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Self Drive Uganda with toyota Rav 4 or prado landcruiser?

Self drive Uganda Safari is fun and absolutely rewarding but choosing the right car for hire is another hastle,  definetly a very crucial decision to make. There are quite a variety of vehicles for travel on self drive Uganda Safari as the budget Toyota Rav4 and Toyota Prado landcruisers are the commonly used Cars for hire in Uganda.  Quite a very challenging task to choose however our Car rental Team has put together few quick points to consider when you opt for a self drive uganda safari.

  1. The Budget or Rental price. Considerably, the budget Rav4 is a small version compared to the prado landcruiser and yes, the Toyota Rav 4 comes at a cheaper price compared to the later. Normally a Rav4 ranges between $45 – $70 per day depending on which car rental Agency opted for. The Prado landcruiser goes for $70 – $100 per day and any discounted rates are considered on long term car rental deals and travels. In this case your budget could determine which car for hire you would like.
  2. Road Stability. The Rav4 is one of the sturby and robust vehicles that can easily maneuver through the Uganda terrains with ease and for every person however the Toyota Prado landcruiser on the other hand requires constant concentration and seniority in the driving as it’s a little light and its stability on the ground needs not learning drivers for self drive Uganda safaris.
  3. Comfortability. Both cars are comfortable while on the Ugandan roads but will also require not just first- time drivers but experienced drivers. Like earlier said, the Toyota Rav4 is more sturby and robust on the ground rendering it more advantageous than the prado landcruiser however the interior of the Prado landcruiser is more comfortable looking than the Toyota Rav4..
  4. Space. In reality, the 5 doors landcruiser has seemingly bigger space than the Toyota Rav4 considering the width size. The interior of the landcruiser can actually sit upto 6 persons with very big luggage space but normally recommended for 4 pax max and have enough luggage space. On the same note the Toyota Rav4 equally carries 4 pax to max with enough luggage space though more less comfortable than the previous.
  5. Fuel consumption. The Toyota Rav4 consumes a little less fuel per kilometer than the Totota Prado Lancruiser. The Rav4 is a 2000cc compared to the prado landcruiser at 3500cc averagely. If You would like to consider your budget on fuel, then the kind of car also matters in this case of car rental for self drive Uganda safari.
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How soon is too soon to travel with a new partner on a self drive.

“I love you” OR “fancy a holiday?” The three scariest words to utter during the first stages of a relationship,It’s a tricky one. Taking a self drive safari in uganda with someone you don’t know very well – be that a new best friend, colleague or a new partner is for sure a turf familiarization process. you for sure do not know how all will go and how it will end ant the end of a long awaited safari on your side more so to a developing country like uganda where everything is really trying ant trust.

And if you  have made this decision and yes you want to do it with your other half soon, what does your choice in destination say about the stage of your relationship, if anything?In a quest for answers, or at least clues, as to  when, where and whys of  how soon is too soon?Or how long is a piece of string, you might say. Every situation is different of course,If you’ve been going out for a month, have one night away. Two months, two nights away – or a weekend – and so on, so that by the time you’ve reached the seven-month mark, that’s time to take a whole week  or two weeks away in uganda for a self drive safari with the budget rav4s or the luxury 4WDs away together.

Taking a self drive safari in uganda  early on in a relationship is a time-saver and a partner-sifter. It unlifts the mask of politeness and forced charm,this gives you time to learn the new lover you have in case your flight gets cancelled or your hotel is overbooked, the car rental company cannot take a credit card and they need cash that may be you do not have on your account. It’s a priceless look into your future together.

Renting a car in Uganda comes with flat tires, co signal on the mobile phones to communicate with the car rental company, the complete break down of the car and may be walking for miles for help, damaged camping equipment, unpredictable rains and much more, all these gives life to a new relation ship learning to work together and this will open a door of will you marry me or this this ends here in uganda.

