Practical Tips for securing your car on a self drive Uganda safari.


Hiring a car for a selfdrive safari is made easier with the many reputable car rental agencies in Uganda that operate on legal licenses. Travelers to Uganda hire a 4×4 car of their choice to take them through an inspirational road trip across the Pearl of Africa with lots of stuff to discover like amazing African wildlife species, both birds and animals, fresh water bodies, the world’s longest river, River Nile and stunning sceneries on the road.

All these great memorable experiences could be brought to a stand still by a very unfortunate and unexpected incident where you realize your 4×4 car is missing and you have no idea who could have taken it. Our expert team is glad to bring to your knowledge some of the tips to keep your car safe from such ill intention-ed persons that can ruin your safari in Uganda. However, take note that these cases are rare but like the saying goes, it is safer to prevent yourself from something than waiting to deal with the wounds of the occurrence.

Always remember to lock your car.

Most of the times when driving on a selfdrive safari step out of their cars with the intention to relax for a bit or take snapshots of some beautiful places and continue with the selfdrive Uganda safari. However, we cannot guarantee that where you are leaving your car is safe enough from danger since we cannot understand people’s motives. Especially knowing that they are more conversant with the area than yourself therefore could escape with so much ease. Make it a point to lock your car at any time you are away from it to keep it safe from being vandalized.

Put an alarm

However inconveniencing the noise of an alarm can be on your self drive safari, your car is better off safe from being stolen or vandalized than avoiding noise pollution and you lose your car on a self drive Uganda safari. With the nature of these alarms that keep lighting when the car is in parking, they are a sigh that the car owner is conscious about thieves and vandalizes which some how keeps the latter away since they notice that this may not be an easy job to take on.

Keep your valuables out of sight.

Sometimes people do not commit crimes because they are part of their day’s schedule but because they were tempted to do so. Leaving your goodies out there in the open could be tempting to passersby that have been longing to get hold of some of the things you own for example electronic devices and money. It is therefore advisable that you move with your valuables and also brings us to the point of limiting your luggage as you embark on a self drive safari Uganda. Carrying too many things can not only limit your sitting space but also get bulky if you are to move with them without the car.



Carefully choose where to park.

Cars are more often stolen when they are parked and the owner is away. It is therefore rather important to be very keen and cautious about where you park by looking out for security measures in that particular area like perimeter wall, security guard, gate to ensure closure ,surveillance cameras, etc.


Self Drive Uganda Safari in endowed Kidepo Valley National Park.


Self Drive Uganda Safari in endowed Kidepo Valley National Parki is an authentic and quite adventurous means of travel throughout the beautiful terrains of the Pearl of Africa to the mountain ringed plains of Kidepo valley national park that enables you feed not only your eyes but also the soul as the lands are perfectly molded to give perfect sceneries of lands soaring into the sky with the highest peak being the top mount Morungole of the equatorial region and watered by the seasonal rains, fresh waters of the Narus river of Kidepo. It is kick started with hiring a car with a reputable car rental Agency in Uganda that guarantees you a car in good condition that can maneuver the tough terrains of Uganda and other extra services upon interest for example insightful driver guides, quality camping gear, and so much more.

The Kidepo Valley National Park is one of the most alluring destinations in Eastern Uganda, famously known for its stunning mountain ringed plains with a rich and memorable species of true African flora and fauna occupying approximately 1145sqkm

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How to reach Kidepo.

While on a self drive Uganda safari, the endowed Kidepo Valley National Park is best accessed on a road trip courtesy of car rental Agency Uganda as it allows you to experience a fun filled journey as you observe and discover more of the hidden treasures with the liberty to decide where to stop and get a clearer view and also the direction to take because in the moment, you are your own boss in your car. Kidepo lies a distance up the mountain Elgon and can be accessed through several routes depending on where one is coming from for example from Kampala, you cross through Gulu, Kitgum, Karenga and finally Kidepo. It is important on this note, therefore to ensure that you are in possession of the Uganda road map while on a self drive Uganda safari or an insightful driver guide that is well versed with the routes to the different destinations of your interest.

