People would want to ask why would you choose uganda for a self drive safari?.

Uganda, deservedly dubbed the Pearl of Africa, is located in the Great Lakes Region in central Africa and boasts an ecological diversity that rivals many larger countries. Here, Eastern Savannah meets West African jungle – Uganda really does offer visitors incredible diversity with its multitude of varying ecosystems. In no other African destination can one see a comparable variety of primates with so little effort – not just the great apes, but also more than ten monkey species, a thousand bird species, rich culture and most especially the Ugandans,- we were recently ranked one of the top friendly countries in the whole world.

For most, the highlight is found amongest the forests in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, where coming face to face with Endangered Mountain Gorillas in their natural habitat is one of the most profound wildlife encounters you will ever experience. Discover tree climbing lions around Ishasha in Queen Elizabeth National Park, trek chimps in Kibale Forest or khambura Gorge, or taste on a massive Nile Perch or the Uganda delicacy the luwobo, up north at Murchison Falls where the mighty Nile cascades through a gap just 7m wide. Adrenaline junkies will find Jinja simply exhilarating; with its white-water rafting, kayaking and bungee jumping activities Jinja is rapidly emerging as East Africa’s answer to that more southerly “adrenaline capital” Victoria Falls.

We invite you to explore Uganda, a diverse landscape with abundant wildlife, plenty to discover and unique experiences you’ll struggle to find words to do justice to when recounting your time in this jewel of a country. however we are much sure of one thing one will only need to get a tour/ vacation just to relax and get off the busy schedule of our daily working line, to wake late in the morning on the sounds of the yellow tinny birds in lake Bunyonyi singing for you and you take in the fresh breath of the waters. Talk to your service provider and arrange the best trip that creates room for relaxing at the same time enjoying the thrilling nature Uganda has to offer on a self-drive safari. Taking dinner at the lodges may be a little more like home because it is usually on time you can choose to take up on bed and breakfast arrangements to create enough room for you when you need to eat or not.

Choosing a self-drive safari in Uganda is the best option to relax on a vacation because you plan your day and activities that will follow in your days, you can choose to stop and sleep or eat or see some things off the itinerary. This in most cases helps us as human beings mostly if you’re traveling with your children to bond or with your wife to amend more of your love life and learn to do things together on a self-drive safari in Uganda.

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Self Drive Uganda Quick, simple & Basic Travel Tips

Self Drive Uganda safaris is absolutely rewarding especially for the independent travelers that would like to adventure on their own. Remarkably, Self drive Uganda safari adventures is one of the most convenient and exciting travel options through the scenic and magically Jaw dropping terrained Pearl of Africa that presents an opportunity to adventure and discover all the hidden treasures of Uganda  with a rental car in Uganda from a reputable Car Rental Uganda Agency. Our rather insightful travel experts avail you with quite essential knowledge about traveling more particularly to the alluring and scenic Pearl of Africa, Uganda.

What do you need prior travel?

As you consider traveling to Uganda for a self drive Uganda safari, it is important to ensure that you book a flight that perfectly rhymes with the dates of your trip around Uganda because most car rental Agencies in Uganda charge according to how many days you spend with the car therefore to arrive a day earlier is perfect for relaxing in preparation for a whole new and exciting day of adventure.

Also, ensure that you pack all the necessary documents like international driving licenses since you will be required to present them on some journeys especially on the highways where traffic officers are stationed on various points to ensure correct road usage by the drivers to curb unfortunate incidents along the road.

Ensure to confirm with your car hire Uganda  agency your arrival time and date to avoid last minute plans and over waiting at the airport and also in case of bookings, ensure to confirm that they were made to avoid inconveniences when you arrive. Confirmations are very vital.

What to expect in Uganda.

The Pearl of Africa, a small land locked African country is a very culturally rich nation with rather hospitable people and warm equatorial conditions given that she is blessed with an equator in the southern part therefore the temperatures are always reasonably high but not too high to cause discomfort hence it is important to park light clothes, basically Uganda has some of the best weathers in Africa .

