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Self Drive Uganda & Basic Tips for a safe self drive Holiday in Uganda

Self Drive Uganda is absolutely the hype of independent adventure and so is Uganda being a small country located in East Africa endowed with a motley of jaw dropping landscapes exclusively home to over 300 bird and animal species and the famous endangered mountain Gorillas.

From the lush green equatorial forests in the high altitude south west corner (domicile for the near extinct mountain gorilla) to the semi-arid flat landscapes punctuated with monolithic rocks, Uganda is a country with a little something for everyone even for the Self drive Uganda safari adventurers, it is therefore no surprise that it ranks highly among tourist destinations because it is an experience to behold. One of the most popular forms of touring Uganda is self drive safaris which entail renting a car and driving yourself around the country-just like a road trip! In this article, we share some tips and pointers on self drive Uganda Safaris to make your holiday experience more enjoyable.

Quality car rental.

If you have opted for a self drive in Uganda, it is very important that you find a trustworthy and  inexpensive car rental company with a diverse car rental fleet from which to hire. This way, you won’t have to worry about being delayed or frustrated with poor service delivery. A good way to go about this is by doing a quick Google search for automobile rentals and inquiring  from their websites about what they have to offer.

Crash course driving classes.

All over the world, countries follow different road rules so do not be frustrated if Uganda’s road rules confuse you. It is possible to organize a quick driving lesson(s) with your car rental company to familiarize yourself with Uganda’s road rules and networks.

Insightful Driver guides.

Some Self drive Uganda rental Agencies and yes, the good ones just like Auto Rental Uganda offer insightful driver guides for hire along with the car at a subsidized rate. So in case you can’t drive or aren’t making progress with the afore mentioned crash course driving lessons, you can always hire a driver maneuver the terrains as you sit back and enjoy the very best of a seemingly self drive uganda safari as get you around.

An added bonus to this is you wont have to read maps and can rely on your driver to know the fastest and safest way to get you to your destination.

Have a list of emergency contacts.

Uganda is a peaceful country with hospitable people. Nonetheless, it is good to have a fall back option for when things don’t go as planned or in case of an emergency like car breakdown or an accident. As much as we live in the age of cloud storage( icloud, google drive) you will find it useful to jot down emergency contacts like an agent from the car rental company or the hotel number.


If you have made up your mind for a self drive Uganda safari, there are some items that you should carry to make your trip/safari safer. Some of these items include a map of Uganda showing major tourist attractions, a first aid kit in case of minor accidents and an international driver’s permit but many provided by professional Self drive Uganda rental agencies like Auto Rental Uganda and is absolutely an obligation to provide and arrange for all the above once you have reserved a car.


Last but not least, carry a camera to capture all your beautiful experiences in this equatorial paradise called Uganda. Now, you are ready for self drive Uganda Safari.

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