Best restaurants in Kigali Rwanda you should be booking

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When it comes to selecting a good restaurant in Kigali, Rwanda, there are so many possibilities, which make it a stressful and time-consuming process. Mostly, if you come from an English speaking country.

Regardless of the language barrier and all that, Rwanda has got some of the best restaurant’s in Africa where you can dine on a self drive  safari. Or just on a business trip in Rwanda

1. Sole Luna: Best Italian Restaurant in Kigali Rwanda

Established in 2001, Sole Luna is one of the best restaurants in Kigali Rwanda. Located in a friendly environment around Kigali and is good for the Italian foods though you will get their normal English dishes as well.

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As you dine at the end of your safari you will be able to enjoy a beautiful sunset over Kigali, as you sip a cold beer to ease all that happened at the end of the day. Sole luna meaning sun and moon is also the best pizzeria in Kigali.

2. Soy Asian Table: Best Asian Restaurant in Kigali

As the name sounds Soy Asia you will definitely be in Asia of Rwanda. Great gardens and etiquette designs to give you that kind of feels that relaxes the whole body and you feel like a queen.

With great professional chefs around the soy Asia has great foods that are prepared freshly for you at no time. You know good things always come at accost, this restaurant is not very expensive but you will definitely caught out some cash.

3. The Best Nigerian Food In Kigali Rwanda

You know everything and every person has their own beliefs and specialties and I believe in exploring what the mouth can feel. This restaurant gives you the best feeling of Nigeria really. With all the tasty Nigerian foods though not a high end hotel it will give you sparkles in the mouth.

Located in the middle city of Kigali, the best Nigerian food in Kigali offers tasty Nigerian dishes. From Jollof Rice to Coconut Rice to Pepper Soup to Efo-riro. There’s something for every traveler here.

4. The Hut:



Actually this is what you will call a restaurant here in Kigali. With the world class chefs it serves international cuisines made from the local produce of Rwanda.

It is very well situated in the middle of town that while eating you is able to view all the many hills of Rwanda at a go. The Delicious food, really friendly atmosphere, and top-notch service from the staff make The Hub one of the best restaurants in Kigali.

5. L’Épicurien

L’Epicurien serves classic French cuisine, because Rwanda was on of the French countries we expect a lot of French tourists and personals there. The restaurants provides the state of art foods of France.

Traveling and foods are like sisters they have to move along in most access, just in case you have never tried out the French cuisines well, this place will sort you out at a small fee. With its sumptuous surroundings, exceptional service, good quality food, L’Épicurien is indeed the perfect place for those eager to discover French culinary culture.


6. Khana Khazana 













Khana Khazana has got a series of restaurants around Africa and uganda  and most cases the east Africa because of the too many Indian tourists and business personals that come here for different purposes.

However due to its popularity the restaurant has got quite a support from all angles of the world. All of which combine into a fantastic dining experience. So, you can enjoy exquisite Indian and local contemporary dishes.

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