I wrote this article after talking to a couple at the end of their self-drive safari in uganda told me how they are new in their relationship ans according to what they went through on the safari they discovered they are better off being husband and wife  than boyfriend and girlfriends. what do you think taking up that safari in uganda on a self drive with you and your partner  to test what  is out of the box.


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Is it possible To Get The Most Out Of Your Self Drive?


Self drive safaris or holidays are usually thrilling due to the fact that you are mostly your own tour guide with the liberty to choose your destination and how to get there. Self driving in Uganda is growing in popularity primarily because of the multiple options of tourist attractions to choose from, from game reserves filled with Africa’s rarest animals to dense equatorial forests that are home to over three hundred bird and plant species; Uganda has offers a little something for everyone that bothers to go through her surreal beauty. The experience of self driving in Uganda is further enhanced by presence of good road networks and hospitable natives. But as much as self driving in itself is fun, there things you could do to make it even more thrilling. Without further delay allow us to share with you tips on how to get the most out of your self drive holiday.

Drive slow.

Self driving is an activity that is best enjoyed leisurely. Driving at fast speeds not only endangers your life through accidents but also robs you of the opportunity to take in all the scenery and buzz of life framed by your windscreen. So in order for you to appreciate the detailed beauty of Uganda’s varying landscapes and motley of lifestyles, drive slow and soak it all in.

Use less popular routes.

As mentioned earlier on, self driving affords you liberty to choose your routes. Good car rental companies usually provide a map to help you navigate around the country on your own reducing your chances of getting lost. With map in hand-and GPS in phone- you can choose to drive on less used roads and explore more of the country on your own. This caters for your curiosity as you won’t know what to expect after the next turn and it allows you to formulate your own opinion of the region as compared to using designated routes that emphasize only certain features of the region biasing your opinion.  However, be sure to inquire why the route is not used often; sometimes it may be impassable due to the weather or unsafe in which cases you should avoid it.


Self drive safaris are very much similar to long road trips. You will need to make occasional stops to fill up or get some rest. Some car rental companies offer quality camping gear at discounted rates once you hire from their fleet. This gives you a chance to set up camp in any one of the game parks as they have designated camping spots where your safety is assured.

Stop every once in a while.

While self drive safaris is mostly about driving yourself, it is nearly impossible to understand everything you see on your own without help from the natives. If you are charmed by a picturesque sight or setting, do not be afraid to stop for a moment and take a brief walk around with one of the natives who will indulge you in tales of lore, myth and legend about that which made you stop. Ugandans are renown for their hospitality and will definitely not mind showing you around.

Carry a camera.

And of course, what would a safari be without a camera to capture all the beauty of your journey and remind you of the fun you had self driving in Uganda.


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Self Drive Uganda Safari To The Scenic Lake Bunyonyi.

Self Drive Uganda safari is adventurous and yes is very rewarding especially to the scenic and jaw dropping scenic lake bunyonyi. The fact and desire of being behind the wheels in a foreign country making use of brains and flexibly deciding where you prefer to go and stay makes the whole self drive Uganda safari Top-notch adventure. Self drive Uganda safari presents an adventurous traveler an option to hire a car in Uganda with a reputable car rental Agency enabling him or her discover the various alluring and spectacular nature inspired sights and views across the scenic Pearl of Africa_Uganda. Focusing on Uganda’s deepest water body in the scenic and most hilly area in the country, our travel experts share some Travel Tips & Through some of the most spectacular views in Uganda that you won’t trade for anything.


How to reach Bunyonyi on Self drive Uganda Safari.