While in this scenic and rather nature endowed land, you will notice that the people like to dress up decently and cover up a better part of their body and therefore it is quite important to pack clothes that do not reveal too much skin so the light clothes will work best because they will save you the too much heat from covering yourself.

Like earlier said, Uganda has a vast range of tribes with respective cultures like the incredible Karamajong of northern Uganda,Baganda of central Uganda, Banyankole of Western Uganda, Batwa, Batooro, to mention but a few. All these amazing people have unique and tasty cultural dishes for example Baganda have the tasty Luwombo, Banyankole have Eshabwe and Kalo, Batooro have Firinda and so many more. Have I mentioned the over 10 unique national parks in Uganda and soaring mountains and ending savannah plains dotted with vibrant wildlife? The Uganda water bodies spiced up with a huge population of wildlife and resorts to relax. therefore, brace yourself for not just a tour of nature but also a taste of the mouthwatering typical African dishes.

Necessary things to pack.

While you prepare for a self drive uganda safari, it is crucial to carry as little luggage as possible because everyone would like a bulk free trip that allows you the opportunity to fully enjoy your travel time and move to all destinations of your choice with the least of inconveniences. Since these trips are usually getaways that close you from the rest of the world and have a refreshing time of your life, it is wise to pack only the necessities like just enough clothes and leave alone things like electronics that are likely to steal your attention and you end up distracted while on your trip hence missing out on some of the magical views and memorable experiences.

While you pack, it is quite important to ensure that you carry the personal things you are not likely to find in a foreign environment like, personal medication, Vaseline and lotions to avoid irritations from random products different from what you usually use.

A self drive Uganda safari trip is with no doubt an experience worth having for any person that would like to make memories for a life time because in this Pearl of Africa, there is such a wide range of activities to get involved in like visiting the different habitats of nature’s unique flora and fauna like the endangered Mountain Gorillas of Bwindi, the fresh water bodies including the world’s longest river, R.Nile and the stunning heavy waterfalls like Murchison falls, hiking mountains, and so much more. Get your shoes on and Let Auto Rental Uganda Show you the country that  We Know!

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Camping Uganda Safaris Doubling With A Self Drive Safari In Uganda

Camping Uganda safaris & Self Drive Uganda safari simply reflects a foreseen incredible adventure meaning to travel through Uganda where you take on the wheels on a self drive safari tour to any of  personal preferred destinations across the Pearl of Africa rather than the use of public means or even travel by air. The whole great deal lies with hiring a car with a reputable car rental agency Uganda where you acquire a 4×4 car in perfect mechanical condition suitable for the number of persons on board and how much luggage you would like to travel with and yes with the right Quality Camping gear to spice up your adventure in Uganda.

Camping Uganda Safaris is one rather exciting way to commune with mother nature in the beautiful Pearl of Africa as you make your bed and shelter in the wild enjoying the sweet melodies from birds and fresh breezes from the vegetation around your campsite. These campsites are mainly limited to campsites & Resorts therefore you cannot just set up a tent on any free area you come across but rather you ought to book space with the different campsites that have provisions for this incredible way to spend your time in the scenic Pearl of Africa.

What to prepare.

Opting for a camping Uganda Safari & self drive Uganda safari  to experience this exciting time of  blending with nature, you ought to secure a quality camping gear with a reputable service provider that is usually a car rental Uganda agency that also deals in camping equipment on top of the 4×4 cars. Ensure that the camping gear has all the necessary equipment to use as it may not be easy to find some of these things while you are already in the wild since the shops may not be accessible enough or may not even have some of the things you need. You can also pack some fresh foods like meat and enjoy a barbeque while you watch beautiful sunsets or any other food of your choice and make yourselves a meal in the wild.

Also remember to carry mosquito repellant and other insect repellant to protect you from the biting insects of the wild and let mother nature be a blessing or a new adventurous surrounding for you .

