Car Rentals Uganda and Driver Guides.


Car Rentals in Uganda are travellers’ favorite option of late because of the alluring combination of convenience, flexibility and comfort that come along with these hired 4×4 cars from car rental companies in Uganda. Lovers of adventure always love to embark on self drive trips with these cars but there are all kinds of limitations especially on your adventure since it is very hard to concentrate on two things at ago.

We offer an amazing offer to the travellers where we give you an option of hiring an insightful driver guide that can show you around Uganda just like an open book and since they are fond of these routes, they drive through with more ease and understand the perfect spots for the unique wildlife to visit on your trip.

How to book a driver guide.

Booking a driver guide for your road trip across the beautiful lands of the Pearl of Africa is not such a hard thing to do. Simply let your car rental agency Uganda be in the know that you would like an Insightful driver guide to take you through this beautiful country and while they get your car ready, an expert driver will also be assigned to your car to make sure your experience with renting a car to discover Uganda is memorable. You only need to note that these driver guides come at an extra cost that is really worth it.

Roles of a driver guide.

A driver guide on a road trip with a rented 4×4 car in Uganda will be of two major roles that is driving the tourists and also guiding the tourists. The two might sound the same but the difference is that one who is just a driver will just do the driving and may not give satisfactory explanations about the different African wildlife species. However, most car rental companies in Uganda offer driver guides that are well trained and have vast knowledge of the different wildlife species like birds and many other animals like lions, zebras, elephants ,hippos and so much more. Also, the drivers are happy and determined to take the tourists to anywhere they would like to go and move at their desired pace and also share every little knowledge they deem important for the visitors to know.

Why opt for a driver guide.

Driving through the tough terrain roads with the 4×4 cars may not be as easy for a new person in Uganda since it needs one to have experience about the roads and directions to different destinations across the beautiful Pearl of Africa. This is where an insightful driver guide comes in handy because they are well trained and very conversant with Ugandan roads and with vast knowledge about the wildlife and vegetation in the areas you will be visiting. Also, a driver guide is a great option as you rent a car to explore Uganda because driving as you tour can be rather disrupting. You may not be able to concentrate on the steering wheel and also view the beautiful places and lots off African wildlife species.



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Car hire Uganda & Why you Need a guide.

Car hire Uganda comes just so in handy with opting to hire a guide drive for a more less self drive car hire in Uganda. When planning for a safari or a tour of a new place for example the jungles of Uganda, whether to hire a guide or self drive is one of the tough choices you have to make that could make all the difference in an adventure. The decision is even harder to make when you’ve chosen to go on a self drive safari because having a guide implies an extra passenger  on board. Letting such decisions give you a hard time defeats the whole purpose of relaxing on holiday. This is exactly why we are sharing with you criteria you can use to determine whether that guide will be an invaluable resource to you during your stay or an extra expense. Described below are scenarios where a travel guide will be more of an asset than a detriment.

When you don’t have much time

If you have little time in a place during your car hire Uganda adventure, it would be better to hire a guide to take you through all the interesting places than take your time at one place. A guide who is well-versed with the locale of your travel destination can get you to see more riveting things about that place in less time than you would have used if you didn’t have a guide.

When visiting popular destinations

Popular tourist destinations usually get large crowds for during the day and crowds can be hectic for a tourist trying to learn new things or take in new sights. A good tour guide always has knowledge about the best visiting hours for attractions; when you can get discounts or when prices are better; the best routes around; and places for accommodation around the tourist attraction. Well experienced guides can even organize private tours of heavily toured attractions.

When on safari

Car hire Uganda Safaris are usually all about adventure and seeing or experiencing new things. In unfamiliar landscapes, it is understandably difficult to navigate and look for the fun hot spots unless you have a guide with you. Some places such as game parks and natural attractions like mountains require safety precautions and maybe a small briefing which a guide is always in place to provide even before you travel to the said destination. Tour guides can always provide you with useful information before you start a self drive car hire Uganda adventure. For example, he  or  she  may  advise  you  to  rent  a  car  with  excellent  & Quality camping  gear  to  save  on accommodation fees if you plan on going to a location with few or no tourist lodgings.