Opting for a self drive Uganda trip automatically means we are using road transport to reach the beautiful lands of Kigezi. From Kampala to kabale is about 7 hours drive and just so you know, these areas have tough mountainous terrain that by all means needs a 4×4 car rental in perfect condition to maneuver these terrains. Depending on your previous destination, the central town that leads you to the Lake is Kabale therefore you will use a convenient route as guided by our detailed Uganda road map or our insightful car & driver guides if you opted for one to be able to reach Kabale town. Bunyonyi is about 8kms and about 15mins drive from The town in a stunning and meandering road up the hills of Bunyonyi. Branch off to the left on the kabale kisoro road with well marked sign posts 500metres from The town and make the final left turn to the road that leads you to the Scenic lake.


What to see and do in Bunyonyi.

This incredibly scenic lake and the surroundings offer quite a variety of activities you can do both on the water and on the shores but even the views themselves are immensely beautiful and mind blowing. The area itself is beautifully curved with heels soaring into the air with valleys complimenting them. Tourists in this area like to compare it with famous Switzerland for its mountainous nature and it is advisable that you visit this place ready to climb some steep hills as you adventure and learn more about mother nature.

The most exciting and famous activity is the canoe safari on the lake where the local canoe operators take you on a cruise where you get to see the few of the 29 islands and learn their different historical backgrounds for example the famous Punishment island where the traditional African girls would be dumped in case of premarital sex and pregnancy from where they starved to death as a punishment for breaking their cultural norm. So many more islands stand on this incredibly scenic deep water body and you can be sure to learn about every single one of them. The lake does not habituate any animals because of its depth and it is important therefore, to make sure you wear a life jacket before going on the boat.

The Bunyonyi surroundings, specifically the Ruvuma swamp is also a great place for bird watching hence perfect for passionate birders complimented with a hike to the Batwa cultural community for local authentic encounters.

The surrounding resorts offer places for recreational activities like museums, gardens, swimming pool and so much more. You can be sure to have a blast while on your trip to Bunyonyi.


Where to stay In Lake Bunyonyi.

The different resorts and lodges on the shores of the lake offer classy accommodation facilities and restaurant and bar services that are top notch. Who wouldn’t crave this after a long day on the lake and around? Be sure to relax and freshen up in these places and they cater for all budgets ranging from budget, to moderate to luxury. Enjoy spectacular lake views with sweet melodies from the birds in your hotel of preference and make your trip memorable. There are also camping sites where you can make use of our Quality car & Camping Gear in these places for anybody that would like to commune with nature to spice up your stay in these beautiful soils of Kigezi.

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Camping Uganda Safaris Doubling With A Self Drive Safari In Uganda

Camping Uganda safaris & Self Drive Uganda safari simply reflects a foreseen incredible adventure meaning to travel through Uganda where you take on the wheels on a self drive safari tour to any of  personal preferred destinations across the Pearl of Africa rather than the use of public means or even travel by air. The whole great deal lies with hiring a car with a reputable car rental agency Uganda where you acquire a 4×4 car in perfect mechanical condition suitable for the number of persons on board and how much luggage you would like to travel with and yes with the right Quality Camping gear to spice up your adventure in Uganda.

Camping Uganda Safaris is one rather exciting way to commune with mother nature in the beautiful Pearl of Africa as you make your bed and shelter in the wild enjoying the sweet melodies from birds and fresh breezes from the vegetation around your campsite. These campsites are mainly limited to campsites & Resorts therefore you cannot just set up a tent on any free area you come across but rather you ought to book space with the different campsites that have provisions for this incredible way to spend your time in the scenic Pearl of Africa.

What to prepare.

Opting for a camping Uganda Safari & self drive Uganda safari  to experience this exciting time of  blending with nature, you ought to secure a quality camping gear with a reputable service provider that is usually a car rental Uganda agency that also deals in camping equipment on top of the 4×4 cars. Ensure that the camping gear has all the necessary equipment to use as it may not be easy to find some of these things while you are already in the wild since the shops may not be accessible enough or may not even have some of the things you need. You can also pack some fresh foods like meat and enjoy a barbeque while you watch beautiful sunsets or any other food of your choice and make yourselves a meal in the wild.

