will save you the too much heat from covering yourself.

Like earlier said, Uganda has a vast range of tribes with respective cultures like the incredible Karamajong of northern Uganda,Baganda of central Uganda, Banyankole of Western Uganda, Batwa, Batooro, to mention but a few. All these amazing people have unique and tasty cultural dishes for example Baganda have the tasty Luwombo, Banyankole have Eshabwe and Kalo, Batooro have Firinda and so many more. Have I mentioned the over 10 unique national parks in Uganda and soaring mountains and ending savannah plains dotted with vibrant wildlife? The Uganda water bodies spiced up with a huge population of wildlife and resorts to relax. therefore, brace yourself for not just a tour of nature but also a taste of the mouthwatering typical African dishes.

Necessary things to pack.

While you prepare for a self drive uganda safari, it is crucial to carry as little luggage as possible because everyone would like a bulk free trip that allows you the opportunity to fully enjoy your travel time and move to all destinations of your choice with the least of inconveniences. Since these trips are usually getaways that close you from the rest of the world and have a refreshing time of your life, it is wise to pack only the necessities like just enough clothes and leave alone things like electronics that are likely to steal your attention and you end up distracted while on your trip hence missing out on some of the magical views and memorable experiences.

While you pack, it is quite important to ensure that you carry the personal things you are not likely to find in a foreign environment like, personal medication, Vaseline and lotions to avoid irritations from random products different from what you usually use.

A self drive Uganda safari trip is with no doubt an experience worth having for any person that would like to make memories for a life time because in this Pearl of Africa, there is such a wide range of activities to get involved in like visiting the different habitats of nature’s unique flora and fauna like the endangered Mountain Gorillas of Bwindi, the fresh water bodies including the world’s longest river, R.Nile and the stunning heavy waterfalls like Murchison falls, hiking mountains, and so much more. Get your shoes on and Let Auto Rental Uganda Show you the country that  We Know!

uganda Self Drive Safari

Self Drive Uganda Safari To The famous Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Self Drive Uganda safari stands out as the most convenient means of travel through the scenic and nature rich East Africa’s number one tourist destination. Nicknamed the Pearl of Africa, #Uganda is well known for the virgin wilderness waiting to be discovered and her tough terrain roads that make your road trips exciting and worth trying out.

The Queen Elizabeth National Park is located in the south western part of Uganda, well known as Uganda’s most popular and accessible savanna reserve lying beside the Lake Edward with diverse ecosystems that include humid forests, sparkling lakes, fertile wetlands, vast range of wildlife both animals and birds.

How to reach the park.

On a self drive Uganda safari, it is obvious that you’ll reach the Queen Elizabeth by road utilizing our perfect condition 4×4 Car rental vehicles that are strong enough to maneuver the tough terrains of the Ugandan soils. There are different routes to the park depending on where one is coming from or even the traveler’s priority in terms of stop overs he intends to make or even opting for the shortest route available. Our detailed and clear Uganda road maps come in handy to assist you choose a road that seems to meet your preference of travel to the park or better still, our insightful driver guides can help you choose a better route that suites your preferred interests while on your journey to the park. Both routes range between 410 -425 km stretches from Uganda’s capital city, Kampala. Air flights can also be arranged to the existing airstrips of Kasese.

What to do and see in Queen Elizabeth.

For any traveler aboard a self drive Uganda safari to this western nature endowed park, brace yourself for an exciting and adventurous stay in the park because it is a habitat for most of Uganda’s unique wildlife and the most beautiful sceneries from the mountains,plains,valleys and the sparkling water bodies like the famous kazinga channel connecting the two great lakes George and Edward. All these facilitate a memorable game drive that allows you quality time in the wild on just four wheels to get sights of elephants, warthogs, lions, antelopes, baboons, to mention but only a few. The exciting launch cruise along Kazinga channel is one you can’t afford to miss as you get to discover some of Africa’s unique water animals like hippos, crocodiles, water birds and so many other birds in the vegetation on the banks of the waters which is perfect for bird watching. Also, enjoy a rewarding nature walk around the park  and encounter the unique cultural heritage for example the energetic dances of the Kikorongo  Equator cultural performers, locals harvesting salt at Katwe, traditional Banyaruguru hut and different African agricultural practices at Mubuku. There is just so much more to discover in the Queen Elizabeth park than we can put in writing .Any travel diehard wouldn’t give up this trip for anything.

Where to stay.

