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Self Drive Uganda Safari To The Scenic Lake Bunyonyi.

Self Drive Uganda safari is adventurous and yes is very rewarding especially to the scenic and jaw dropping scenic lake bunyonyi. The fact and desire of being behind the wheels in a foreign country making use of brains and flexibly deciding where you prefer to go and stay makes the whole self drive Uganda safari Top-notch adventure. Self drive Uganda safari presents an adventurous traveler an option to hire a car in Uganda with a reputable car rental Agency enabling him or her discover the various alluring and spectacular nature inspired sights and views across the scenic Pearl of Africa_Uganda. Focusing on Uganda’s deepest water body in the scenic and most hilly area in the country, our travel experts share some Travel Tips & Through some of the most spectacular views in Uganda that you won’t trade for anything.


How to reach Bunyonyi on Self drive Uganda Safari.

Opting for a self drive Uganda trip automatically means we are using road transport to reach the beautiful lands of Kigezi. From Kampala to kabale is about 7 hours drive and just so you know, these areas have tough mountainous terrain that by all means needs a 4×4 car rental in perfect condition to maneuver these terrains. Depending on your previous destination, the central town that leads you to the Lake is Kabale therefore you will use a convenient route as guided by our detailed Uganda road map or our insightful car & driver guides if you opted for one to be able to reach Kabale town. Bunyonyi is about 8kms and about 15mins drive from The town in a stunning and meandering road up the hills of Bunyonyi. Branch off to the left on the kabale kisoro road with well marked sign posts 500metres from The town and make the final left turn to the road that leads you to the Scenic lake.


What to see and do in Bunyonyi.

This incredibly scenic lake and the surroundings offer quite a variety of activities you can do both on the water and on the shores but even the views themselves are immensely beautiful and mind blowing. The area itself is beautifully curved with heels soaring into the air with valleys complimenting them. Tourists in this area like to compare it with famous Switzerland for its mountainous nature and it is advisable that you visit this place ready to climb some steep hills as you adventure and learn more about mother nature.

The most exciting and famous activity is the canoe safari on the lake where the local canoe operators take you on a cruise where you get to see the few of the 29 islands and learn their different historical backgrounds for example the famous Punishment island where the traditional African girls would be dumped in case of premarital sex and pregnancy from where they starved to death as a punishment for breaking their cultural norm. So many more islands stand on this incredibly scenic deep water body and you can be sure to learn about every single one of them. The lake does not habituate any animals because of its depth and it is important therefore, to make sure you wear a life jacket before going on the boat.

The Bunyonyi surroundings, specifically the Ruvuma swamp is also a great place for bird watching hence perfect for passionate birders complimented with a hike to the Batwa cultural community for local authentic encounters.

The surrounding resorts offer places for recreational activities like museums, gardens, swimming pool and so much more. You can be sure to have a blast while on your trip to Bunyonyi.


Where to stay In Lake Bunyonyi.

The different resorts and lodges on the shores of the lake offer classy accommodation facilities and restaurant and bar services that are top notch. Who wouldn’t crave this after a long day on the lake and around? Be sure to relax and freshen up in these places and they cater for all budgets ranging from budget, to moderate to luxury. Enjoy spectacular lake views with sweet melodies from the birds in your hotel of preference and make your trip memorable. There are also camping sites where you can make use of our Quality car & Camping Gear in these places for anybody that would like to commune with nature to spice up your stay in these beautiful soils of Kigezi.

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