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Self driving Car Rental Uganda to the tree climbing lions of Ishasha

Self driving Car Rental Uganda /Car Rental in Uganda provides a vast range of self drive Uganda safari cars for hire while on an adventure trip through the beautiful terrains of the Pearl of Africa. This enables you to encounter rather  rewarding and exceptional trips in the comfort of being your own driver , when to make a stopover, the ideal route to use and above all when to set off and stop.

A self drive Uganda safari introduces you to the remote Plains of Ishasha in the southwestern part of the Queen Elizabeth National Park that ranks with the most breathtaking game viewing areas in the country, as much for its unhampered mood as its varied wildlife. This endowed habitat for wildlife and wilderness is easily accessible on a self drive safari Uganda especially as one travels between Queen Elizabeth National Park and Bwindi National Park.

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By road, one can access the endowed plains of Ishasha while on Self driving Car Rental Uganda courtesy of car rental Uganda Agency through three directions.Kabale and Bwindi National Park in the south, from Rukungiri to the east, or from the north via Katunguru on the main Mbarara –Kasese road. It is thus easily visited en route between Bwindi and Mweya in the north of Queen Elizabeth National Park, though given the road conditions and terrain, it would be tricky to explore the game viewing tracks thoroughly without spending a night there

Ishasha is famously known for its incredible Kings of the jungle that have taken it a notch higher and can climb the giant trees of the park. It consists of around 40 individuals split across three prides which is unusual elsewhere in Africa. An existing hypothesis is that the tree climbing behavior of the lions can be witnessed throughout the year but quite more frequent in the rainy seasons. The lions frequent the sycamore fig tree and sometimes the Albezia trees and this is often during the hot hours of the day and they descend back to the ground before dusk.

Given the vast composition of nature’s treasures in the famous habitat of the climbing lions, one would definitely consider spending a refreshing night within the park premises to prepare for another quite adventurous and intriguing day in the park kick started by breathtaking morning breezes of the park. The slumbering grounds are of three kinds that is luxury, midrange and budget.

Ishasha wilderness camp, Uganda’s finest wilderness facility located on the banks of Ntungwe River in the thick of the wildlife action is a luxury camp with elephants regularly crossing the river and lions, leopards, heard from close by the camp. The place is alive with sights and melodies of birds and the beautiful camp cottages towering into the atmosphere with large mesh ventilation bringing the soothing river views right inside.Savanna Resort Hotel is an infinitely smart midrange 46 room slumbering ground, set in large, park like grounds 4km from Kihihi town and with an attractive country club façade, representing a solitary oasis comfort between Bwindi and Ishasha gate that are 30min drive  away from one another.

Another exciting shelter that is basically budget is to go camping and spend your night in the cool breezes of nature under a tent with sparkling lights that make the views and the environment quite relaxing at @The River Camp site that lies off Kameme road, beside the Ntungwe River in the wedge of public land between Ishasha Queen Elizabeth National Park and the Kigezi Wildlife Reserve that is directly across the River. The site has a fully stocked bar that looks out over the river and allows you max views of birdlife and monkeys in the riparian forest beyond.

The Ishasha safari on a self drive  in Uganda  is one that is worth taking as it provides you with a wide range of activities and breathtaking views throughout your travel time like witnessing the incredible tree climbing lions, discovering the unique flora and fauna of the Pearl of Africa and also getting knowledgeable about the vast treasure of the beautiful Uganda.

Self Drive Uganda Safari in endowed Kidepo Valley National Park.


Self Drive Uganda Safari in endowed Kidepo Valley National Parki is an authentic and quite adventurous means of travel throughout the beautiful terrains of the Pearl of Africa to the mountain ringed plains of Kidepo valley national park that enables you feed not only your eyes but also the soul as the lands are perfectly molded to give perfect sceneries of lands soaring into the sky with the highest peak being the top mount Morungole of the equatorial region and watered by the seasonal rains, fresh waters of the Narus river of Kidepo. It is kick started with hiring a car with a reputable car rental Agency in Uganda that guarantees you a car in good condition that can maneuver the tough terrains of Uganda and other extra services upon interest for example insightful driver guides, quality camping gear, and so much more.

The Kidepo Valley National Park is one of the most alluring destinations in Eastern Uganda, famously known for its stunning mountain ringed plains with a rich and memorable species of true African flora and fauna occupying approximately 1145sqkm

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How to reach Kidepo.