The park has got plenty of lodges that offer you great accommodation, restaurant and bar services and still allow you the chance to still enjoy spectacular views across your relaxing point. These cater for all budgets ranging from luxury, midrange to budget .Through a reputable car rental Uganda agency, you will be able to book yourself a hotel or lodge of your preference with advice from our travel experts to get you a perfect place to match your descriptions. Also, you can make use of our quality camping gears to be able to commune more intimately with nature and the wild. Even easier, our well detailed itineraries can be of great help to book a fully pre-arranged self drive uganda safari and save you the burden of researching about lodges in a foreign area.

Our Car rental team are always happy to serve you in the most commendable way possible for you to have a memorable trip to the Pearl of Africa.

camping in Uganda

Camping Uganda Safaris Doubling With A Self Drive Safari In Uganda

Camping Uganda safaris & Self Drive Uganda safari simply reflects a foreseen incredible adventure meaning to travel through Uganda where you take on the wheels on a self drive safari tour to any of  personal preferred destinations across the Pearl of Africa rather than the use of public means or even travel by air. The whole great deal lies with hiring a car with a reputable car rental agency Uganda where you acquire a 4×4 car in perfect mechanical condition suitable for the number of persons on board and how much luggage you would like to travel with and yes with the right Quality Camping gear to spice up your adventure in Uganda.

Camping Uganda Safaris is one rather exciting way to commune with mother nature in the beautiful Pearl of Africa as you make your bed and shelter in the wild enjoying the sweet melodies from birds and fresh breezes from the vegetation around your campsite. These campsites are mainly limited to campsites & Resorts therefore you cannot just set up a tent on any free area you come across but rather you ought to book space with the different campsites that have provisions for this incredible way to spend your time in the scenic Pearl of Africa.

What to prepare.

Opting for a camping Uganda Safari & self drive Uganda safari  to experience this exciting time of  blending with nature, you ought to secure a quality camping gear with a reputable service provider that is usually a car rental Uganda agency that also deals in camping equipment on top of the 4×4 cars. Ensure that the camping gear has all the necessary equipment to use as it may not be easy to find some of these things while you are already in the wild since the shops may not be accessible enough or may not even have some of the things you need. You can also pack some fresh foods like meat and enjoy a barbeque while you watch beautiful sunsets or any other food of your choice and make yourselves a meal in the wild.

Also remember to carry mosquito repellant and other insect repellant to protect you from the biting insects of the wild and let mother nature be a blessing or a new adventurous surrounding for you .

What to expect

It is with no doubt one exciting and memorable experience to spend a night away from the usual shelter of permanent structures but rather put yourself to sleep in a mobile and self set up tent with the natural fresh breezes and sweet wild melodies. A night on an island in the middle of a lake or on the rim of a volcano surrounded by forest and watching your neighbors, mostly monkeys, and other human friendly animals is one you will never trade for anything. To watch the sun go down and rise again without any barriers of a wall is simply relaxing and you cannot afford to miss such rewarding experiences all in the wild, away from the manipulated life that interferes with nature’s gifts.

How to book

It is advisable to book in advance with your preferred campsite to avoid inconveniences on arrival. The car rental Uganda agency is in position to assist you do the bookings with these sites and usually at no cost or where there is an extra cost, they inform you in advance therefore there won’t be unexpected costs to be incurred. You can also book with them a quality camping gear prior travel so that it is all set upon arrival.

On a camping Uganda safari & self drive Uganda safari, we don’t recommend simply setting up camp anywhere and urge you to restrict yourself to established camp sites in the Pearl of Africa. This is for your safety since there are snakes and other potentially dangerous wildlife throughout Uganda and a solitary tent in the middle of no where leaves you vulnerable to unfortunate occurrences. Trust us with much care and safety not forgetting to have a ranger guide in your wild campsite will absolutely leave you with great and an adventourous &memorable lifetime camping Uganda Safari adventure. Thank Us later..

Car rental In Uganda Car rental In Uganda Car rental In Uganda Car rental In Uganda Car rental In Uganda

self drive car rental uganda

Self Drive Uganda & Discovering the Spectacular Murchison falls

Self Drive Uganda, just like the name suggests simply refers to being a temporary owner of a car you’ve hired from a reputable car rental agency and as a matter of fact, reputable suggests that you are guaranteed a car in good mechanical condition to maneuver the tough terrains of the Pearl of Africa and also to mention, comprehensive car insurance, 24/7 roadside assistance and commendable services from the car rental Uganda agency team.

The Murchison falls, also previously known as Kabalega falls named after the late Omukama Kabalega are the waters of the Nile cutting through small slits of rocks to fall furiously to the ground causing a spectacular sight as the waters hit the ground with so much force creating a mist that mixes with the sun rays to form a beautiful rainbow giving it all a breathtaking view.