Also remember to carry mosquito repellant and other insect repellant to protect you from the biting insects of the wild and let mother nature be a blessing or a new adventurous surrounding for you .

What to expect

It is with no doubt one exciting and memorable experience to spend a night away from the usual shelter of permanent structures but rather put yourself to sleep in a mobile and self set up tent with the natural fresh breezes and sweet wild melodies. A night on an island in the middle of a lake or on the rim of a volcano surrounded by forest and watching your neighbors, mostly monkeys, and other human friendly animals is one you will never trade for anything. To watch the sun go down and rise again without any barriers of a wall is simply relaxing and you cannot afford to miss such rewarding experiences all in the wild, away from the manipulated life that interferes with nature’s gifts.

How to book

It is advisable to book in advance with your preferred campsite to avoid inconveniences on arrival. The car rental Uganda agency is in position to assist you do the bookings with these sites and usually at no cost or where there is an extra cost, they inform you in advance therefore there won’t be unexpected costs to be incurred. You can also book with them a quality camping gear prior travel so that it is all set upon arrival.

On a camping Uganda safari & self drive Uganda safari, we don’t recommend simply setting up camp anywhere and urge you to restrict yourself to established camp sites in the Pearl of Africa. This is for your safety since there are snakes and other potentially dangerous wildlife throughout Uganda and a solitary tent in the middle of no where leaves you vulnerable to unfortunate occurrences. Trust us with much care and safety not forgetting to have a ranger guide in your wild campsite will absolutely leave you with great and an adventourous &memorable lifetime camping Uganda Safari adventure. Thank Us later..

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7 Simple Tips Preparing For a Self Drive Safari In Uganda.

Self drive safari Uganda is with no Doubt an inspirational and exciting way to enjoy your vacation or holiday in Uganda and yes, Uganda is gifted with a wide variety of flora and fauna, not to mention the beautiful breath taking and Jaw dropping sceneries. What you will find even more thrilling is the fact that you can enjoy your holiday or vacation in the driver’s seat. All you have to do is opt on renting a car for Self drive or hiring a car and quality camping gear from a reputable car hire service provider.

However, for any self drive safari to be deemed inspirational, one ought to be well prepared so as not to be dragged by worries and small problems that could have been avoided. The last thing you need during a self drive safari is to be frustrated or worried sick because that defies the whole purpose and idea of a holiday/ vacation. Therefore, we shall be sharing some tips on how to adequately prepare for a self drive safari Uganda and hope you find them helpful as you journey through the Pearl of Africa.

Write your emergency contacts down

It is of no dought a brilliant idea to save your emergency contacts on your phone and back them up by writing them on a piece of paper in case your battery dies. Your emergency contacts should be made up of your rental car provider, your family and anyone you think is in a position to help you in case you get stranded or have an issue. Alternatively, you can always contact the police by dialing 999 if its a serious issue. Similarly, it is also a good idea to keep your loved ones and any concerned persons that matter in the loop, keeping regular communication such that people don’t get worried and anxious about what could have happened  to you. Fortunately, all the car rental Fleet at Auto Rental Uganda come with a recharging pot, So no need to worry about phone bartrey.

Carry a first aid kit

Renting a car for self drive safari uganda with Auto Rental Uganda guarantees you a car inclusive of A first aid kix Box. Considerably, You can never be certain about how smooth a road trip will go and that’s why it is very important to carry a first aid kit with you in the car. Don’t only stop at that, but also make sure the first aid kit is properly stocked with some painkillers, bandages, and bandaids. A self drive safari Uganda involves visiting places such as game parks and can involve acts such as mountain climbing which can sometimes result into minor accidents or injuries. That is precisely why you need to carry a proper first aid kit. Unattended cuts, wounds and bruises can get infected during your road trip or self drive safari Uganda but with a first aid kit, you wouldn’t have to worry about infections.