While on a self drive Uganda safari, the endowed Kidepo Valley National Park is best accessed on a road trip courtesy of car rental Agency Uganda as it allows you to experience a fun filled journey as you observe and discover more of the hidden treasures with the liberty to decide where to stop and get a clearer view and also the direction to take because in the moment, you are your own boss in your car. Kidepo lies a distance up the mountain Elgon and can be accessed through several routes depending on where one is coming from for example from Kampala, you cross through Gulu, Kitgum, Karenga and finally Kidepo. It is important on this note, therefore to ensure that you are in possession of the Uganda road map while on a self drive Uganda safari or an insightful driver guide that is well versed with the routes to the different destinations of your interest.

What to see and do in Kidepo.

The Kidepo Valley National Park ranks as one with an alluring and exciting game drive and viewing in the Narus Valley ,bird watching and above all adventure of some of the unique fauna for example the black backed jackal, bat-eared fox, aardwolf, cheetah and caracal that cannot be found elsewhere in  the parks of Uganda.The park is endowed with at least 5 primate species, 463bird species, second to Queen Elizabeth National Park. With selfdrive Uganda safari, you can be sure that you will have a memorable and authentic tour round the Pearl of Africa with so much to discover and learn.

Where to stay in Kidepo.

There are several top notch facilities within the park where you can have yourself a time to refresh yourself and relax from the long and insightful trip across the park and they are in three categories of Luxury, Midrange and Budget. The only difference in these facilities is in the cost and maybe some of the services offered but the luxury, like the name states are five star facilities and can go down as the categories change but even their least is up to standard. Feel free to inquire from your car rental agency Uganda to assist you book or even choose a perfect accommodation that suits your preferences here in the Pearl of Africa.


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Self Drive Safari Uganda & 4 Reasons why you should go for it

Self drive Safari Uganda is one great decision to make and what to expect  while on the trip is is another. Before we attempt anything or embark on a journey, we more usually than not have expectations of what will happen after we do it. In the case of self drive car rental Uganda, you would expect to see, hear, feel and experience new sights, sounds, sensations and cultures. Well, as much as no two places in earth can be alike, Uganda is quintessentially different from any other country on the globe in terms of weather, geography, wildlife, and  most importantly the people so you you wouldn’t know what to expect on a self drive safari Uganda but that’s why you are here reading this article. So without further ado, we will give you a sneak peek of what to anticipate on when you opt for a self drive safari Uganda through the beloved Pearl of Africa.

Welcoming people.

Have we mentioned earlier World over, Ugandans are well known for their hospitality and general character. Nearly all tribes in Uganda put emphasis on welcoming guests and strangers and this is from a micro scale of a family home to the macro scale of the entire county. So definetly expect while on a self drive car rental Uganda to probably meet and make many Ugandan friends instantly. Even while on self drive through the rural areas, don’t hesitate to park ad interact with some locals as they might provide you with some insights about where you are.

Absolutely Warm nice weather.

Given its position on the globe, Uganda is one of the few countries through which the equator  crosses. This makes it closer to the sun and hence hotter, but on the other hand, Uganda is also blessed with fresh water bodies such as lake Victoria (source of the mighty river Nile and largest lake in east sub-Saharan Africa). These geographical conditions blended together create a most suitable micro climate that is both hot and cool without extremes. Truly, you wont find a better equatorial paradise to self drive car rental uganda safari.

Unique flora and fauna.

As explained earlier, Uganda has a rather unparalleled climate which plays a vital role in the Eco system dominated by dense rain forests and fresh water bodies. To no surprise, these conditions end up creating natural habitats that can be shared by different birds and animals. For example the Mabira rain forest on Jinja highway-a popular self drive car rental Uganda route-is home to an estimated 300 bird species, some of which are only found in Uganda.

Spectacular wildlife & Variety

Ugandans are not a homogeneous people bound by one culture and language, but rather a group of different ethnicities and tribes each with their own culture sharing boundaries. This however does not stop us from uniting and believing in our beautiful nation. Hence on a self drive car rental uganda safari through the different regions including amazing Uganda safari destinations, you are bound to come across and hopefully interact with people from different backgrounds and cultures but united by a patriotism. Similarly, the Ugandan landscape is not the same throughout the country; coming from the airport, you wont help but notice the gentle hills along the Entebbe highway but as you travel to the west, the  hills will regularly morph into flat-lands and eventually the Rwenzori mountain ranges; while as you travel north the topography will stretch itself flat into the horizon punctuated by monolithic rocks. All these differences in culture, landscape and so on come together to create the composition we are proud to call Uganda.