What to see and do in Kidepo.

The Kidepo Valley National Park ranks as one with an alluring and exciting game drive and viewing in the Narus Valley ,bird watching and above all adventure of some of the unique fauna for example the black backed jackal, bat-eared fox, aardwolf, cheetah and caracal that cannot be found elsewhere in  the parks of Uganda.The park is endowed with at least 5 primate species, 463bird species, second to Queen Elizabeth National Park. With selfdrive Uganda safari, you can be sure that you will have a memorable and authentic tour round the Pearl of Africa with so much to discover and learn.

Where to stay in Kidepo.

There are several top notch facilities within the park where you can have yourself a time to refresh yourself and relax from the long and insightful trip across the park and they are in three categories of Luxury, Midrange and Budget. The only difference in these facilities is in the cost and maybe some of the services offered but the luxury, like the name states are five star facilities and can go down as the categories change but even their least is up to standard. Feel free to inquire from your car rental agency Uganda to assist you book or even choose a perfect accommodation that suits your preferences here in the Pearl of Africa.





Uganda is a land filled with wonders and awe inspiring beauty in all its corners, so its no wonder its a poplar destination for tourists from all over the globe. One of the most popular ways you can-immerse yourself in Uganda’s beauty is by driving yourself around. With a good car rental company,Self driving is a efficient form of travel mainly because it is all about your comfort zone; and your attention is not split between the attractions and other tourists or guide but rather centered on whats in front of your windscreen, be it graceful beasts in their natural habitats or rhythmic  landscapes against sunset backdrops. Now, driving is in essence the same in every country you go with  a few variations depending on governance and road networks. In case you are planning a self drive safari in Uganda, here are a few pointers that will only make your experience even better and your travels free of any fuss.


Speed restrictions.

Speed restrictions are among the most strictly enforced road rules, and for a good reason. More than 40% of road accidents in Uganda stem from a driver over speeding and it would be more than unfortunate if you were to become part of this statistic. Consequently, we advise you to watch for speed limit signs along the highways and other major roads in the country.

Traffic Police.

Traffic police is an arm of the Uganda police force mandated to ensure proper road use and help road users in general, yourself included. So in case something happens while you on the road, do not hesitate to find the nearest police officer in white uniform. In the same manner, do not be alarmed if stopped by traffic police for they are just doing their job of ensuring road user’s safety. Even when you have been stopped for over speeding or other road offenses, do not attempt to bribe the police as this will only worsen your situation.

Keep left.

As stated earlier, driving in every country is basically the same in every country with a few minor differences for instance which side of the road to drive on. In Uganda, all drivers are supposed to drive on the left hand side of the road. In case you are not accustomed to this manner of driving or find it difficult, you are advised to hire a driver from one of the many car rentals in Uganda just to be on the safe side. Hiring a car with a driver guide from the same car rental company will be cheaper than hiring a car and driver separately.


Self drives are by their description intimate as its usually a family or a couple of friends enjoying each other’s company. Due to this, most of the adventure is mostly visual and the sites visited are normally whats found on the web (and hard to find sometimes). However, that is not all there is to this marvelous country Uganda, as you hire a car,be sure to get a guide book e.g Brandt that will show you where to find the best of what Uganda has to offer and how to get there.

Regular stops.

Some people may beg to differ, but we believe that a journey should be as remarkable as its destination. Based on this impression, we would advise you to set off early every day and drive at a moderate speed to absorb as much of Ugandas beauty as you can through your windscreen and this will also allow you to have regular stops to take pictures or refresh yourself. The main aim of doing this will be to arrive at your destination  unfatigued and ready to be awed by the marvels hidden within the Pearl of Africa.



