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Is it possible To Get The Most Out Of Your Self Drive?


Self drive safaris or holidays are usually thrilling due to the fact that you are mostly your own tour guide with the liberty to choose your destination and how to get there. Self driving in Uganda is growing in popularity primarily because of the multiple options of tourist attractions to choose from, from game reserves filled with Africa’s rarest animals to dense equatorial forests that are home to over three hundred bird and plant species; Uganda has offers a little something for everyone that bothers to go through her surreal beauty. The experience of self driving in Uganda is further enhanced by presence of good road networks and hospitable natives. But as much as self driving in itself is fun, there things you could do to make it even more thrilling. Without further delay allow us to share with you tips on how to get the most out of your self drive holiday.

Drive slow.

Self driving is an activity that is best enjoyed leisurely. Driving at fast speeds not only endangers your life through accidents but also robs you of the opportunity to take in all the scenery and buzz of life framed by your windscreen. So in order for you to appreciate the detailed beauty of Uganda’s varying landscapes and motley of lifestyles, drive slow and soak it all in.

Use less popular routes.

As mentioned earlier on, self driving affords you liberty to choose your routes. Good car rental companies usually provide a map to help you navigate around the country on your own reducing your chances of getting lost. With map in hand-and GPS in phone- you can choose to drive on less used roads and explore more of the country on your own. This caters for your curiosity as you won’t know what to expect after the next turn and it allows you to formulate your own opinion of the region as compared to using designated routes that emphasize only certain features of the region biasing your opinion.  However, be sure to inquire why the route is not used often; sometimes it may be impassable due to the weather or unsafe in which cases you should avoid it.


Self drive safaris are very much similar to long road trips. You will need to make occasional stops to fill up or get some rest. Some car rental companies offer quality camping gear at discounted rates once you hire from their fleet. This gives you a chance to set up camp in any one of the game parks as they have designated camping spots where your safety is assured.

Stop every once in a while.

While self drive safaris is mostly about driving yourself, it is nearly impossible to understand everything you see on your own without help from the natives. If you are charmed by a picturesque sight or setting, do not be afraid to stop for a moment and take a brief walk around with one of the natives who will indulge you in tales of lore, myth and legend about that which made you stop. Ugandans are renown for their hospitality and will definitely not mind showing you around.

Carry a camera.

And of course, what would a safari be without a camera to capture all the beauty of your journey and remind you of the fun you had self driving in Uganda.


Practical Tips for securing your car on a self drive Uganda safari.


Hiring a car for a selfdrive safari is made easier with the many reputable car rental agencies in Uganda that operate on legal licenses. Travelers to Uganda hire a 4×4 car of their choice to take them through an inspirational road trip across the Pearl of Africa with lots of stuff to discover like amazing African wildlife species, both birds and animals, fresh water bodies, the world’s longest river, River Nile and stunning sceneries on the road.

All these great memorable experiences could be brought to a stand still by a very unfortunate and unexpected incident where you realize your 4×4 car is missing and you have no idea who could have taken it. Our expert team is glad to bring to your knowledge some of the tips to keep your car safe from such ill intention-ed persons that can ruin your safari in Uganda. However, take note that these cases are rare but like the saying goes, it is safer to prevent yourself from something than waiting to deal with the wounds of the occurrence.

Always remember to lock your car.

Most of the times when driving on a selfdrive safari step out of their cars with the intention to relax for a bit or take snapshots of some beautiful places and continue with the selfdrive Uganda safari. However, we cannot guarantee that where you are leaving your car is safe enough from danger since we cannot understand people’s motives. Especially knowing that they are more conversant with the area than yourself therefore could escape with so much ease. Make it a point to lock your car at any time you are away from it to keep it safe from being vandalized.

Put an alarm

However inconveniencing the noise of an alarm can be on your self drive safari, your car is better off safe from being stolen or vandalized than avoiding noise pollution and you lose your car on a self drive Uganda safari. With the nature of these alarms that keep lighting when the car is in parking, they are a sigh that the car owner is conscious about thieves and vandalizes which some how keeps the latter away since they notice that this may not be an easy job to take on.

Keep your valuables out of sight.