How to reach Murchison.

The falls are within the Murchison national park that derives its name from the falls. It is located in the northern region of the Albertine Rift Valley. This is the area where the huge Bunyoro escarpment joins together into the vast Acholi plains. One simply needs a clear Uganda road map or one of our insightful driver guides that are well versed with these routes and can assist in choosing the best alternative available or more so make use of our well planned Car rental & Accomodation pre -arranged trips. To note though, the route to the Murchison is determined by the direction from which the traveler will be coming and also what exactly he or she would like to see while on the journey because they have different kinds of nature endowments.

What to do and see in Murchison.

The most spectacular view of the waterfall is on the top of “where the sight & sound of the Nile crashing through”, wide chasm make a mind blow on everybody’s senses. Itcan be reached either by car a 45 minutes climb, leaving the Paraa launch. The Paraa launch trip is the most popular activity on this part of the Nile as you are able to get countless memorable and spectacular views aboard this cruise with variety of wildlife both on the river banks and in the waters themselves. The top prize here is the shoebill stock that is a very rare sight elsewhere. The launch trip starts 9am and 2pm every day and it lasts approximately 3hours which is all adventure of all that nature has hidden. It is advisable to book your space on this cruise with the help of your Self Drive Uganda car rental agency to avoid disappointment on arrival. Forest walks, fishing, game drives, visiting the Paraa museum are also alternative exciting activities you can get involved in to crown your day while in Murchison and make memories in the Pearl of Africa. There are different cultural set ups around the park and cultural walks to these unique cultures always offer insight into the different cultures in Uganda.

Where to stay in Murchison.

It is only inevitable for any normal human being to spend an entire adventurous day in the park to be tired and worn out therefore you will have to consider a place and time to have yourself refreshed and relaxed in preparation for a fresh and exciting day in the incredible Pearl of Africa. There are different lodges within the park premises that cater for all budgets whether luxury, moderate or even budget that still allow you the extra time to commune with nature and also have some rest from the long walks and drives for example the Chobe safari lodge, Murchison river lodge, Red chili rest camp, to mention but a few, with excellent bar and restaurant facilities. You can also make use of our Car & quality camping gears to get more intimate with nature and spend a night all in the wild without built structures obstructing the fresh and cool breezes of the air.

It is absolutely with no doubt a trip worth taking for someone that would love memorable and spectacular views of the Nile, furious falls and so many wild animals within the park in the amazing Pearl of Africa. We would be glad to have anybody experience all these incredible and exciting encounters here in Uganda and let nature deal with our fatigue from the extremely busy schedules away from the holiday.

Opting to rent a car for self drive Uganda holidays is absolutely an adventurous experience in Uganda, Not Only does it offer flexibility and independence but also rewarding with the freedom to visit amazing and spectacular destinations in Uganda – includes the famous Murchison Falls National Park.

self drive car rental Uganda

Self Drive Car Rental Uganda and Tips to Fueling a Car

Self Drive Car Rental Uganda is remarkably the best option to traverse through these peaceful and beautiful lands. Self drive car rental being part of hiring a car from just not any company but legit car rental Company comes with difficulties when it comes to fuelling or re-fueling at specific gas stations.

Being a developing country, Uganda and the gas stations are based on manual labour system, this all involves a pump attendant who fuels the car and also is handed cash for the litres consumed. The most common gas stations and also recommended are Shell and Total by many self drive car rental Uganda companies. For you to have a very a hustle free self drive car rental Uganda adventure in Uganda as a growing and a developing country, You definitely need to familiarize with some Tips to fueling a car at gas stations and yes, Auto Rental Uganda team shares with you some of these Important Tips.

Observe the warnings at the fuel stations.

For a better reason known to them and probably yourself, it is very impontant that you turn off your engine when refueling your rented car. Incidences of fire and  many alike are sometimes caused by Still On Ingnition Cars refueling, Its surely a great idea switching the car off.

Know your Tank Before You refuel.

Knowing your tank is important to know how much fuel you may need to refuel for the specific journey. This way it helps you know how much to order and also helps in your budget planning as you take on the self drive car rental Uganda Safari

Look At The meter reading as they Fuel.

More important for when you are a foreigner or “Muzungu” taking on a self drive car rental Uganda safari. Unfortunately a few of the many pump attendants may take advantage of you and kinda cheat you. So, Look at the metre gauage always, don’t sit and boss around in your drivers seat.

Endavour To have changed monies for fuel

Like many self drive car rental Uganda safari travelers do, have monies planned for fuel at all times. Some gas station pump attendants  tend not to have change to give back and will waste a lot of your time trying to find change for you.

