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How to enjoy local travel experiences safari in Uganda with 4 must Rules.

You want local travel experiences . You start researching destinations. You discover that so many countries in Africa mostly Uganda offer a lot of local travel experiences though others say it may not be worthy visiting. It’s true. There are a lot of destinations in the world that have a lot of tourists/travelers in them and have got more to offer than Uganda. So, if you prefer to stay away from mass tourism, it can seem like a real challenge to find an ideal destination to visit, however Uganda has got almost a piece of everything not only Africa but the world has to offer. There’s nothing wrong with visiting the main sights or the most interesting national parks as well, or eating the local delicacies made by the real women and men in Uganda.


Most people fear the real local experiences in Uganda because mainly of our back ground and mostly people think we are so poor and the only place they must sleep or visit is the national parks and the lodges there, Uganda has moved far away from what you think we have got all the world has though some not on larger scale and not fancy like those in your countries. All you know about us have to be concluded here in Uganda with the local travel experience

But if you want local travel experiences, all you really need to do is follow 4 simple rules.

The 4 simple Rules for Local Travel Experiences

If you aren’t into visiting touristy destinations, you might feel the urge to flee from Kampala city within a few minutes of your arrival. You will not get all the authentic experience if you do that.

If you follow these steps you will get the best local travel experience in Uganda.


Have it planned

Planning is the basic and first step ina safari. Be it the local travel experience or the normal safaris in any destination. Talk your travel agent about what you want and let it be planned earlier so that by the time you arrive in Uganda all the authentic local tours are planned and all set for you to go.


Must have a guide

Stepping out of our comfort zone to the locals you do not know or even sure about their behaviors may be little scarily. Here we must get a local travel experience guide. Uganda travel guides are trained and they know which button is better to press and at what time.  You do not need to have a personal guide you may get a guide book or a Google guide (Google maps) or a local real person guide.

What and where to eat

As much as we have plenty of fruits and foods in Uganda, we do not have a lot of those allergies and watching weight as most of the tourist we get. Our local travel experience guide should well know what and where to eat. You can talk to him/her about how you feel and if you do not want to please do not eat.  Our delicacy is a luwombo this is a must do and eat thing.

No pictures without consent

There is no fun in a safari without pictures at all, no fun at all.  Taking picture to go home and show what was it all about and reminding yourself of the good memories and light about it is fun. Taking pictures is allowed and very ok with it however these are local travel experiences the ones you may be doing alone on a self-drive safari where no one has warned you about it. Some people may not take it as much fun as you to take them a picture or their surroundings. Take pictures of the people who allow or sceneries or those you may have befriended and may be the only places that are allowed to.


The Rewarding Results  on local travel experiences.

Using these few steps, will help you end up with the local travel experiences that you prefer.

I travel in Uganda doing the local travel experience myself but I had to follow the 4 steps above, we end up at cozy local restaurants down quiet lanes, with doors that are not plastered with TripAdvisor stickers. There will be no English spoken, the customers will all be Ugandans and the prices will be a 1/4 of the tourist restaurants nearby…and the food usually much better!

We also end up at cool places few people seem to know about, such as local homes, markets, museums that are small with almost the local information you need about Uganda, a local hangout with an incredible view and local drinks.

We get a glimpse of real Uganda life, in quaint parks full of locals hanging out, in hidden squares abuzz with everyday activity, in shops where the fruit and pastries are of the highest quality and the cheapest prices and in beautiful neighborhoods that don’t have well-known attractions to draw a crowd.

It’s that simple. Local travel experiences can always be had…at any time, in every destination around Uganda. It’s just up to us or you to have them because they are authentic and at the end of it all the fun and disappointment’s you get are very much rewarding

What’s your local travel experience in touristy destinations?



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Self Drive car rental Uganda & Batwa Cultural experience

Self-drive car rental Uganda is undoubtedly a magical and inspirational option to discovering the hidden treasures of these beautiful lands including authentic local experiences and with no doubt the Batwa cultural encounter is one of the most rewarding experiences. Yes, I agree no more, Uganda is a small beautiful detailed landlocked country, with over 50 tribes and cultures made of several norms and values.

The Batwa are an exceptional tribe living in the southern part of the pearl of Africa with a rich cultural heritage. They were and still are (not a big number) forest-dwelling hunter-gatherers based in the great lakes region of Central Africa, and are widely accepted as the original inhabitants of the region. As times went on forests were encroached on by conservation agencies’ claims which made the original owners, the Batwa, squatters. In Uganda they lived in the Bwindi impenetrable forests and Mgahinga forests that were gazetted in 1991 hence the eviction of the Batwa. However, the government tried fitting them in the society but up to today, their rights as indigenous peoples are neither recognized nor respected

Who are the Batwa?

Commonly referred to as the God fathers of the Forest basically in Bwindi impenetrable National park before it was gazetted into a Unesco site. For Conservation measures, the Batwa who still live the ancient life and who shared the forest with the mountain gorillas were taken out of the forest and allocated land on the boundaries of the Famous forest but still live their Ancient life.