Sometimes people do not commit crimes because they are part of their day’s schedule but because they were tempted to do so. Leaving your goodies out there in the open could be tempting to passersby that have been longing to get hold of some of the things you own for example electronic devices and money. It is therefore advisable that you move with your valuables and also brings us to the point of limiting your luggage as you embark on a self drive safari Uganda. Carrying too many things can not only limit your sitting space but also get bulky if you are to move with them without the car.



Carefully choose where to park.

Cars are more often stolen when they are parked and the owner is away. It is therefore rather important to be very keen and cautious about where you park by looking out for security measures in that particular area like perimeter wall, security guard, gate to ensure closure ,surveillance cameras, etc.


Self driving Car Rental Uganda

Self driving Car Rental Uganda to the tree climbing lions of Ishasha

Self driving Car Rental Uganda /Car Rental in Uganda provides a vast range of self drive Uganda safari cars for hire while on an adventure trip through the beautiful terrains of the Pearl of Africa. This enables you to encounter rather  rewarding and exceptional trips in the comfort of being your own driver , when to make a stopover, the ideal route to use and above all when to set off and stop.

A self drive Uganda safari introduces you to the remote Plains of Ishasha in the southwestern part of the Queen Elizabeth National Park that ranks with the most breathtaking game viewing areas in the country, as much for its unhampered mood as its varied wildlife. This endowed habitat for wildlife and wilderness is easily accessible on a self drive safari Uganda especially as one travels between Queen Elizabeth National Park and Bwindi National Park.

self drive car hire uganda safaris

By road, one can access the endowed plains of Ishasha while on Self driving Car Rental Uganda courtesy of car rental Uganda Agency through three directions.Kabale and Bwindi National Park in the south, from Rukungiri to the east, or from the north via Katunguru on the main Mbarara –Kasese road. It is thus easily visited en route between Bwindi and Mweya in the north of Queen Elizabeth National Park, though given the road conditions and terrain, it would be tricky to explore the game viewing tracks thoroughly without spending a night there

Ishasha is famously known for its incredible Kings of the jungle that have taken it a notch higher and can climb the giant trees of the park. It consists of around 40 individuals split across three prides which is unusual elsewhere in Africa. An existing hypothesis is that the tree climbing behavior of the lions can be witnessed throughout the year but quite more frequent in the rainy seasons. The lions frequent the sycamore fig tree and sometimes the Albezia trees and this is often during the hot hours of the day and they descend back to the ground before dusk.

Given the vast composition of nature’s treasures in the famous habitat of the climbing lions, one would definitely consider spending a refreshing night within the park premises to prepare for another quite adventurous and intriguing day in the park kick started by breathtaking morning breezes of the park. The slumbering grounds are of three kinds that is luxury, midrange and budget.

Ishasha wilderness camp, Uganda’s finest wilderness facility located on the banks of Ntungwe River in the thick of the wildlife action is a luxury camp with elephants regularly crossing the river and lions, leopards, heard from close by the camp. The place is alive with sights and melodies of birds and the beautiful camp cottages towering into the atmosphere with large mesh ventilation bringing the soothing river views right inside.Savanna Resort Hotel is an infinitely smart midrange 46 room slumbering ground, set in large, park like grounds 4km from Kihihi town and with an attractive country club façade, representing a solitary oasis comfort between Bwindi and Ishasha gate that are 30min drive  away from one another.

Another exciting shelter that is basically budget is to go camping and spend your night in the cool breezes of nature under a tent with sparkling lights that make the views and the environment quite relaxing at @The River Camp site that lies off Kameme road, beside the Ntungwe River in the wedge of public land between Ishasha Queen Elizabeth National Park and the Kigezi Wildlife Reserve that is directly across the River. The site has a fully stocked bar that looks out over the river and allows you max views of birdlife and monkeys in the riparian forest beyond.

The Ishasha safari on a self drive  in Uganda  is one that is worth taking as it provides you with a wide range of activities and breathtaking views throughout your travel time like witnessing the incredible tree climbing lions, discovering the unique flora and fauna of the Pearl of Africa and also getting knowledgeable about the vast treasure of the beautiful Uganda.

Self drive in Uganda with a rav4 (Nile)


Uganda /Rwanda are one of those great places in the world people tend to escape and make a trip on their own/ self drive in uganda. Hiring a car on a self-drive in Rwanda and Uganda enables the traveler to explore all the top tourism destinations. Sally Day and friends hired a car form us Auto rental UGANDA to adventure Uganda, and Rwanda on a self drive after giving us their interests in camping and car rental we chose for the a small car Rav4 and their journey started.