Book the car in advance

To prepare thoroughly for your safari, it would be ideal to book the car of your choice a few days or months before your trip. Looking for a car early enough before your safari provides you with plenty of time to look for an affordable car rental service which can save you money. Besides the benefit of saving money, booking a car early gives you time to inspect it before use and ensure it is in the right condition for a self drive safari in Uganda. To top it all off, you get some peace of mind knowing your means of transport are secured before you even travel.

Carry with You insect repelant

While you can never know what to expect during your safari, you can always expect insects all around you most especially in low altitudes and swampy or forested areas. Most of the insects are usually harmless although they can be a little annoying. As you are camping around the campfire, mosquitoes will be the last thing you want to disturb your peace so you should carry some insect repelant to keep away the annoying bites and stings of the insects. Alternatively, you could hire a car with excellent camping gear to keep yourself inside and the bugs outside at the same time.

Make Use of a Guide book, Driver Guide or GPS

If you are not familiar with Uganda’s road networks and destinations, you should get a GPS device to help you get around. You can also get a map showing all the different and possible routes so as not to get lost. In case you are going to a game park or touring remote destinations, it is advisable Rent a car and Driver guide who knows the area thoroughly. Rangers in game parks are usually available at the entrance and can also help you move around easily to see all the different animals in the game parks without getting lost.

Carry a camera

A self drive safari Uganda, is bound to awe you with magnificent and breath taking sights and sounds. These sights and sounds would make nice memories, and that’s precisely why you should carry a camera. The pictures you take will not only remind you of  your adventures, but will also be souvenirs of your trip in Uganda.

Travel light

Uganda is located between the tropics and is crossed by the equator and thus has a tropical climate which can get really hot. Therefore the perfect clothes for one to wear as they take a self drive safari and tour Uganda are light cotton t shirts and shorts. In case you are going to game parks filled with Savannah grasslands, cargo pants with closed shoes are the ideal gear. However, this does not mean you shouldn’t carry any sweaters or jumpers, as temperatures can drop at night, making them useful.

Self Drive Car Rental Uganda

9 Dangerous Things Drivers Must Avoid When Driving In Uganda

Self drive car rental Uganda is quite an amazing and inspirational way to discovering the beautiful lands of Uganda. Like many car rental agencies outline their policies for car rental with their clients, there is need for safety that usually the most important for the Reputable car rental agencies. It’s a common habit for many drivers in Uganda insist on some of the worst vices done normally and repeatedly because they haven’t been victims of such strange and weird acts of driving in Uganda. On the other hand, some of the vices done are concurrently repeated and yes even for the Self Drive Car Rental Uganda travelers in Uganda.

It is important to notice that Self Drive Car Rental Uganda is easier but other road users make very strange acts like when driving in town of Kampala, major cities and upcountry roads and highways which they see is no problem _ DO NOT FOLLOW, It is very dangerous and would cause you problems beyond the insurance policies of the car rental agency you hired the vehicle. Driving and using a car for self drive in Uganda is a paramount decision however safety while driving becomes more important than ever and everyone knows that.

Auto Rental Uganda would like to share with you some of the dangerous things, acts and vices you should do away with when you hire or opt for Self Drive Car Rental Uganda safaris and feeling safe on the Uganda roads for an inspirational journey through these beautiful lands.

Stop drinking Alcohol when driving
Majority of traffic incidences and recorded before by self drive independent travelers are caused by drunk driver who opted for Self Drive Car Rental Uganda. You might think that having even a little bit to drink before driving will not gonna hurt anyone. However, it is a fact that alcohol affects drivers ability to react and make quick decisions and yes most self drivers think they are on Holiday and must Drink, Which is very wrong. So don’t ever drink and drive in Uganda… you will have saved many innocent souls.

Stop Smoking when driving
While on Self Drive Car Rental Uganda, Lighting a cigarette means drivers must open the windows while driving. This action not only affects the atmosphere inside the car but can also be very dangerous: Outside wind can blow the burning ash directly in your eyes or even the chairs or nearby paper and for this ash fire with wind may accerelate serious burning. Very much good idea and recommended to save your cigarette until you get out of the car.