What to expect

It is with no doubt one exciting and memorable experience to spend a night away from the usual shelter of permanent structures but rather put yourself to sleep in a mobile and self set up tent with the natural fresh breezes and sweet wild melodies. A night on an island in the middle of a lake or on the rim of a volcano surrounded by forest and watching your neighbors, mostly monkeys, and other human friendly animals is one you will never trade for anything. To watch the sun go down and rise again without any barriers of a wall is simply relaxing and you cannot afford to miss such rewarding experiences all in the wild, away from the manipulated life that interferes with nature’s gifts.

How to book

It is advisable to book in advance with your preferred campsite to avoid inconveniences on arrival. The car rental Uganda agency is in position to assist you do the bookings with these sites and usually at no cost or where there is an extra cost, they inform you in advance therefore there won’t be unexpected costs to be incurred. You can also book with them a quality camping gear prior travel so that it is all set upon arrival.

On a camping Uganda safari & self drive Uganda safari, we don’t recommend simply setting up camp anywhere and urge you to restrict yourself to established camp sites in the Pearl of Africa. This is for your safety since there are snakes and other potentially dangerous wildlife throughout Uganda and a solitary tent in the middle of no where leaves you vulnerable to unfortunate occurrences. Trust us with much care and safety not forgetting to have a ranger guide in your wild campsite will absolutely leave you with great and an adventourous &memorable lifetime camping Uganda Safari adventure. Thank Us later..

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Self Drive Car Rental Uganda & What To Expect

Opting for Self drive car rental Uganda is one great decison to make and what to expect  while on the trip is is another. Before we attempt anything or embark on a journey, we more usually than not have expectations of what will happen after we do it. In the case of self drive car rental Uganda, you would expect to see, hear, feel and experience new sights, sounds, sensations and cultures. Well, as much as no two places in earth can be alike, Uganda is quintessentially different from any other country on the globe in terms of weather, geography, wildlife, and  most importantly the people so you you wouldn’t know what to expect on a self drive car rental Uganda safari but that’s why you are here reading this article. So without further ado, we will give you a sneak peek of what to anticipate on when you opt for a self drive car rental Uganda safari through the beloved Pearl of Africa.

Welcoming people.

Have we mentioned earlier, World over: Ugandans are well known for their hospitality and general character. Nearly all tribes in Uganda put emphasis on welcoming guests and strangers and this is from a micro scale of a family home to the macro scale of the entire county. So definetly expect while on a self drive car rental Uganda to probably meet and make many Ugandan friends instantly. Even while on self drive through the rural areas, don’t hesitate to park ad interact with some locals as they might provide you with some insights about where you are.

Absolutely Warm nice weather.

Given its position on the globe, Uganda is one of the few countries through which the equator  crosses. This makes it closer to the sun and hence hotter, but on the other hand, Uganda is also blessed with fresh water bodies such as lake Victoria (source of the mighty river Nile and largest lake in east sub-Saharan Africa). These geographical conditions blended together create a most suitable micro climate that is both hot and cool without extremes. Truly, you wont find a better equatorial paradise to self drive car rental uganda safari.

Unique flora and fauna.

As explained earlier, Uganda has a rather unparalleled climate which plays a vital role in the Eco system dominated by dense rain forests and fresh water bodies. To no surprise, these conditions end up creating natural habitats that can be shared by different birds and animals. For example the Mabira rain forest on Jinja highway-a popular self drive car rental Uganda route-is home to an estimated 300 bird species, some of which are only found in Uganda.

Spectacular wildlife & Variety

Ugandans are not a homogeneous people bound by one culture and language, but rather a group of different ethnicities and tribes each with their own culture sharing boundaries. This however does not stop us from uniting and believing in our beautiful nation. Hence on a self drive car rental uganda safari through the different regions of Uganda including amazing Uganda safari destinations, you are bound to come across and hopefully interact with people from different backgrounds and cultures but united by a patriotism. Similarly, the Ugandan landscape is not the same throughout the country; coming from the airport, you wont help but notice the gentle hills along the Entebbe highway but as you travel to the west, the  hills will regularly morph into flat-lands and eventually the Rwenzori mountain ranges; while as you travel north the topography will stretch itself flat into the horizon punctuated by monolithic rocks. All these differences in culture, landscape and so on come together to create the composition we are proud to call Uganda.