Avoid refueling from NOT well established  gas stations

Yes, like any Struggling businesses will in many ways manipulate the services and fuel or provide substandard products including fuel. Not only does the bad fuel take you for less kilometers but will also damage the rental car so, take note when refueling.

Take advantage of the “after services” offered at these gas stations

Many gas station attendants offer free services to check your coolant levels, oil levels or wind screen wash as you fuel your tank perfectly. Always ask if they can, In this way they get you ready and safe for the remaining journey perfectly. This also saves you a lot of time with safety as a paramount thing when you opt for a self drive car rental Uganda safari.

Nevertheless, Hiring a car for self drive car rental uganda safaris is magical, inspirational and sweeps you off your feet through these peaceful and beautiful lands. Our past clients have given praise to Uganda and the team at Auto Rental Uganda through Trip Advisor. Read more of what our travelers have to say.

self drive car rental uganda

Self Drive Car Rental Uganda and 6 Common Dash board Signals

Opting for a self drive car rental Uganda is magical but also driving in Uganda safely with a very good conditioned vehicle is fundamental, something you can’t ignore for a self drive car rental Uganda and many African countries. Whereas driving through Uganda may be great and inspirational or sometimes manageable by many independent, It isalso very paramount that you know some of the dashboard signals, for just in case you need help, be prepared for action or adjust in the driving. Very important to know some of these basic lighting signal as an important factor to enhance smoothly a self drive car rental Uganda adventure. When you hire a car in Uganda for self drive Road trips expect sometimes the car to flash those warning signals, every time something goes wrong while driving in Uganda on self drive car rental. For a matter of fact Car Dashboard warning lights lets you drive much safer on the roads in Uganda.

Important question is, how does it work? Precisely, as soon as something goes wrong in the car system, one or the other feature gets activated on the dashboard. This activates the signal funnels through the electrical system, which is then displayed on the dashboard for the driver to notice.

Engine Warning Light (ECU)

self drive car rental in uganda

Ever seen an engine-shaped signal on your dashboard? Then that means your car has shifted into the safe mode itself. The reason for this light illuminating on your dashboard could be the lack of power, trouble caused by the misfire, or any other fault which is halting the normal working of the engine. You may need to call your car rental agency and notify them and yes they could advise.

Tire Pressure Warning Light

The signal appears like a U alphabet with an exclamatory mark in between it. As one of those car dashboard warning lights, which will appear when there is some sort of trouble in the tires. So, when it shows up, it means that the pressure in one or more o the tires are too low and needs your attention right there and then.

The Open Door Signal light

Apparently this is the easiest light signal to detect and understand on the dashboard. The signal clearly looks like a door open, just the same as it looks when you open your rental car vehicle. It is always a car like signal with a side opening and door like. It will always pop up whenever  a car door is not tight closed and yes this always drains out the Bartrey whenever left for a long time especially in the transnight when car is not being driven.

Engine Temperature Warning Lights

To be exact, the warning light looks like an ‘E’ that is sailing or floating in the water. This dashboard warning light warns you to keep the engine cool. Usually it comes up when the engine has become too hot beyond temperature and it probably needs immediate attention and check-up for a smooth self drive car rental Uganda adventure.

Seatbelt Indicator

Expect this signal on the dashboard when the seatbelts are loose, not worn well or not fixed well. This is one important aspect for safety measure that needs no professional help, but this is one of the most important aspects of a self drive car rental Uganda roadtrip. Trust me or not, this is something that is really important to reduce the accidents and injuries on the roads in Uganda.

The fuel Guage light.

Very impontant light for planning your next journey or distance while on a self drive car rental Uganda adventure. This clearly also looks like the Fuel machines on gas stations used to fuel cars, they also look have clearly the pipe seen on the sign. Usually when it lights up signals for a refuel or your running out of gas but normally there is a metre beside it to Cleary indicate.

The Engine Oil signal

Normally when the oil need to be changed or has gone low in the engine, an indicator that you can either Topup the oil or do another full service of the vehicle. The signal looks like a cup or hand plate pouring drops of water on the dashboard with a handle. This can always be done at the next gas station during the self drive car rental uganda adventure

The Brake Warning Light while on self drive car rental Uganda roadtrip

Commonly expected to show on your dashboard, when the handbrake is left on. sometimes the light flashes even while driving, this could probably be the indication of low brake fluid in the braking system. However if the light permanently stays lit, this could be the indication of checking and changing the breaks or the system.

Airbag Warning Light

self drive car rental in uganda

Undoubtably, airbags are one of the most amazing inventions in making cars safer, any day. And as so, when this warning light comes up on the dashboard, get the car checked instantly popping up of the faulty airbag during the car crash.