Avoid Using Cell-phones
One of the most bad vice and habit is using a cell phone when driving in Uganda. Sadly, texting or making phone calls on moving cars are very common habits of car owners in Uganda_ DO NOT FOLLOW SUIT!!!! . when driving and a few distracting seconds will cause you unfortunatalities on the Uganda roads. Along with just one hand on the wheel can lead to terrible results even with experts drivers in Uganda.

Avoid Eating And Drinking
Self Drive Car Rental Uganda while eating is absolutely one of the worst vices and habits most self drivers should avoid, Yes we understand the element of time and hunger but that does not mean you should be drinking while driving. When driver’s head tilts upward to drink water, his vision will be blocked and who knows what might happens in that moment. Recommended idea is to stop your Rental car, finish the meal and drink, then carry on with your journey and this way you are good to go with your self drive journey

Singing Along With The Radio
Hiring a car and drive while singing may seem ok but trust me its recorded as one of the causes for may unfortunatalities on the Uganda roads. Dancing or singing along distracts drivers and makes them unable to listen to the car horn or the Movement of the car. Every driver needs to be part of the car, being attentive to the sound. Based on the statistical of English Car Insurance Privilege, many accidents on freeways started from unbelievable mistakes: drink coffee, shaving and singing while driving.

Wearing High Heel
For women drivers in Uganda or women who rent Cars for self drive in Uganda. Kindly avoid Driving with High heals or opt for flat shoes unless you are sitting in the back seat. it is absolutely forbidden to wear this type of shoes while driving. No one cares what brands of high heels you are in a driver seat. Actions like Braking and accelerating which are techniques require the mobility of your legs. Drivers should use sport shoes or sandals for better reaction and movement when driving cars in Uganda and especially for long journeys like self driving in Uganda.

Stop Over Speeding
We truly understand the need of getting to the next destination on time but Speeding is the second leading cause of accidents on the Uganda roads after drunk driving. The faster you go, the more likely it is you will crash your rental car. Plan your travel times including rests as formalities of self driving in Uganda. This is common knowledge for everyone, When everyone travels at the same general and recommended speed, many road things are more predictable, and the road is safer as a result in Uganda.

Wearing Seat Belt
According to Uganda national Roads Authority, seat belts save more than 82,000 lives annually. In Uganda over speeding above 80kms/hour is forbidden but surely a savior in maintaining below the speed, But Putting on a seat belt doubles the saving of many drivers in Uganda. First thing to do is always wear a selt belt before you even think of starting the car because you will be saving your life and many other road users.

Driving in Uganda and how to use the shift Lock Release

Are you planning on traveling to Africa and planning on self driving in Uganda? Have you rented your car and do you know what kind of transmission your in For. I probably think you are aware and convenient with manual or automatic transmitions and which car will make the best of your inspirational journey in Uganda. It is more important to be sure you well know the vehicle you hired before you start a self drive safari in these beautiful lands.

Knowing the fact about Our car transmissions: There are two kinds Which are manual and automatic. Our Self drive rental cars run on manual transmission have a clutch which the driver pushes each time to shift the gear. The number of gears depends on the size of the engine. A manual transmission car, however, doesn’t have the shift lock release mechanism which makes it alitlle different.

Automatic transmission definitely has the shift lock release button. It is, nevertheless, quite different from manual transmission. This is why Many independent self driving travelers in Uganda who are used to either kind of transmission find it difficult to drive a car with another transmission especially the manual transmition which are a rare offer for self drive clients with many car rental agencies

Shift lock mechanism and with button release is present in cars with automatic transmission because the functionality of both is pretty much different. Here, there is no need to shift the gears manually. They do have a gear shift though. This gear shift, however, is used for switching among options like reverse, parking, neutral. You can usually locate it on the lever itself. It is actually and usually a RED button just above the lever marking.