When the language barrier is high

For places where you don’t speak the most widely spoken languages for example in Uganda, odds are the inhabitants will also be unfamiliar with your first language. So to skip the communication barrier that is different languages, we advise you hire a multi-lingual guide who can bridge the gap caused by the difference in language. Such guides come in handy when you as a tourist- want to interact with the indigenous people or learn about their culture. To ensure that your guide has a comfortable command of your language, hold a conversation with them over phone in advance. This will save you a lot of disappointment and frustration.

To handle travel logistics

It is relatively a lot easier for tour guides than ordinary tourists to buy and follow up things such as temporary permits (for those planning to self drive), tickets and entry passes to tourist attractions. Such trivial tasks can be irritating for tourists especially when you’re trying to relax on  your  holiday/vacation  but  what  is  even  worse  is  ending  up  with  not  so  great accommodation all because you forgot to book a room at a hotel of your choice or not seeing the mountain gorillas of Bwindi because you didn’t book your gorilla tracking permit. Tour guides can perform such tasks and more which will ultimately lighten your burden giving you more time to relax and enjoy your holiday.

When you cant/don’t drive

if you think car hire Uganda safari will distract you, very recommended to hire car with a guide to drive and navigate the roads around for you. An added advantage to this is that guides always know the region and which routes to use, be it the fastest or one with the best view. In case you plan to drink while on a uganda safari or holiday, diver tour guides can also ensure your safety as it is not advisable to drive after drinking or when drinking.

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Self Drive Car Rental Uganda and Tips to Fueling a Car

Self Drive Car Rental Uganda is remarkably the best option to traverse through these peaceful and beautiful lands. Self drive car rental being part of hiring a car from just not any company but legit car rental Company comes with difficulties when it comes to fuelling or re-fueling at specific gas stations.

Being a developing country, Uganda and the gas stations are based on manual labour system, this all involves a pump attendant who fuels the car and also is handed cash for the litres consumed. The most common gas stations and also recommended are Shell and Total by many self drive car rental Uganda companies. For you to have a very a hustle free self drive car rental Uganda adventure in Uganda as a growing and a developing country, You definitely need to familiarize with some Tips to fueling a car at gas stations and yes, Auto Rental Uganda team shares with you some of these Important Tips.

Observe the warnings at the fuel stations.

For a better reason known to them and probably yourself, it is very impontant that you turn off your engine when refueling your rented car. Incidences of fire and  many alike are sometimes caused by Still On Ingnition Cars refueling, Its surely a great idea switching the car off.

Know your Tank Before You refuel.

Knowing your tank is important to know how much fuel you may need to refuel for the specific journey. This way it helps you know how much to order and also helps in your budget planning as you take on the self drive car rental Uganda Safari

Look At The meter reading as they Fuel.

More important for when you are a foreigner or “Muzungu” taking on a self drive car rental Uganda safari. Unfortunately a few of the many pump attendants may take advantage of you and kinda cheat you. So, Look at the metre gauage always, don’t sit and boss around in your drivers seat.

Endavour To have changed monies for fuel

Like many self drive car rental Uganda safari travelers do, have monies planned for fuel at all times. Some gas station pump attendants  tend not to have change to give back and will waste a lot of your time trying to find change for you.

Avoid refueling from NOT well established  gas stations

Yes, like any Struggling businesses will in many ways manipulate the services and fuel or provide substandard products including fuel. Not only does the bad fuel take you for less kilometers but will also damage the rental car so, take note when refueling.

Take advantage of the “after services” offered at these gas stations

Many gas station attendants offer free services to check your coolant levels, oil levels or wind screen wash as you fuel your tank perfectly. Always ask if they can, In this way they get you ready and safe for the remaining journey perfectly. This also saves you a lot of time with safety as a paramount thing when you opt for a self drive car rental Uganda safari.

