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9 Dangerous Things Drivers Must Avoid When Driving In Uganda

Self drive car rental Uganda is quite an amazing and inspirational way to discovering the beautiful lands of Uganda. Like many car rental agencies outline their policies for car rental with their clients, there is need for safety that usually the most important for the Reputable car rental agencies. It’s a common habit for many drivers in Uganda insist on some of the worst vices done normally and repeatedly because they haven’t been victims of such strange and weird acts of driving in Uganda. On the other hand, some of the vices done are concurrently repeated and yes even for the Self Drive Car Rental Uganda travelers in Uganda.

It is important to notice that Self Drive Car Rental Uganda is easier but other road users make very strange acts like when driving in town of Kampala, major cities and upcountry roads and highways which they see is no problem _ DO NOT FOLLOW, It is very dangerous and would cause you problems beyond the insurance policies of the car rental agency you hired the vehicle. Driving and using a car for self drive in Uganda is a paramount decision however safety while driving becomes more important than ever and everyone knows that.

Auto Rental Uganda would like to share with you some of the dangerous things, acts and vices you should do away with when you hire or opt for Self Drive Car Rental Uganda safaris and feeling safe on the Uganda roads for an inspirational journey through these beautiful lands.

Stop drinking Alcohol when driving
Majority of traffic incidences and recorded before by self drive independent travelers are caused by drunk driver who opted for Self Drive Car Rental Uganda. You might think that having even a little bit to drink before driving will not gonna hurt anyone. However, it is a fact that alcohol affects drivers ability to react and make quick decisions and yes most self drivers think they are on Holiday and must Drink, Which is very wrong. So don’t ever drink and drive in Uganda… you will have saved many innocent souls.

Stop Smoking when driving
While on Self Drive Car Rental Uganda, Lighting a cigarette means drivers must open the windows while driving. This action not only affects the atmosphere inside the car but can also be very dangerous: Outside wind can blow the burning ash directly in your eyes or even the chairs or nearby paper and for this ash fire with wind may accerelate serious burning. Very much good idea and recommended to save your cigarette until you get out of the car.

Avoid Using Cell-phones
One of the most bad vice and habit is using a cell phone when driving in Uganda. Sadly, texting or making phone calls on moving cars are very common habits of car owners in Uganda_ DO NOT FOLLOW SUIT!!!! . when driving and a few distracting seconds will cause you unfortunatalities on the Uganda roads. Along with just one hand on the wheel can lead to terrible results even with experts drivers in Uganda.

Avoid Eating And Drinking
Self Drive Car Rental Uganda while eating is absolutely one of the worst vices and habits most self drivers should avoid, Yes we understand the element of time and hunger but that does not mean you should be drinking while driving. When driver’s head tilts upward to drink water, his vision will be blocked and who knows what might happens in that moment. Recommended idea is to stop your Rental car, finish the meal and drink, then carry on with your journey and this way you are good to go with your self drive journey

Singing Along With The Radio
Hiring a car and drive while singing may seem ok but trust me its recorded as one of the causes for may unfortunatalities on the Uganda roads. Dancing or singing along distracts drivers and makes them unable to listen to the car horn or the Movement of the car. Every driver needs to be part of the car, being attentive to the sound. Based on the statistical of English Car Insurance Privilege, many accidents on freeways started from unbelievable mistakes: drink coffee, shaving and singing while driving.

Wearing High Heel
For women drivers in Uganda or women who rent Cars for self drive in Uganda. Kindly avoid Driving with High heals or opt for flat shoes unless you are sitting in the back seat. it is absolutely forbidden to wear this type of shoes while driving. No one cares what brands of high heels you are in a driver seat. Actions like Braking and accelerating which are techniques require the mobility of your legs. Drivers should use sport shoes or sandals for better reaction and movement when driving cars in Uganda and especially for long journeys like self driving in Uganda.

Stop Over Speeding
We truly understand the need of getting to the next destination on time but Speeding is the second leading cause of accidents on the Uganda roads after drunk driving. The faster you go, the more likely it is you will crash your rental car. Plan your travel times including rests as formalities of self driving in Uganda. This is common knowledge for everyone, When everyone travels at the same general and recommended speed, many road things are more predictable, and the road is safer as a result in Uganda.

Wearing Seat Belt
According to Uganda national Roads Authority, seat belts save more than 82,000 lives annually. In Uganda over speeding above 80kms/hour is forbidden but surely a savior in maintaining below the speed, But Putting on a seat belt doubles the saving of many drivers in Uganda. First thing to do is always wear a selt belt before you even think of starting the car because you will be saving your life and many other road users.

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