Chimpanzee Human’s Closest Animal

Chimpanzee Human's Closest Animal

Every 14 July we celebrate our closet relatives in the world, the chimpanzee. They are worth a chance if you get to know them better.

We and chimpanzees share more than 98 percent of DNA. This typically means we are just the same. Chimpanzees not only have the same visible personalities like humans, but also have strong social structures and bonds just like those of humans.

They stay and live in families that are so close to each other. Bonding, eating and moving together, showing emotions when they are sad and happy.


Did you know they do hag, kiss, shake fists and pat one another as a sign of gratitude or communicating their feeling to one another.  A chimp can mourn a death of its child for days while group members will be seen around supporting the mother.

However much we love and try preserving these cousins of ours, some people still see them as wild animals and chose to do otherwise. They are Threatened Species; with only 350,000 exist in the wild on the continent.

Through Habitat destruction, poaching, and diseases, chimpanzees have lost their homes and dies of diseases that attack humans as well because we are so close. They are susceptible to all known human contagious diseases including the COVID-19.


Preserve and save the chimpanzees

  1. Share understanding and inspirational knowledge to the whole world about their importance.
  2. Raise awareness about threats they face in the wild including habitat loss, diseases, and wildlife is trafficking.
  3. Let the world know about the many similarities we share and how we could save them

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