We meat in Kampala in the evening I delivered the car and gave them all the briefing they need to know about the car, how they should take care of it and the best way to drive in Uganda and a few things of the road in Uganda and Rwanda, they had not made up their minds in when to cross to Rwanda but this was ok because I told them to take their time and forwarded the car documents when they made up their minds.

Their self drive trip started in Uganda, through kabale, lake bunyonyi, rwanda- kigali, kivu, queen Elizabeth national park, kibale, Murchison, and jinja. We kept in touch all the days of their trip, they got a small problem after hitting a pothole and a car got a small dent in queen Elizabeth on their way to Fortpotol but all was good and their journey continued.

At the end of the  self drive in uganda trip, I asked how was the car, how did she work  and that whole experience, They replied: Actually it is a he to us , we named him Nile he was our only man on the trip, he was so helpful and never complained about anything at all for the 20 days.This is the best trip we have ever had on a self drive in a big car, they said he is big because they drive very small cars in their home country.

Due to the small size of Rwanda makes driving easy between destinations and made their self-drive holiday more interesting by get a glorious opportunity to stop in the middle of some good serene natural environment and make some meditation.

A self drive holiday is a rewarding and exciting experience in Rwanda/Uganda as it is one of the top Eco tourism destinations in the world. With thousands of hills enchanted with green cover, plenty of game watching opportunities especially gorilla trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable National park and the one in virunga  and a country with a well organized road network system makes Rwanda a top tourism destination for self drive holidays.

One of the easiest ways of renting a car for self drive  in Uganda / Rwanda is by going on the internet and search for various cheap car rental agencies. By going to the internet you have a variety of car rental companies to choose from basing on your budget and travel needs that are online car rental companies in Uganda and  Rwanda have family cars, 4×4 and high end cars. So it is up against you to book with any of the car rental agency that best suits your needs and budget.


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 self drive


Self drive car hire Uganda

Self Drive Car hire Uganda with 6 Tips to Save Fuel

Explore and embrace the magic in saving fuel opting for a Self drive car hire Uganda and yes, with do doubt is absolutely one of the best and unforgettable adventure means traversing through these beautiful lands in Uganda. How irritating does it feel every time your fuel guage lights are warning? Definitely No, I bet you wouldn’t like neither love it. And so never wait till your rental car in Uganda stops moving or until your fuel gauge starts warning. When you opt for a self drive car hire Uganda, not only is it important to constantly fuel your car, but it is also imperative that you keep monitoring the fuel gauge to find out how much fuel you have left either way for your safety or for the safety of the car. With no doubt, self drive car hire Uganda adventure will be inspirational or more so fruitful.

Saving fuel is a very important aspect when opting for a self drive car hire Uganda and yes we share how one can reduce fuel consumption for our own car by following these simple techniques:

Endeavour to Accelerate smoothly when on self drive car hire uganda

Smoothly is: The best way to save fuel is to travel at a steady speed. We recommend a speed of 50kms/hr in centres and 80kms/hr on highways more so this is the recommended speed on the Uganda roads, Planning your time and being patient while driving will save you a lot of litres while on a self drive car hire Uganda adventure

Avoid pushing the accelerator far down

The more the accerelator is pushed down, the more fuel is being guzzled, not because of the gear your are driving but because your working so hard the engine which results into more fuel consumption. And if you are driving an automatic for a self drive car hire Uganda like most of our rental fleet at Auto Rental Uganda, the car will do a better job than you of choosing which gear to be in so it’s not a problem for an automatic.

Do away with the air-conditioning if you can.

Self drive car hire Uganda road trips comes very humid in African countries or in the summer like Uganda and some more, However the problem with air-con being on all the time while you drive is that it works up the engine a little more and yes in return uses quite a bit of fuel, If You can, do away with air-con and put your windows a little down.

Regular Tyre pressure check on self drive car hire

Considerably kindly note that the lower the tire pressure of your car is, the more fuel the car needs to move it down the road. We recommend that you check and balance your tire pressure every morning or at any gas station you come across on a self drive car hire Uganda adventure.

Do Away with unnecessary weight

Opting for a self drive car hire with lots of luggage requires more fuel to move around more weight. Just like you wouldn’t carry a heavy backpack and more energy you will require same applies to when you leave a lot and unnecessary items or luggage in the car boot as so the more fuel your car will consume.