A good and welcoming Destination.

With a most welcoming population picturesque landscapes, awe-inspiring geography coupled with glorious weather, you can only expect to have an amazing self drive car rental Uganda safari even when opting to Raft the Nile in Jinja, everything is absolutely possible.

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Self Drive Uganda & Basic Tips for a safe self drive Holiday in Uganda

Self Drive Uganda is absolutely the hype of independent adventure and so is Uganda being a small country located in East Africa endowed with a motley of jaw dropping landscapes exclusively home to over 300 bird and animal species and the famous endangered mountain Gorillas.

From the lush green equatorial forests in the high altitude south west corner (domicile for the near extinct mountain gorilla) to the semi-arid flat landscapes punctuated with monolithic rocks, Uganda is a country with a little something for everyone even for the Self drive Uganda safari adventurers, it is therefore no surprise that it ranks highly among tourist destinations because it is an experience to behold. One of the most popular forms of touring Uganda is self drive safaris which entail renting a car and driving yourself around the country-just like a road trip! In this article, we share some tips and pointers on self drive Uganda Safaris to make your holiday experience more enjoyable.

Quality car rental.

If you have opted for a self drive in Uganda, it is very important that you find a trustworthy and  inexpensive car rental company with a diverse car rental fleet from which to hire. This way, you won’t have to worry about being delayed or frustrated with poor service delivery. A good way to go about this is by doing a quick Google search for automobile rentals and inquiring  from their websites about what they have to offer.

Crash course driving classes.

All over the world, countries follow different road rules so do not be frustrated if Uganda’s road rules confuse you. It is possible to organize a quick driving lesson(s) with your car rental company to familiarize yourself with Uganda’s road rules and networks.

Insightful Driver guides.

Some Self drive Uganda rental Agencies and yes, the good ones just like Auto Rental Uganda offer insightful driver guides for hire along with the car at a subsidized rate. So in case you can’t drive or aren’t making progress with the afore mentioned crash course driving lessons, you can always hire a driver maneuver the terrains as you sit back and enjoy the very best of a seemingly self drive uganda safari as get you around.

An added bonus to this is you wont have to read maps and can rely on your driver to know the fastest and safest way to get you to your destination.

Have a list of emergency contacts.

Uganda is a peaceful country with hospitable people. Nonetheless, it is good to have a fall back option for when things don’t go as planned or in case of an emergency like car breakdown or an accident. As much as we live in the age of cloud storage( icloud, google drive) you will find it useful to jot down emergency contacts like an agent from the car rental company or the hotel number.


If you have made up your mind for a self drive Uganda safari, there are some items that you should carry to make your trip/safari safer. Some of these items include a map of Uganda showing major tourist attractions, a first aid kit in case of minor accidents and an international driver’s permit but many provided by professional Self drive Uganda rental agencies like Auto Rental Uganda and is absolutely an obligation to provide and arrange for all the above once you have reserved a car.


Last but not least, carry a camera to capture all your beautiful experiences in this equatorial paradise called Uganda. Now, you are ready for self drive Uganda Safari.

Self drive in Uganda with a rav4 (Nile)


Uganda /Rwanda are one of those great places in the world people tend to escape and make a trip on their own/ self drive in uganda. Hiring a car on a self-drive in Rwanda and Uganda enables the traveler to explore all the top tourism destinations. Sally Day and friends hired a car form us Auto rental UGANDA to adventure Uganda, and Rwanda on a self drive after giving us their interests in camping and car rental we chose for the a small car Rav4 and their journey started.


We meat in Kampala in the evening I delivered the car and gave them all the briefing they need to know about the car, how they should take care of it and the best way to drive in Uganda and a few things of the road in Uganda and Rwanda, they had not made up their minds in when to cross to Rwanda but this was ok because I told them to take their time and forwarded the car documents when they made up their minds.

Their self drive trip started in Uganda, through kabale, lake bunyonyi, rwanda- kigali, kivu, queen Elizabeth national park, kibale, Murchison, and jinja. We kept in touch all the days of their trip, they got a small problem after hitting a pothole and a car got a small dent in queen Elizabeth on their way to Fortpotol but all was good and their journey continued.

