Uganda self drive

Self Drive Uganda Quick, simple & Basic Travel Tips

Self Drive Uganda safaris is absolutely rewarding especially for the independent travelers that would like to adventure on their own. Remarkably, Self drive Uganda safari adventures is one of the most convenient and exciting travel options through the scenic and magically Jaw dropping terrained Pearl of Africa that presents an opportunity to adventure and discover all the hidden treasures of Uganda  with a rental car in Uganda from a reputable Car Rental Uganda Agency. Our rather insightful travel experts avail you with quite essential knowledge about traveling more particularly to the alluring and scenic Pearl of Africa, Uganda.

What do you need prior travel?

As you consider traveling to Uganda for a self drive Uganda safari, it is important to ensure that you book a flight that perfectly rhymes with the dates of your trip around Uganda because most car rental Agencies in Uganda charge according to how many days you spend with the car therefore to arrive a day earlier is perfect for relaxing in preparation for a whole new and exciting day of adventure.

Also, ensure that you pack all the necessary documents like international driving licenses since you will be required to present them on some journeys especially on the highways where traffic officers are stationed on various points to ensure correct road usage by the drivers to curb unfortunate incidents along the road.

Ensure to confirm with your car hire Uganda  agency your arrival time and date to avoid last minute plans and over waiting at the airport and also in case of bookings, ensure to confirm that they were made to avoid inconveniences when you arrive. Confirmations are very vital.

What to expect in Uganda.

The Pearl of Africa, a small land locked African country is a very culturally rich nation with rather hospitable people and warm equatorial conditions given that she is blessed with an equator in the southern part therefore the temperatures are always reasonably high but not too high to cause discomfort hence it is important to park light clothes, basically Uganda has some of the best weathers in Africa .

While in this scenic and rather nature endowed land, you will notice that the people like to dress up decently and cover up a better part of their body and therefore it is quite important to pack clothes that do not reveal too much skin so the light clothes will work best because they will save you the too much heat from covering yourself.

Like earlier said, Uganda has a vast range of tribes with respective cultures like the incredible Karamajong of northern Uganda,Baganda of central Uganda, Banyankole of Western Uganda, Batwa, Batooro, to mention but a few. All these amazing people have unique and tasty cultural dishes for example Baganda have the tasty Luwombo, Banyankole have Eshabwe and Kalo, Batooro have Firinda and so many more. Have I mentioned the over 10 unique national parks in Uganda and soaring mountains and ending savannah plains dotted with vibrant wildlife? The Uganda water bodies spiced up with a huge population of wildlife and resorts to relax. therefore, brace yourself for not just a tour of nature but also a taste of the mouthwatering typical African dishes.

Necessary things to pack.

While you prepare for a self drive uganda safari, it is crucial to carry as little luggage as possible because everyone would like a bulk free trip that allows you the opportunity to fully enjoy your travel time and move to all destinations of your choice with the least of inconveniences. Since these trips are usually getaways that close you from the rest of the world and have a refreshing time of your life, it is wise to pack only the necessities like just enough clothes and leave alone things like electronics that are likely to steal your attention and you end up distracted while on your trip hence missing out on some of the magical views and memorable experiences.

While you pack, it is quite important to ensure that you carry the personal things you are not likely to find in a foreign environment like, personal medication, Vaseline and lotions to avoid irritations from random products different from what you usually use.

A self drive Uganda safari trip is with no doubt an experience worth having for any person that would like to make memories for a life time because in this Pearl of Africa, there is such a wide range of activities to get involved in like visiting the different habitats of nature’s unique flora and fauna like the endangered Mountain Gorillas of Bwindi, the fresh water bodies including the world’s longest river, R.Nile and the stunning heavy waterfalls like Murchison falls, hiking mountains, and so much more. Get your shoes on and Let Auto Rental Uganda Show you the country that  We Know!