Self drive car rental Uganda and Knowing these common car dashboard warning lights come in handy together and can possibly save your vehicle and most importantly even your life.  With no doubt knowing these will definitely be a great assistance for a self drive car rental Uganda option basically car and life safety.

Self drive safari Uganda

7 Simple Tips Preparing For a Self Drive Safari In Uganda.

Self drive safari Uganda is with no Doubt an inspirational and exciting way to enjoy your vacation or holiday in Uganda and yes, Uganda is gifted with a wide variety of flora and fauna, not to mention the beautiful breath taking and Jaw dropping sceneries. What you will find even more thrilling is the fact that you can enjoy your holiday or vacation in the driver’s seat. All you have to do is opt on renting a car for Self drive or hiring a car and quality camping gear from a reputable car hire service provider.

However, for any self drive safari to be deemed inspirational, one ought to be well prepared so as not to be dragged by worries and small problems that could have been avoided. The last thing you need during a self drive safari is to be frustrated or worried sick because that defies the whole purpose and idea of a holiday/ vacation. Therefore, we shall be sharing some tips on how to adequately prepare for a self drive safari Uganda and hope you find them helpful as you journey through the Pearl of Africa.

Write your emergency contacts down

It is of no dought a brilliant idea to save your emergency contacts on your phone and back them up by writing them on a piece of paper in case your battery dies. Your emergency contacts should be made up of your rental car provider, your family and anyone you think is in a position to help you in case you get stranded or have an issue. Alternatively, you can always contact the police by dialing 999 if its a serious issue. Similarly, it is also a good idea to keep your loved ones and any concerned persons that matter in the loop, keeping regular communication such that people don’t get worried and anxious about what could have happened  to you. Fortunately, all the car rental Fleet at Auto Rental Uganda come with a recharging pot, So no need to worry about phone bartrey.

Carry a first aid kit

Renting a car for self drive safari uganda with Auto Rental Uganda guarantees you a car inclusive of A first aid kix Box. Considerably, You can never be certain about how smooth a road trip will go and that’s why it is very important to carry a first aid kit with you in the car. Don’t only stop at that, but also make sure the first aid kit is properly stocked with some painkillers, bandages, and bandaids. A self drive safari Uganda involves visiting places such as game parks and can involve acts such as mountain climbing which can sometimes result into minor accidents or injuries. That is precisely why you need to carry a proper first aid kit. Unattended cuts, wounds and bruises can get infected during your road trip or self drive safari Uganda but with a first aid kit, you wouldn’t have to worry about infections.

Book the car in advance

To prepare thoroughly for your safari, it would be ideal to book the car of your choice a few days or months before your trip. Looking for a car early enough before your safari provides you with plenty of time to look for an affordable car rental service which can save you money. Besides the benefit of saving money, booking a car early gives you time to inspect it before use and ensure it is in the right condition for a self drive safari in Uganda. To top it all off, you get some peace of mind knowing your means of transport are secured before you even travel.

Carry with You insect repelant

While you can never know what to expect during your safari, you can always expect insects all around you most especially in low altitudes and swampy or forested areas. Most of the insects are usually harmless although they can be a little annoying. As you are camping around the campfire, mosquitoes will be the last thing you want to disturb your peace so you should carry some insect repelant to keep away the annoying bites and stings of the insects. Alternatively, you could hire a car with excellent camping gear to keep yourself inside and the bugs outside at the same time.

Make Use of a Guide book, Driver Guide or GPS

If you are not familiar with Uganda’s road networks and destinations, you should get a GPS device to help you get around. You can also get a map showing all the different and possible routes so as not to get lost. In case you are going to a game park or touring remote destinations, it is advisable Rent a car and Driver guide who knows the area thoroughly. Rangers in game parks are usually available at the entrance and can also help you move around easily to see all the different animals in the game parks without getting lost.

Carry a camera

A self drive safari Uganda, is bound to awe you with magnificent and breath taking sights and sounds. These sights and sounds would make nice memories, and that’s precisely why you should carry a camera. The pictures you take will not only remind you of  your adventures, but will also be souvenirs of your trip in Uganda.

Travel light

Uganda is located between the tropics and is crossed by the equator and thus has a tropical climate which can get really hot. Therefore the perfect clothes for one to wear as they take a self drive safari and tour Uganda are light cotton t shirts and shorts. In case you are going to game parks filled with Savannah grasslands, cargo pants with closed shoes are the ideal gear. However, this does not mean you shouldn’t carry any sweaters or jumpers, as temperatures can drop at night, making them useful.