Self drive car hire Uganda

6 Tips for Self Driving in Rural Areas of Uganda

Self drive Car Hire uganda: Like Uganda,, christened the pearl of Africa by sir Winston Churchill during his visit, is a land Un-doughtably filled with astonishing still fresh, untouched and natural beauty Contained within its boundaries are hospitable people with flora and fauna which awe you with such majesty and grace that you cant help but be amazed. Even more inspiring is the fact that most of the self drive car hire uganda tourist hot spots such as Bwindi impenetrable forest, Murchison falls national park are pure nature with little or no urban influence. And because this happens, they can only be accessed through the rural parts of Uganda which have mostly murram access roads. However, this should not discourage you from self drive car hire uganda independent travellers touring the wonders of Uganda on a private self drive car hire safari.

On the contrary, this should only arouse your adventurous side to rent a suitable car and self drive through the Uganda countryside. To connect even more with nature, you could hire a car along with quality camping gear and set camp in one of the national parks with the guidance of a park ranger. The ideas shared below will not only guide you on how to
self drive safely through rural Uganda, but also help you enjoy your experience in Uganda. Here are some tips for self drive car hire we share you could find interesting when driving upcountry in rural areas.

Watch the speed
You should watch your speed limit as you drive on feeder roads just the same way you watch it while on a main road. Most of the access roads in Uganda are narrow with hardly any speed limit signs. As much as the road might seem empty, its advisable to be
careful and drive at a speed which you can easily brake or maneuver in case there is another car using the road. As a matter of fact, speeding on murram roads could damage some parts of the car since you can never be certain what lies on the road.
Thus you should observe the speed limit and slow down which will give you time to observe what is on the road and drive or react accordingly.

Be Cautious
A lot of access roads in rural Uganda, are fed by other smaller murram roads and some may not be visible until you reach them. If another user is coming into the road, you may nor realize it until they are in your way which could be fatal. This not only emphasizes the earlier point of watching your speed, but also calls for caution and attention on the road. when approaching a junction where other cars or people join the same road you’re using, you should hoot once or twice to let others know there is a car on the road, it sounds funny and wiered but yes it will save you a heck of trouble.

Always Inquire
Asking or inquiring about your location could make the difference between getting lost or reaching your destination. There places whose names sound similar or which share a name but are located in different regions. If you are not certain about which direction or road to take to your preferred destination, you can always inquire from the hospitable locals or hire a car and driver guide to keep you on the right path or keep you insightful. In the same spirit of Self driving in uganda, you should also ask where a road leads before you proceed when on a self drive safari as it would be unfortunate to waste fuel driving to and from a dead end.

Look out for Tractors or heavy turning vehicles
It is uncommon to find heavy duty cars such as tractors or ATV’s using the same roads as you are in the rural parts of Uganda. In case you encounter such vehicles, please remember to drive at a safe distance even when they appear to be slow. If you
intend to overtake, make sure there is enough space on the road for you to maneuver and remember the truck driver might have restricted view of the road and other users so make him aware of your presence on the road as well either way by flashing lights.

Watch-out for many livestock
Some of the indigenous tribes in Uganda keep animals such as cattle, goats and sheep. This implies that you’re bound to run into herds of animals during a self drive safari in Uganda. Occasionally, livestock will be seen crossing from one side of the road to the
other in search of pasture or water and in such a situation, you should stop the car, keep calm and let the animals cross. You should also avoid startling the animals by hooting or revving your engine because scared animals could attack or run amok.

Plan for the fuel
The further one goes from an urban center, the less the fuel/ gas stations they will come across. Further more, fuel from rural areas usually contains impurities which can reduce your rental car’s efficiency if not spoil it. Due to this, we recommend that you fill your tank from the urban centers and if possible carry extra fuel in a jerrycan because you might not know how far your sense of adventure will take you. If possible, inquire about the distance to your destination and compare this data with your car rental Agency consumption to give you an idea of approximately how much fuel you’ll need to go and return.