They are one of Uganda’s uniquely cultured people you cannot afford to miss while on a self-drive car rental Uganda safari in the magnificent south western rainforest areas of Uganda. Wondering why, right? Here is the thing, the Batwa stand out as the shortest group of people with an adult male rarely growing beyond 1.5m height and their livelihood is forest based. Look, we are talking human beings not animals surviving entirely on what the forest has to offer, right from the food they eat to the homesteads they set up. Interesting!

For food, the males engage in hunting while the women gather fruits and edible plants to supplement the meat. Their houses are majorly made of bamboo and leaves or grass all got from the forests and they are set up in a small area that they cleared the vegetation of.

Where to visit them:

These Exceptional and ancient God fathers of the forest can be found in a few destinations in Uganda. The biggest number lives on the Boundaries of Bwindi, Mgahinga and Semuliki in western Uganda. It is absolutely possible to reach out to the Batwa in their original homes while on a self-drive car rental Uganda safari.

How to visit them

Different communities can be accessed on a self-drive car rental Uganda safari with the help of a local site guide or make use of an insightful driver guide to easily access the Batwa people. Please be advised that the Batwa are very naughty but interesting people to visit and in this case a site guide or a driver guide comes in handy

What to expect with the Batwa

Considering that the Batwa are very naughty people, it is very much advisable that you should make use of the local site guides but, the visit is extra ordinarily rewarding. Expect traditional dances, a visit to their local ancient homes, their ancient way of living, their ancient health system that clearly portrays the ancient lifestyles of a typical forest survivor. The experience is breathtaking as you get the feel of nature taking care of its people like a mother taking care of her child, where she provides the food and even feeds the little baby but cannot chew for it. Same way, all the Batwa need to do in the forest is put to use all the forest components to survive.

So, that’s just for the eyes, how about we shake off the body fatigue from sitting in the car as we drive through these places? Talk of the Batwa music dance performance as entertainment to the guests. You can join in and free up your body as you enjoy the unique tunes and moves of Uganda’s amazing forest dwellers.

However much the Batwa experience is a doable and interesting activity on a self drive car rental Uganda safari, there are so many other cultural encounters that can be experienced around Uganda and these are, the Karamojong culture on the Eastern corridor of Uganda, the Sebei public male circumcision, the Tooro culture, Buganda culture, to mention but only a few of the 52 tribes in Uganda.

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Self Drive Car Rental Uganda and 6 Common Dash board Signals

Opting for a self drive car rental Uganda is magical but also driving in Uganda safely with a very good conditioned vehicle is fundamental, something you can’t ignore for a self drive car rental Uganda and many African countries. Whereas driving through Uganda may be great and inspirational or sometimes manageable by many independent, It isalso very paramount that you know some of the dashboard signals, for just in case you need help, be prepared for action or adjust in the driving. Very important to know some of these basic lighting signal as an important factor to enhance smoothly a self drive car rental Uganda adventure. When you hire a car in Uganda for self drive Road trips expect sometimes the car to flash those warning signals, every time something goes wrong while driving in Uganda on self drive car rental. For a matter of fact Car Dashboard warning lights lets you drive much safer on the roads in Uganda.

Important question is, how does it work? Precisely, as soon as something goes wrong in the car system, one or the other feature gets activated on the dashboard. This activates the signal funnels through the electrical system, which is then displayed on the dashboard for the driver to notice.

Engine Warning Light (ECU)

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Ever seen an engine-shaped signal on your dashboard? Then that means your car has shifted into the safe mode itself. The reason for this light illuminating on your dashboard could be the lack of power, trouble caused by the misfire, or any other fault which is halting the normal working of the engine. You may need to call your car rental agency and notify them and yes they could advise.

Tire Pressure Warning Light

The signal appears like a U alphabet with an exclamatory mark in between it. As one of those car dashboard warning lights, which will appear when there is some sort of trouble in the tires. So, when it shows up, it means that the pressure in one or more o the tires are too low and needs your attention right there and then.

The Open Door Signal light

Apparently this is the easiest light signal to detect and understand on the dashboard. The signal clearly looks like a door open, just the same as it looks when you open your rental car vehicle. It is always a car like signal with a side opening and door like. It will always pop up whenever  a car door is not tight closed and yes this always drains out the Bartrey whenever left for a long time especially in the transnight when car is not being driven.

Engine Temperature Warning Lights

To be exact, the warning light looks like an ‘E’ that is sailing or floating in the water. This dashboard warning light warns you to keep the engine cool. Usually it comes up when the engine has become too hot beyond temperature and it probably needs immediate attention and check-up for a smooth self drive car rental Uganda adventure.

Seatbelt Indicator

Expect this signal on the dashboard when the seatbelts are loose, not worn well or not fixed well. This is one important aspect for safety measure that needs no professional help, but this is one of the most important aspects of a self drive car rental Uganda roadtrip. Trust me or not, this is something that is really important to reduce the accidents and injuries on the roads in Uganda.