How to Use Shift Lock Release?

For many self driving clients not familiar with the automatic cars, Here’s how to use the shift lock button. Mainly all you need to do is press it. When you press the button, it will cause the lock to release, thus allowing you to shift the lever to the desired option. As you release the lock, the lever will move as you desire. Now all you need to do is choose the option that you need to put the transmission in, and then press the button again. Pressing the button again will let you lock the lever on that setting.

For first timers, it is a safety function that helps you move your car when the gear shift won’t move from one setting to another. The exact way to use shift lock release is always mentioned in your owner’s manual of your car. For those who are not acquainted with automatic transmission, this mechanism may seem superfluous at first, but those who know how to drive an automatic car know that it is very much important from safety point of view. In manual transmission, since driver has all the control in their hands, a mechanism like this is never a necessity. But, in a vehicle where the control is in the vehicles hands, shift lock release is very much a necessity.

Here are a few steps to following case you cant move the gear rever and how to make use of the Shift lock button with our Automatic transmition cars

Hold on to the Brake pedal so hard.
Hold on to the Gear rever with one hand (Avoid Crossing hands)
Press the Shift lock release button
Now Move the Gear rever easly and gently (Don’t force it)
Now you can release the Button.

5 Safe Tips for self drive in Uganda.

Renting a car for self driving in Uganda has been many of the options majorly discussed by travelers planning on visiting Uganda. Self driving on Ugandan roads is an absolutely amazing experience to discovering the hidden treasures through these beautiful lands due to the terrain texture and beautiful lush green vegetation and landscapes when behind the wheels of your rental car. It is no longer a hassle to drive ugandas roads due to their regular maintenance throughout the year.  Hiring 4X4 cars with Auto Rental Uganda with high ground clearance from Car Rental Agencies have been proved the masters of hilly roads that are un-reachable by small cars during the rainy days. Not only are the hilly areas but as well as the low lands where the roads are un surfaced and slippery.

Safety is a priority when hiring a rental car in Uganda and if you would like to make the best out of your self drive safari or roadtrip, here are some 5 tips for safe self driving in Uganda?

Observe. Not only passengers have to observe the external environment of the car also the drivers have to be keen on external environment around especially if they are new in the area for the first time. Driving a new car is a gruesome due to its inbuilt technology that tends to be complex to first time drivers in Uganda. Be the master of the road by observing all the necessary features on the road and putting them in practical use.The features include road signs and road markings. As already tested by police during the process of obtaining a driver’s permit, the visual sense is the mostly applied while driving because all concentration must be put ahead of the trip.

Identify. In your comfortable Ugandan rental car, behind the wheels, identify key major areas for shopping to save on your budget. Identify the location of gas refueling while on your way so as not to run short of fuel on coming back to the rental desk or your hotel. Identify spot areas of traffic police officers in order to reduce on the speed before approaching them. This will help you as driver not to be victims of over speeding and other related traffic rules and regulations that call for fines and penalties on behalf of the budget you had planned. Identifying dangerous spot areas when driving at night, will prevent yourself from falling into ambush of criminals or thieves hence being on a safe drive and securing your life from merciless people.

Predict. Having observed the external environment of the car, identifying the spot areas of traffic officers. It is easy to predict when the gas will be used up. Predicting involves foretelling what may result in case you never followed the right procedures of self driving. However, predictions in driving are sometimes referred to outcomes that may result into bad driving. They include loss of lives and property of both the owners and passengers in the car, decrease in your financial status

Decide. While driving on the road, your decisions are important. Quick decisions result into good drivers and delayed decisions may result into bad drivers. Be a quick decision taker especially when overtaking other cars to save the lives of other people on the road. Be a defensive driver in decision-making by following what other (Good) drivers are doing especially in urban centers.