At the end of the  self drive in uganda trip, I asked how was the car, how did she work  and that whole experience, They replied: Actually it is a he to us , we named him Nile he was our only man on the trip, he was so helpful and never complained about anything at all for the 20 days.This is the best trip we have ever had on a self drive in a big car, they said he is big because they drive very small cars in their home country.

Due to the small size of Rwanda makes driving easy between destinations and made their self-drive holiday more interesting by get a glorious opportunity to stop in the middle of some good serene natural environment and make some meditation.

A self drive holiday is a rewarding and exciting experience in Rwanda/Uganda as it is one of the top Eco tourism destinations in the world. With thousands of hills enchanted with green cover, plenty of game watching opportunities especially gorilla trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable National park and the one in virunga  and a country with a well organized road network system makes Rwanda a top tourism destination for self drive holidays.

One of the easiest ways of renting a car for self drive  in Uganda / Rwanda is by going on the internet and search for various cheap car rental agencies. By going to the internet you have a variety of car rental companies to choose from basing on your budget and travel needs that are online car rental companies in Uganda and  Rwanda have family cars, 4×4 and high end cars. So it is up against you to book with any of the car rental agency that best suits your needs and budget.


self driveself driveself drive

 self drive


Uganda Self Drive

6 Simple Tips to Avoid Sleep when self driving in Uganda.

Uganda Self Drive is quite an easy way and can be managed by many travelers who opt for self drive or hire a car with a driver which seems to be the best solution when you rent a car in Uganda with one reputable company like Auto Rental Uganda. As it is, you always have many options at disposal of how you can make best of the car rental services in Uganda, the real decision usually belongs to the car hirer considering his/her tastes and preferences.

When one opts for a uganda self drive, then you are covenant of your driving skills and yes you believe in your perfection in driving on the African roads which Yes to say, can be challenging. Hiring and driving in Uganda is absolutely the best way to discover these beautiful lands but question is, How best are you familiar with the Uganda Self Drive and still be well considering that sometimes you could end up napping on the wheels.

Napping is a very healthy thing to do while on a Uganda Self Drive but yes we insist not on the wheels as you drive through the countryside or on one of those nice paved roads in Uganda. On the other hand, the big benefits of bumpy countryside roads is keeping you awake as you drive, You cant be bumped into a water-filled pothole and still keeping dosing on the wheels, however these smooth/paved roads will take you off and get your self dosing off especially when you have to drive a long distance with same vegetation and scenery. One of the longest same vegetation landscapes is the Murchison – kibale journey that takes 10hours but worry not, it’s a bumpy road.

Auto Rental Uganda Team shares with you some few tips for driving in Uganda and that can avoid sleep especially those that hire a car for self drive safaris; And if you prefer not to keep the tips and also prefer the comfort of your rental car, we advise that you hire a car with a driver for your trip through these beautiful lands.

Avoid driving when you are too tired.
Considerably, the first rule of staying safe on a self drive journey is not to hit the road when you are too tired. Since you are driving independently and not on a fixed schedule, take time to sleep little, relax enough and avoid being stressed. If You have been busy the previous day, how about use part of the next day to relax? Trust me this will do wonders for a long journey ahead and yes for your safety when driving in Uganda.. You need a strong mind to enjoy a Uganda Self Drive.

Avoid driving & Rushing
Supposedly, most self drivers drive at night without stopping for breaks or would rather make the most of the holiday weekend or holiday journey. But, there’s a limit to the amount of stress and labor that your body can take without taking rest or breaks. So, don’t cut the resting time to rush to the destination. Plan accordingly, like have an itinerary or travel plan with time. Some car rental agencies like Auto Rental Uganda will definitely draft you a very perfect itinerary with travel time.. Planning is a very important aspect and especially long journeys.

Make use Caffeinated products
Driving with the help of Caffeine helps in keeping you awake when self driving and especially for sole traveling self drivers in Uganda, believe me your mind will keep alert. So, drinking one or two cups of coffee whenever you feel sleepy when driving will help to avoid falling asleep at the wheel. Keep caffeinated mints and gum in the vehicle in case you can’t buy beverages on the way as you drive past.

