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What’s important to family travels now?

With about 6 -7 out of 10 persons in the whole world out of jobs and perhaps some working but with too many dependents like in Africa, is their going to be affordability for family travels now or solo trips.

Family travels have been a trend in the past few years, it’s the only way that most occupied persons were getting time to bond with family and get to more quality time together. The challenge now as we see things is going to be affordability for the family travels

Even when tour companies and travel agents giving out more discounts, flexible itineraries the family travels may not be booming. The long stays at home together have actually broken family’s than bond them together

Travel agencies predictions about family travels

Luxury travel agencies, are predicting more of wilderness, wildlife and nature travels more for family because they have been home living together enough and the more shorter trips have been done like visiting cities , zoo and museums.


Family vacations are likely to become shorter, not because they do not want to but because of affordability and torrance. Social distancing has pushed families together regardless of where they will be. After all they are the only persons you can be close too in this covid-19 error.

Health and Its new protocols, from strengthened deep-cleaning to temperature checks for entry into kids’ clubs, will feature prominently in its post-pandemic marketing.

Health and safety will be top of travelers’ minds; it will change how families choose their destinations and it will change how travel companies operate. Small un customized safari cars may not be in use if we look at social distance in the cars and how operations are done.

Will social distancing kill Family travels

The future of family travels now will depends largely on whether travelers see  car rentals as private or the cheaper option, alternatives to hotels as fear grows that maybe they will be a source of germs and covid-19.

Places like Airbnb has put up new booking rules and cancellation polices on board, while hotels have also changed in the cancellation polices and offered generous payment option and cheap accommodations for the same services.

Hotels and lodges are going to be forced to create more of the family rooms and lounges and a way of minimizing the contact areas and well as making these family travelers feel safe in the wilderness lodges.

Airbnb is changing strategy now; you find some people offering their small apartment all to a family at a very cheap price of about 200 dollars a night with all things in like electricity and Gus. Here in Uganda safaris some clients I have talked too find this option cheaper and are willing to travel more if the arrangement can be as such. It’s cheap and safe.

What is in now for family travels

Beyond hygiene and more, home stays are good at this as well as hotels.  Family travels now will have to consider the number of family members and also if it’s really cheap for the Airbnb or a lodge where everything is made available at your demand.

Car rental companies have offered good and cheaper discounts. As we change the trend due to the covid-19 pandemic most travellers have changed how they want to travel. We will see more of luxury or mid-range travels other than the old day’s bus rental safaris.

Be it family travels, solo or group travels people are willing to travel and because of the will many things will be suppressed and we see more tours.

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Customized Family Travel Cars

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