A good and welcoming Destination.

With a most welcoming population picturesque landscapes, awe-inspiring geography coupled with glorious weather, you can only expect to have an amazing self drive car rental Uganda safari.

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Self Drive Uganda & Basic Tips for a safe self drive Holiday in Uganda

Self Drive Uganda is absolutely the hype of independent adventure and so is Uganda being a small country located in East Africa endowed with a motley of jaw dropping landscapes exclusively home to over 300 bird and animal species and the famous endangered mountain Gorillas.

From the lush green equatorial forests in the high altitude south west corner (domicile for the near extinct mountain gorilla) to the semi-arid flat landscapes punctuated with monolithic rocks, Uganda is a country with a little something for everyone even for the Self drive Uganda safari adventurers, it is therefore no surprise that it ranks highly among tourist destinations because it is an experience to behold. One of the most popular forms of touring Uganda is self drive safaris which entail renting a car and driving yourself around the country-just like a road trip! In this article, we share some tips and pointers on self drive Uganda Safaris to make your holiday experience more enjoyable.

Quality car rental.

If you have opted for a self drive in Uganda, it is very important that you find a trustworthy and  inexpensive car rental company with a diverse car rental fleet from which to hire. This way, you won’t have to worry about being delayed or frustrated with poor service delivery. A good way to go about this is by doing a quick Google search for automobile rentals and inquiring  from their websites about what they have to offer.

Crash course driving classes.

All over the world, countries follow different road rules so do not be frustrated if Uganda’s road rules confuse you. It is possible to organize a quick driving lesson(s) with your car rental company to familiarize yourself with Uganda’s road rules and networks.

Insightful Driver guides.

Some Self drive Uganda rental Agencies and yes, the good ones just like Auto Rental Uganda offer insightful driver guides for hire along with the car at a subsidized rate. So in case you can’t drive or aren’t making progress with the afore mentioned crash course driving lessons, you can always hire a driver maneuver the terrains as you sit back and enjoy the very best of a seemingly self drive uganda safari as get you around.

An added bonus to this is you wont have to read maps and can rely on your driver to know the fastest and safest way to get you to your destination.

Have a list of emergency contacts.

Uganda is a peaceful country with hospitable people. Nonetheless, it is good to have a fall back option for when things don’t go as planned or in case of an emergency like car breakdown or an accident. As much as we live in the age of cloud storage( icloud, google drive) you will find it useful to jot down emergency contacts like an agent from the car rental company or the hotel number.


If you have made up your mind for a self drive Uganda safari, there are some items that you should carry to make your trip/safari safer. Some of these items include a map of Uganda showing major tourist attractions, a first aid kit in case of minor accidents and an international driver’s permit but many provided by professional Self drive Uganda rental agencies like Auto Rental Uganda and is absolutely an obligation to provide and arrange for all the above once you have reserved a car.


Last but not least, carry a camera to capture all your beautiful experiences in this equatorial paradise called Uganda. Now, you are ready for self drive Uganda Safari.

Self drive in Uganda with a rav4 (Nile)


Uganda /Rwanda are one of those great places in the world people tend to escape and make a trip on their own/ self drive in uganda. Hiring a car on a self-drive in Rwanda and Uganda enables the traveler to explore all the top tourism destinations. Sally Day and friends hired a car form us Auto rental UGANDA to adventure Uganda, and Rwanda on a self drive after giving us their interests in camping and car rental we chose for the a small car Rav4 and their journey started.


We meat in Kampala in the evening I delivered the car and gave them all the briefing they need to know about the car, how they should take care of it and the best way to drive in Uganda and a few things of the road in Uganda and Rwanda, they had not made up their minds in when to cross to Rwanda but this was ok because I told them to take their time and forwarded the car documents when they made up their minds.

Their self drive trip started in Uganda, through kabale, lake bunyonyi, rwanda- kigali, kivu, queen Elizabeth national park, kibale, Murchison, and jinja. We kept in touch all the days of their trip, they got a small problem after hitting a pothole and a car got a small dent in queen Elizabeth on their way to Fortpotol but all was good and their journey continued.

