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Self Drive In Uganda; 8 Reasons why You Can Do It

Self drive Uganda is something most discussed on by many intrepid travelers and many sole travelers who intend to visit the pearl of Africa and yes a very recommended option for those that wish to discover the beautiful lands at their own pace. I agree no more Uganda is gifted by nature with the Aww inspiring culture, Jaw dropping landscapes, vibrant wildlife, grade 5 Rapids and getting up-close and personal with the endangered mountain Gorillas.

Considerably, there are many options on how one can travel in Uganda whatever the budget lies in their means. One can Opt to travel through the beautiful lands on a guided tour taking a package from some recommended tour operators and yes one can opt to Rent a car with Driver, Hire a car and camping gear or opt for an inspirational Self drive Uganda safari. Whatever the option one opts for with good tips of travel to Uganda, You will considerably agree with me that your intended journey and adventure is full-packed and yes is magical for many and other travelers.
Talking about self drive  Uganda safaris, Yes it’s absolutely doable in Uganda and east Africa by many sole and independent travelers whether hiring a Toyota Rav4 or Toyota Prado land cruiser that many car rental agencies offer for self drive in Uganda. Our car rental team Shares with you some of the affirmations why you can travel, Hire a car and handle a self drive safari Uganda.

Amazing Destination
Definitely a must visit on one of your many vacation travels. Uganda ranks one of the best and a very still virgin and lush green destination to travel with many attractions that leave you awing, We haven’t mentioned a once in a lifetime opportunity getting up-close and personal with the world endangered great apes, The mountain Gorillas and So is the drive through Uganda. Hiring a car in Uganda and driving your own adventure is as helpful and safe for many other travelers. Connecting to many different destinations requires a vehicle and yes some of these incredible destinations will require the help of a car especially the wilderness and protected areas in Uganda.

The great improved roads.
Hiring a car and driving in Uganda is absolutely one of the many safe ways for independent travelers and yes the many and new constructed roads in and around the countryside would definitely make it easier self driving in Uganda. There has been a great improvement in the road structure for most roads radiating out of Kampala the capital city and as well as the upcountry roads. The same roads have been so perfectly marked and will definitely lead you safely to your next destination each other day.

Nice Friendly and willing to help People
Ranked by many travelers and world travel site like CNN and AG with the world’s friendliest people in the world, this absolutely makes it easy for many sole travelers to take a self drive in Uganda. Uganda people are so friendly and helpful when asked even on the country sides, this can be observed at the different lodges you get to. Trust me or not, you can never get lost when driving in Uganda, A mere asking the locals or a person passing by, are always helpful and will surely show the right ways or even provide more information than needed. Tip is; keep friendly and nice to them too and always greet them before you ask, Trust me you will feel safer than ever before in a foreign land like Uganda.

Great weather.
Uganda definitely has very good and great weather but also important to note that the climates in Uganda and at the equator are not predictable. However the weather throughout the year is very nice and good for driving even in the mountains of Bwindi impenetrable National Park. The roads are always clearly and if slippery due to the rains, they always dry out fast something that makes it easier for self drive travelers who opt to hire a car in Uganda.

24-7 Roadside assistance
As a service that comes with car rental Services in Uganda, most reputable car rental companies in Uganda offer 24-7 roadside assistance, a service that is mandatory with self drive car rental in Uganda. With such a service, always consider being rescued at anytime of the day during a self drive in Uganda.

Planned Routes
For some genuine car rental agencies like Auto Rental Uganda, The home pages usually offer options for very well put together itineraries that travelers who opt to hire a car for self drive in Uganda can follow. These itineraries can give a clue or hint on what to do in different destination during self drive safaris. Some of the itineraries show travel times, recommended stops and recommended destination depending on Your travel days. Be assured to ask the car rental agency if they can offer you a detailed itinerary that you can follow up.

Less traffic upcountry
For many parts upcountry, the roads have less traffic as compared to city roads, yes with crazy driver can make the self drive trip complicated and a hustle, but the upcountry less traffic will definitely offer you an inspirational self drive safari. As you travel upcountry where many interesting destinations are, there are less traffic and definitely makes the self drive car rental trip a walk over and incredible.