The fuel Guage light.

Very impontant light for planning your next journey or distance while on a self drive car rental Uganda adventure. This clearly also looks like the Fuel machines on gas stations used to fuel cars, they also look have clearly the pipe seen on the sign. Usually when it lights up signals for a refuel or your running out of gas but normally there is a metre beside it to Cleary indicate.

The Engine Oil signal

Normally when the oil need to be changed or has gone low in the engine, an indicator that you can either Topup the oil or do another full service of the vehicle. The signal looks like a cup or hand plate pouring drops of water on the dashboard with a handle. This can always be done at the next gas station during the self drive car rental uganda adventure

The Brake Warning Light while on self drive car rental Uganda roadtrip

Commonly expected to show on your dashboard, when the handbrake is left on. sometimes the light flashes even while driving, this could probably be the indication of low brake fluid in the braking system. However if the light permanently stays lit, this could be the indication of checking and changing the breaks or the system.

Airbag Warning Light

self drive car rental in uganda

Undoubtably, airbags are one of the most amazing inventions in making cars safer, any day. And as so, when this warning light comes up on the dashboard, get the car checked instantly popping up of the faulty airbag during the car crash.

Self drive car rental Uganda and Knowing these common car dashboard warning lights come in handy together and can possibly save your vehicle and most importantly even your life.  With no doubt knowing these will definitely be a great assistance for a self drive car rental Uganda option basically car and life safety.

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4 Reasons And Benefits for Self Drive In Uganda

Hiring a car for self drive Uganda is absolutely one of the trending, magical, and inspirational ways to discovering the Pearl Of Africa and yes we believe there are so many other ways ways you could enjoy a holiday in Uganda. It could be by touring one of the numerous and diverse national parks to see the wide plethora of flora and fauna or through interaction with the hospitable natives spread across the country. You could even want to do both of the above simultaneously, but are hindered by hectic schedules and guides. You shouldn’t be frustrated by these restrictions as they can be avoided with a self drive holiday when you opt to independently drive in Uganda alone or with family. Self drive uganda holidays involve renting a car to drive around the country or hiring a car with quality camping gear to enjoy a self drive uganda safari in our marvelous country. If you are not convinced about the parts of self driving, perhaps you should read on and see why we suggest a self drive Uganda adventure for you through these beautiful lands

Absolutely convenient

Self drive Uganda is very convenient no matter who you are or where you are going. Unlike guided tours, where your destination is chosen for you and many other people, with a self drive uganda you get to make your own choices on where to tour or visit and more so with whoever you choose to, Lets say it’s a completely personal decision. When traveling with family, the convenience of stopping as you please to soak in a beautiful panoramic view, take a few pictures or just stopping for a toilet break is unrivaled. To top it off, you move at your own pace without being rushed by a guide or driver.

Appreciated leisure Time

One of the main reasons, people take holidays with a self drive uganda option is to escape hectic work schedules and relax while enjoying everything at their leisure. Self drive uganda enhances your holiday such that you can do whatever you wish, go wherever you want without having to follow a time table or being directed to do something. You could decide to take an alternative route such that you can see more of Uganda’s beautiful landscape or make a stop to interact with some locals and learn about their culture which I believe drivers can do for you, but normally it is scheduled. Either way, you get to be your own boss which should put you at ease thus giving you peace of mind.

Easy accessibility to Destinations

Uganda has many different types of attractions strewn all over the country which increases the number of tourist destinations. Most of these tourist destinations for example the mountain gorilla habitat in Bwindi Impenetrable forest National park and Murchison falls National park are located in rural areas far from the city. Public means of transport to and from these places is scarce and usually costly. However, if you hire a car for self drive uganda travels, you could even visit places that are seldom toured as long as you find them interesting.

Imporntance of Privacy

This might be the greatest advantage of driving yourself around Uganda. A lot of people value their privacy even as they travel and a self drive uganda option is just the perfect way to do so when traveling in Uganda. Uganda has many places of interest which are so rich in culture and history that it is impossible to experience it all within a short visit. But to soak it all in, one may need to stay longer or desire to experience a place in solitude to appreciate its value fully. Renting a car with quality camping gear to enable you make camp whenever you feel like stopping a little longer is one of the ways you are guaranteed to enjoy your privacy while on holiday.

Finally, Renting a car for self drive in Uganda has surely been appreciated by many travelers and has surely been a developing means of travel and yes, especially for returning clients, However on caution, and very important to know that you can handle driving on African roads because it requires more than just the basic driving skills to maneuver through the bumpy roads, needs a lot of concentration, carefulness, persistence, driving along crazy drivers and a few mechanical skills. Some of the few self driving tips and tricks you should be sure of before opting for a self drive car rental in Uganda as well as reading through travel sites like Tripadvisor for suggestions  or you could opt to hire a car and a driver guide but still enjoy the flexibility and all the privacy of self drive in Uganda.