mountain gorillas

Mountain gorillas: Our close relatives at risk

As of now the giant apes of Uganda and the whole world are at risk. And you know their biggest threat, us. Man is the biggest mountain gorilla challenge ad threat.

mountain gorillas

With only amount 1000+ a few that have ton been counted yet. We protecting the mountain gorillas in the world is protecting the wildlife and all that depend on us.  We protect the mountain gorillas for the sake of us.

The good news is, their numbers have recently been rising. It’s not too late for us to protect our mighty mountain cousins

These great, glorious, fur-coated apes are some of our closest relatives. Sadly we may also be their biggest threat. People have been pushing into the mountain gorilla’s forests in central Africa for decades

mountain gorilla

Our populations are getting big and big each passing day and this is forcing human to encroach on their homes as well. This is because we look at only us in form of cultivating foods for our families.

But who is growing the mountain gorillas food and taking care of their babies. We tend to forget how to live in harmony with nature. How do you treat your neighbor at home, do you just get in their fridge and take their food and all that they have gat because may be your neighbors or maybe I do not know.

mountain gorillas

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