Perfect mechanical Rental Vehicles
For many car rental agencies try as much as possible to keep their cars in good shape, As much as the personnel’s at the rental agencies would love to helpful as you travel, They wouldn’t fancy when you keep calling them for a mechanical condition every now and then. Of course they will be helpful but a continuous one keeps on their toes. This is why whenever each car comes back from a trip, it is perfectly maintained to keep up with the UN-interrupted safari in Uganda during self drive.

Self Drive Car Rental Uganda

Self Drive Car Rental Uganda & 6 Safe tips for self driving.

Self Drive Car Rental Uganda is absolutely one of the best magical ways to experience Uganda and one of the easiest way connecting to different attractive destinations in Uganda. Most of the roads radiating out of Kampala are just as perfect as “Maybe” home road or closer to the same however the biggest problem and surfaced roads are on the countryside. Hiring a car for self drive would be of no challenge if you kept on the paved roads throughout, but trust me there is more fun and more rewarding getting off the beaten off tracks and yes, these are the unpaved roads sometimes slippery because of rain or dust.

When finally opting for Self Drive Car Rental Uganda, there are many considerations taken before opting for which car to use and as well as the climate changes. Talking about climate changes: Uganda’s climate is surely unpredictable, It will decide to rain cats & dogs or opt to shine and all gets warm. The main interest in hiring a car for Self Drive Car Rental Uganda considering if you can be able to drive through the Ubrupt heavy rains on the unpaved roads whether using a Toyota Rav4 or Toyota Prado land cruiser, the most sought cars available for self drive in Uganda.

Auto Rental Uganda Team shares with you some few basic Tips for Self Drive Car Rental Uganda through the unpredictable heavy rains in Uganda during your anticpated self drive car rental uganda journey through these beautiful lands. You will side with me when I say its surely scary and dangerous driving in heavy rains, but following these 6 safety Tips during for Self Drive Car Rental Uganda in rainy seasons or unexpected rains can be helpful to drivers in handling any storm.

Be Patient & take Your Time
Driving patiently is absolutely one of the best tips to avoid accidents while driving in the rain or surely slowing down. In reality some drivers don’t enjoy the idea of slowing down just because of a little rain, but it actually helps. Also remember that the most dangerous moment to drive is right after the rain started, as the water mixes with roadway oils, results in the ungrippy surface.

Guarantee Your Vision
Driving in Uganda may not necessitate having headlights on as it is for other developing countries, but look this is the best thing you could do when driving the rain or storm. Driving in the rain requires headlights in order to provide vision for the driver and other roadusers. No one wants to be penalized and no police wants to go out in the rain to penalize you for that reason. So for your own self drive in Uganda safety , turn on those headlights. You may not find it impontant but trust me you will appreciate it as well as the other road users.

Make sure you give Space To Others
Driving in Uganda and Chasing the front cars ahead is absolutely a very unacceptable idea. Not only does it get risky but it also makes other drivers nervous and panic. The best option while driving in Uganda through rains or storm is to keep a distance 3 times the normal distance gap so that you can have space to break or stop if such a scenario occurs. The same goes for you to give other vehicles more time and space to react to traffic especially in heavy rain.

Always Observe And Analyze
Terrible and crazy drivers are common in Uganda as most of them control their cars by instincts and habits, not by their thoughts. However, when it is raining cats and dogs, the conditions are less than ideal and it requires drivers to focus on their surroundings and stay alert every moment and most especially in Rainy storms.

Be Aware Of The Flow
Driving and being expectant of the Flow on the roads whether paved or graded is something self drivers out to lookout for when driving in the rain or storm and yes it is very horrible to underestimate the pond of water created in rainy day. Even the large size cars can be moved by water flow. Places like the karamoja stretch and the kidepo valley areas are common with water flow created by seasonal rivers. And if you have no other choice but to go through the water, be aware 2 factors:
The depth: You might know the road very well, but if you have no idea how deep the water is, the best solution is to find other way.
The power: The force of water flow can sometimes sweep away the biggest car, so it is wisely to avoid large puddles if possible.

Car Examination
Driving in Rainy rainy seasons or storms requires giving the rental vehicle a quick check to make sure your trip is safe. Examine the tires tread, windshields and headlights are necessary. Self drivers should also consider to bring food, water and equipment in case of emergency or they are stuck in the middle of flows or stuck in the mud.