Don’t drive during rush hours

Traffic jam in Uganda is just so frustrating and more so fuel consuming. It requires strong heavy gears to move an inch and so is the fuel required and being wasted every time you start and stop in traffic. Plan your time well with a self drive car hire option and get through in no rush hours most especially kampala suburbs and surroundings.

So here you are with a few of the tips for saving fuel on a self drive car hire in Uganda. Read with us from our professional team, a team that is recommended on tripAdvisor, the worlds travel site and a team that is professionally trained in handling self drive car hire adventures in Uganda.

Car rental driver

Benefits Of Hiring a car and Driver Guide in Uganda

car rental and Driver in Uganda: For as long as tourism in relation to Safaris in Uganda as an industry- has existed, guided safaris involving car rental and driver Guide has been one of the most common forms of insightful travel through these beautiful lands. One can never be too certain or knowledgeable of the places they are visiting, so guides always seem like the best or safest way to traverse new or unexplored areas like Bwindi  national  park in south west Uganda, a sanctuary for over half the  world’s endagoured mountain gorillas.

Guided safaris  have  evolved  from rudimentary  walks  with natives of the safari destination to more elaborate and detailed drives covering large areas with experts on flora and fauna directing your attention to things you shouldn’t miss. Guided safaris can be compared to self drive safaris in uganda where you are at the liberty to rent a car for an agreed time to tour and travel as you please on your own. While a self drive safari might offer a lot more freedom during your tour compared to a guided safari, you can not be guaranteed answers to your questions and neither will your curiosity be quenched with knowledge of the wildlife immediately.

Conventional car rental and driver guide safaris include customized or preset itineraries that cover your whole safari from the day of arrival to your departure. That way, you know your destinations and what  to look out  for  prior  to setting off.  In this article, we intend to discuss and share the pros of opting for car rental and driver and try and inform your decision as you debate on which form of travel to pursue while on a car rental safari holiday in Uganda.


One of the prime advantages of car rental and driver is that you do not have to carry maps or worry about where to take the next turn. You are provided with an insightful driver guide who will not only drive you to and from your desired attractions, but also keep informing you about your location and constantly brief you.  This leaves you with only the task of looking out for animals and drinking in the raw panorama unfolding before you.

Trained, insightful and knowledgeable guides

It is very common for the undisciplined eye to miss sight of animals or things that could be part of interest but, for a trained guide, it is easy to point out a leopard camouflaged in tree branches or to track the location of a herd of animals. Local guides usually know the areas thoroughly and always know where to find which animals. This saves you a lot of time driving around just hoping to see an animal by chance or luck.


The tour guides who accompany you are not only with you to drive you and point out animals but also to ensure that both you and the animals are safe. Some tourists who embark on self drive safaris  engage  in  behavior  which  is  considered  risky  to  either  the  animals  or themselves, albeit unknowingly. Tour guides can advise you on how to act in the presence of the animals since they are supposed to be knowledgeable on animal behavior.


Somewhere along the car rental and driver hired safaris, you could be interested in the culture or norms of indigenous people in the area. For example, many tourists who come to Uganda during an even year are thrilled to witness the imbalu(circumcision)  ceremony held by the Bagishu. Now, if you were on a self drive safari your chances of interaction would be slim due to problems ranging from language barrier to shyness of indigenous people. However, if you happen to have hired a car and driver Guide,  your  guide can be of  help and either  translate or  take you to places where  your interactions would be made easier and more interesting.

Self drive Car hire Uganda & 5 Bad driving habits women should stop on

Self drive Car hire Uganda is quit an easy way to adventuring the pearl of Africa but driving through the countryside is a little complicated for women. No matter how much the driving may seem easy and however much you have poor driving habbits, it  does not mean you are an amateur in driving however, there’s a popular perception that women drivers don’t fare well on the road as their male counterparts. However much Self drive Car hire Uganda in general is a skill that does not depend on your gender, women, in general, practice some strange driving habits that seem irritating or confounding to other drivers. Most Self drive Car hire Uganda Agencies get into agreement with Hirers on how to perfectly handle the vehicle and hirers are sometimes riable for their deeds just incases of unfortunatalities that lie under reckless driving. We would advise that you make use by hiring a car and driver guide for your car rental trip but still maintain your own pace.