Make use of Breaks/driving intervals.
You control the car and yes control Time of travel too. Taking a break at every two to three hours or 100 kms will give you a time to relax and refresh your mind. Usually park the vehicle somewhere safe with people in vicinity and enjoy a snack or listen to a song. Start the journey after 15 to 20 minutes. If you want, you could make use of a small jog just behind your rental car and allow blood in you move fast, this way you have the sleep under control.

Remember to take a Nap
Driving a rental car in Uganda for long distances at some point requires taking a nap. This could be the last resort if nothing mentioned above works. A 20-minute of nap will keep you alert for the next couple of hours. So, if you are sleep deprived and caffeine seems to have no effect anymore, park somewhere safe and take a short nap. Trust me This will def work for independent self driving travelers in Uganda

Travel and share driving with a buddy or spouse
Is is not nice and good accompaniment? This is also one of the most efficient way to avoid sleep when driving and yes, not loose time when self driving in Uganda. This is helpful when you are set for a very long journey. Hire a car and drive with someone else so that you can take turns. It’s the best way to avoid falling asleep when driving on Uganda roads because you can take rest when the other person is driving and surely works out just so perfect. Trust me even sharing self driving memories is just paramount and memorable.

5 Safe Tips for self drive in Uganda.

Renting a car for self driving in Uganda has been many of the options majorly discussed by travelers planning on visiting Uganda. Self driving on Ugandan roads is an absolutely amazing experience to discovering the hidden treasures through these beautiful lands due to the terrain texture and beautiful lush green vegetation and landscapes when behind the wheels of your rental car. It is no longer a hassle to drive ugandas roads due to their regular maintenance throughout the year.  Hiring 4X4 cars with Auto Rental Uganda with high ground clearance from Car Rental Agencies have been proved the masters of hilly roads that are un-reachable by small cars during the rainy days. Not only are the hilly areas but as well as the low lands where the roads are un surfaced and slippery.

Safety is a priority when hiring a rental car in Uganda and if you would like to make the best out of your self drive safari or roadtrip, here are some 5 tips for safe self driving in Uganda?

Observe. Not only passengers have to observe the external environment of the car also the drivers have to be keen on external environment around especially if they are new in the area for the first time. Driving a new car is a gruesome due to its inbuilt technology that tends to be complex to first time drivers in Uganda. Be the master of the road by observing all the necessary features on the road and putting them in practical use.The features include road signs and road markings. As already tested by police during the process of obtaining a driver’s permit, the visual sense is the mostly applied while driving because all concentration must be put ahead of the trip.

Identify. In your comfortable Ugandan rental car, behind the wheels, identify key major areas for shopping to save on your budget. Identify the location of gas refueling while on your way so as not to run short of fuel on coming back to the rental desk or your hotel. Identify spot areas of traffic police officers in order to reduce on the speed before approaching them. This will help you as driver not to be victims of over speeding and other related traffic rules and regulations that call for fines and penalties on behalf of the budget you had planned. Identifying dangerous spot areas when driving at night, will prevent yourself from falling into ambush of criminals or thieves hence being on a safe drive and securing your life from merciless people.

Predict. Having observed the external environment of the car, identifying the spot areas of traffic officers. It is easy to predict when the gas will be used up. Predicting involves foretelling what may result in case you never followed the right procedures of self driving. However, predictions in driving are sometimes referred to outcomes that may result into bad driving. They include loss of lives and property of both the owners and passengers in the car, decrease in your financial status

Decide. While driving on the road, your decisions are important. Quick decisions result into good drivers and delayed decisions may result into bad drivers. Be a quick decision taker especially when overtaking other cars to save the lives of other people on the road. Be a defensive driver in decision-making by following what other (Good) drivers are doing especially in urban centers.

Act. After taking quick decisions, it’s now time to put them in action. Follow the rules and regulations on the road and drive defensively in a foreign land and yes especially in Uganda.