Act. After taking quick decisions, it’s now time to put them in action. Follow the rules and regulations on the road and drive defensively in a foreign land and yes especially in Uganda.

Safety Tips for Self-Drive Safari in Uganda

Self Drive Safaris

Self drive safaris through Uganda are remarkably the most sought after adventure options for a memorable and inspirational journey. Navigating through the lush green vegetation and rolling hills is an amazing and impressive lifetime adventure in Uganda. This also comes with renting a car for self drive safaris in Uganda‘s National parks which requires total awareness and responsibility. A self drive Safari can turn into a menace if you approach such an adventure without formalizing with the natural environment you intend to discover on a self drive safari.

This also applies through the countryside, Things can actually go very wrong and yes your most precious time, money to travel, rented car and further adventure would come to a hault. We are talking about driving a midst wildlife and not domestic animals, wild animals that can be aggressive and destruction. It is quite an important aspect to formalize and be safe before you opt for a self drive safaris in Uganda and so we share some of the Tips for safe self drive safaris in Uganda.

Make use of the Park Rangers if you can:  It sound as a way to rip off your budgeted money or quite a little expensive but that would be the basis of your life safety. The park rangers are always armed (which shouldn’t be a scare) and yes imformative about the park. It is the wild where anything can happen and the park ranger who is well informed with the area can be helpful. Instances are when attacked by a wild animal or with a mechanical problem in the wilderness amidst wildlife or driving through the right spots for better wildlife viewing.

Consider the rhythm of wildlife: With Self drive safaris in the wild, time passes a whole lot differently.  Never try to rush wildlife across the road, or rush them along with your rented vehicle.  This is absolutely looking for trouble with your car rental through Uganda.  Considerably respect and allow wildlife the freedom to move along at their own pace and yes wildlife has a right of way as stipulated by the wildlife governing body.  Although this may take patience on your part, you will be rewarded with wonderful wildlife sightings and safe interaction between man and wildlife.

Keep a distance: Like mentioned before, beasts in the wild have a right of way which requires you to stay 100m away from these animals and especially the Big wild. Driving closely to these animals may push them for self defense against your car causing a threat to you and the rented car. In this scenario of the rented car, such incidents lie in reckless driving which in turn require you to take full responsibility.

Expect Narrow and windy roads: Like many roads upcountry and off the beaten track, these tend to be so narrow and very few chances for overtaking other game viewing vehicles in the game reserve. In scenarios of overtaking, consider driving slow and avoid hooting like it would have been. Hooting scares animals away and limited chances of seeing a lot, keep it calm and bypass the vehicle ahead slowly without interference. Look ahead and beyond the corners with expectations of crossing game and other road users.

Put down your camera: We perfectly understand how it takes you much preparations and money getting ready for your Self drive African trip in Uganda. You got everything bought including the New camera, great big lenses and binoculars. However after minutes of shooting, how about consider putting down your treasured camera and get up-close and personal with the wildlife. There is nothing as rewarding as memorizing and having an internal memory looking at these wildlife especially for the Gorillas in Uganda and more wildlife with your camera away.

Only travel in a vehicle that is well-serviced and roadworthy:  The basics and the checklist for a self drive safari in Uganda. This rotates from the car rental agency you opted for in your plans of traveling through Uganda. In Many cases independent travelers are overtaken by low budget or so cheap car rental rates by companies but forget the fact and condition of the car. Very attractive rental rates are great and saving but the question lies at What kind of car do you get or what is the mechanical condition of the car you receive. Nothing so legit and perfect comes so cheaply for an inspirational journey in Uganda. Don’t be caught stuck and messed up with a dangerous mechanical conditioned vehicle in the middle of a beast filled game reserve that will eventually ruin your trip in Uganda. It so ethical and responsible renting a car from legit car rental agencies. Much enfasis and recommendation is travel with a well serviced and road worthy vehicle from companies like Auto Rental Uganda.