Auto Rental Uganda shares with you some of the those bad habits women should give up so you don’t repeat them and ensure the road safety during Self drive Car hire Uganda safaris.

Avoid applying make-up at traffic lights
We understand how it makes sense to many women since the few minutes at traffic lights seem to be the only solution for a light makeup session. Well, we also understand how good you must look during you journey, but if you could stop in a safe place and apply this makeup, would safe you a lot of unfortunatalities. Driving in Uganda and especially Kampala traffic areas requires full attention.

Doing something else while driving
Doing something else other than driving is a common vise by many people and not only women especially the teen drivers, usually text or keep the earbuds in while driving. We agree Self drive Car hire Uganda safari journeys goes hand in hand with nice music but truth is that even a slight distraction can lead to dangerous accidents. If you have to text, park somewhere, and listen through the car’s speakers instead of using earbuds. If you must take an important call, either park the vehicle or use a Bluetooth headset caller which should be the last option if you would not want to loose time.

Avoid driving while feeling tired or sleepy.
This is one of the bad habits women should give up with immediate effect while on self drive car hire in Uganda. While it’s understandable because women have more responsibilities for their hubbys and children when on safari or when travelling in Uganda, it is very important than you take some good sleep so that in the morning you are good enough to take up the journey or the wheels for an amazing Self drive Car hire Uganda safari and yes avoid unfortunaterlities

Avoid Sitting in a bad driving posture
Like said earlier and much done, many self drivers on safari in Uganda don’t know how to position themselves behind the wheel to get the maximum control of the vehicle. Stop slouching while driving or resting the arm on the window sill because these don’t give you the ideal body position to react quickly at the time of hazards. Uganda has a lot of crazy road users not like The disciplined back home, so for you to take control of the vehicle you require to be in good sitting postures so that you’re good to go for a self drive trip with many crazy drivers around the country.

Ignorance about the car mechanism
Most and not all women are clueless about the engine mechanism or other parts of the car. You should be familiar with the basic vehicle problems and check the engine with the levels of water and oil regularly for better maintenance. It is important to know that all rental cars for self drive have been used before by other self drivers and yes all cars are subject to breakdown, however it is impontant to be aware of minor problems which you could also have avoided if you knew something. Remember, you are driving far in the wild and on any help from the car rental agencies require patience as they get you any available and nearest help If you keep ignoring the problems like noise and vibrations while drive, the car may end up with a major problem and hinder the anticipated self drive safari.

How to Drive an Automatic Rental Car in Uganda

Hiring a car in Uganda among the many car rental agencies seems easy process however do you surely know how to drive an automatic  car? A common rental car for self drive in Uganda. Probably you have known how to drive manual cars in your home country but have you tried driving the easy Automatic transmission vehicle? Learning the basics of an automatic transmission would definitely be a step to driving an automatic car in Uganda.  As part of the Auto Rental Team we think this article can be helpful in knowing the steps of driving before starting to practice for real and hiring a car for self drive in Uganda and the beautiful lands.

Know the use of the feet
Just un-like the manual cars in Uganda, the automatic vehicles in Uganda don’t have the clutch pedal. They do have only the brake pedal and accelerator and you will use only your right foot to control them. The first lesson of learning how to drive an automatic car is to know that your left foot should remain at rest all the time.

Starting the car
The lever should be in P when the engine is off. Push the brake pedal and insert the key to the ignition to turn it on. Gently shift the gear to the D and then release the pressure on the brake pedal slowly. The vehicle will start moving automatically.. However keep the slight press on the pedal and release gently so you don’t get it fast.
If you want it to move faster, simply press the gas pedal. The speed has nothing to do with the gears. So, don’t change it for regular road driving.

Taking turns and slowing down
You have to turn the steering wheel left or right to drive the car in that direction. Apply the brakes to slow it down or stop. The accelerator is for speeding up and you have to limit that speed by shifting the foot on the brake pedal. Apply pressure on it slowly and gradually unless you need to stop the vehicle all on a sudden.

This is the last step of this procedure of how to drive an automatic car. You have to gradually press the brake pedal and shift the gear to the P position to stop the vehicle completely. Use the ignition key to switch off the engine. Finally, turn off the headlights and get out of the car.

Besides learning these basics of an automatic car, you should also read the owner’s manual of your rental car so to be covenant with in preparation for your intended self drive car rental in Uganda.