Nevertheless, Hiring a car for self drive car rental uganda safaris is magical, inspirational and sweeps you off your feet through these peaceful and beautiful lands. Our past clients have given praise to Uganda and the team at Auto Rental Uganda through Trip Advisor. Read more of what our travelers have to say.

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4 Reasons And Benefits for Self Drive In Uganda

Hiring a car for self drive Uganda is absolutely one of the trending, magical, and inspirational ways to discovering the Pearl Of Africa and yes we believe there are so many other ways ways you could enjoy a holiday in Uganda. It could be by touring one of the numerous and diverse national parks to see the wide plethora of flora and fauna or through interaction with the hospitable natives spread across the country. You could even want to do both of the above simultaneously, but are hindered by hectic schedules and guides. You shouldn’t be frustrated by these restrictions as they can be avoided with a self drive holiday when you opt to independently drive in Uganda alone or with family. Self drive uganda holidays involve renting a car to drive around the country or hiring a car with quality camping gear to enjoy a self drive uganda safari in our marvelous country. If you are not convinced about the parts of self driving, perhaps you should read on and see why we suggest a self drive Uganda adventure for you through these beautiful lands

Absolutely convenient

Self drive Uganda is very convenient no matter who you are or where you are going. Unlike guided tours, where your destination is chosen for you and many other people, with a self drive uganda you get to make your own choices on where to tour or visit and more so with whoever you choose to, Lets say it’s a completely personal decision. When traveling with family, the convenience of stopping as you please to soak in a beautiful panoramic view, take a few pictures or just stopping for a toilet break is unrivaled. To top it off, you move at your own pace without being rushed by a guide or driver.

Appreciated leisure Time

One of the main reasons, people take holidays with a self drive uganda option is to escape hectic work schedules and relax while enjoying everything at their leisure. Self drive uganda enhances your holiday such that you can do whatever you wish, go wherever you want without having to follow a time table or being directed to do something. You could decide to take an alternative route such that you can see more of Uganda’s beautiful landscape or make a stop to interact with some locals and learn about their culture which I believe drivers can do for you, but normally it is scheduled. Either way, you get to be your own boss which should put you at ease thus giving you peace of mind.

Easy accessibility to Destinations

Uganda has many different types of attractions strewn all over the country which increases the number of tourist destinations. Most of these tourist destinations for example the mountain gorilla habitat in Bwindi Impenetrable forest National park and Murchison falls National park are located in rural areas far from the city. Public means of transport to and from these places is scarce and usually costly. However, if you hire a car for self drive uganda travels, you could even visit places that are seldom toured as long as you find them interesting.

Imporntance of Privacy

This might be the greatest advantage of driving yourself around Uganda. A lot of people value their privacy even as they travel and a self drive uganda option is just the perfect way to do so when traveling in Uganda. Uganda has many places of interest which are so rich in culture and history that it is impossible to experience it all within a short visit. But to soak it all in, one may need to stay longer or desire to experience a place in solitude to appreciate its value fully. Renting a car with quality camping gear to enable you make camp whenever you feel like stopping a little longer is one of the ways you are guaranteed to enjoy your privacy while on holiday.

Finally, Renting a car for self drive in Uganda has surely been appreciated by many travelers and has surely been a developing means of travel and yes, especially for returning clients, However on caution, and very important to know that you can handle driving on African roads because it requires more than just the basic driving skills to maneuver through the bumpy roads, needs a lot of concentration, carefulness, persistence, driving along crazy drivers and a few mechanical skills. Some of the few self driving tips and tricks you should be sure of before opting for a self drive car rental in Uganda as well as reading through travel sites like Tripadvisor for suggestions  or you could opt to hire a car and a driver guide but still enjoy the flexibility and all the privacy of self drive in Uganda.