Self drive car rental Uganda

Self Drive Car Rental Uganda With Top 5 Tips For Defensive Driving.

Self drive car rental Uganda is absolutely a magical option for adventuring and traversing through Uganda and its beautiful lands. Self drive car rental in Uganda is absolutely an upcoming and preferred way on travel through #Uganda and yes by independent travelers or sole travelers. However this never comes easy in a foreign country and not even easier hiring a car in a developing country like Uganda for self drive Safaris. This also comes more complicated if you’re a new new driver on the African roads and more so on the bumpy Ugandan roads. Auto Rental Uganda tour consultant bloggers are sharing with you some of the Top Tips for defensive driving when you opt to hire a car with us and make through an inspirational journey in Uganda.?

Opting for Self drive car rental in Uganda and knowing some basic rules will come in handy not only for the beginners but for seasoned drivers too. These tips will help you stay unscathed on the road for a self drive car rental Uganda option..

Stay away from all distractions on Self Drive Car Rental Uganda

Many self drivers have very many strange and unacceptable bad habits of eating, using a cellphone while driving and yes some listen to loud music in headphones. Don’t do these things along with many other habits which require you take your eye off the road or shut down from the outside world. If you are driving at 50km/hr looking at the phone screen for just 5 seconds means the car passes the distance of a of about 800m. You wouldn’t want me to start on how many things can happen within these seconds, or Do You?

Always Observe the Traffic signs

Self drive car rental and observing the traffic signs come in handy and yes play a big part of the defensive driving tips. Paying attention to the road signs especially in upcountry roads will help you stay within the speed limit, avoid taking the wrong turn, and follow the traffic lights. Most beginners and self drive roadtripers have the tendency of blindly following the cars ahead of them. Don’t and yes never do it because you don’t know if they will follow the road rules or what happens when they finally overtakes or what comes immediately after them considering their overtake calculations.!

Observe and keep distance from other vehicles ahead

Adopting to a self drive car rental Uganda requires practicing a safe distance between the cars running on the road. Avoid driving too closely behind another car because you may buump into it should you need to stop quickly. There should be at least one or two car-length distance between two vehicles. The gap should be even bigger if it’s an icy or slippery road because the car will slide some distance when you try to break.

Be familiar with all weather conditions

Self driving wouldn’t be a good idea for you if you have just started learning to drive, avoid driving in challenging conditions such as at nights and in bad weather. It takes a certain level of skill and lots of practice to learn driving at nights, wet seasons like April May and November in Uganda. If you are not confident, don’t hire a car for self drive in Uganda or make use of hiring a car and driver to help you navigate all these slippery roads or op for a self drive car rental Uganda in the dry seasons.

Get enough sleep before a long drive

Like many other drivers and other self drive car rental clients we have handled under Auto Rental Uganda try to survive on caffeinated drinks that ultimately take the toll by keeping them awake but straying the attention. Yes I agree the caffeinated drinks help a little to keep you awake, but the best remedy for long distance as a defensive driving tip is consider taking enough sleep, coffee breaks and stretch breaks should be good remedy for the long distances driven.

Here you have it all, with the few tips for self drive car rental Uganda and defensive driving in Uganda. You can as well read about Tripadvisor and petit fute, some of the travel sites about Auto Rental Uganda

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