At the end of the  self drive in uganda trip, I asked how was the car, how did she work  and that whole experience, They replied: Actually it is a he to us , we named him Nile he was our only man on the trip, he was so helpful and never complained about anything at all for the 20 days.This is the best trip we have ever had on a self drive in a big car, they said he is big because they drive very small cars in their home country.

Due to the small size of Rwanda makes driving easy between destinations and made their self-drive holiday more interesting by get a glorious opportunity to stop in the middle of some good serene natural environment and make some meditation.

A self drive holiday is a rewarding and exciting experience in Rwanda/Uganda as it is one of the top Eco tourism destinations in the world. With thousands of hills enchanted with green cover, plenty of game watching opportunities especially gorilla trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable National park and the one in virunga  and a country with a well organized road network system makes Rwanda a top tourism destination for self drive holidays.

One of the easiest ways of renting a car for self drive  in Uganda / Rwanda is by going on the internet and search for various cheap car rental agencies. By going to the internet you have a variety of car rental companies to choose from basing on your budget and travel needs that are online car rental companies in Uganda and  Rwanda have family cars, 4×4 and high end cars. So it is up against you to book with any of the car rental agency that best suits your needs and budget.


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 self drive





Uganda is a land filled with wonders and awe inspiring beauty in all its corners, so its no wonder its a poplar destination for tourists from all over the globe. One of the most popular ways you can-immerse yourself in Uganda’s beauty is by driving yourself around. With a good car rental company,Self driving is a efficient form of travel mainly because it is all about your comfort zone; and your attention is not split between the attractions and other tourists or guide but rather centered on whats in front of your windscreen, be it graceful beasts in their natural habitats or rhythmic  landscapes against sunset backdrops. Now, driving is in essence the same in every country you go with  a few variations depending on governance and road networks. In case you are planning a self drive safari in Uganda, here are a few pointers that will only make your experience even better and your travels free of any fuss.


Speed restrictions.

Speed restrictions are among the most strictly enforced road rules, and for a good reason. More than 40% of road accidents in Uganda stem from a driver over speeding and it would be more than unfortunate if you were to become part of this statistic. Consequently, we advise you to watch for speed limit signs along the highways and other major roads in the country.

Traffic Police.

Traffic police is an arm of the Uganda police force mandated to ensure proper road use and help road users in general, yourself included. So in case something happens while you on the road, do not hesitate to find the nearest police officer in white uniform. In the same manner, do not be alarmed if stopped by traffic police for they are just doing their job of ensuring road user’s safety. Even when you have been stopped for over speeding or other road offenses, do not attempt to bribe the police as this will only worsen your situation.

Keep left.

As stated earlier, driving in every country is basically the same in every country with a few minor differences for instance which side of the road to drive on. In Uganda, all drivers are supposed to drive on the left hand side of the road. In case you are not accustomed to this manner of driving or find it difficult, you are advised to hire a driver from one of the many car rentals in Uganda just to be on the safe side. Hiring a car with a driver guide from the same car rental company will be cheaper than hiring a car and driver separately.


Self drives are by their description intimate as its usually a family or a couple of friends enjoying each other’s company. Due to this, most of the adventure is mostly visual and the sites visited are normally whats found on the web (and hard to find sometimes). However, that is not all there is to this marvelous country Uganda, as you hire a car,be sure to get a guide book e.g Brandt that will show you where to find the best of what Uganda has to offer and how to get there.

Regular stops.

Some people may beg to differ, but we believe that a journey should be as remarkable as its destination. Based on this impression, we would advise you to set off early every day and drive at a moderate speed to absorb as much of Ugandas beauty as you can through your windscreen and this will also allow you to have regular stops to take pictures or refresh yourself. The main aim of doing this will be to arrive at your destination  unfatigued and ready to be awed by the marvels hidden within the Pearl of Africa.



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How to choose the right car rental in Uganda


Safaris, tours, trips and journeys in general are meant to be enjoyable at the least, that is if they aren’t therapeutic. But, one of the things that could make your trip to the beautiful Uganda unbearable is choosing the wrong car rental. A terrible car rental company can make the difference between a pleasurable self drive safari and a vacation gone wrong. What makes reserving a rental car different from  booking a flight or hotel room is the fact that there are few car rental companies compared to the number of tourists, creating a constant demand which can be credited for the nonchalant attitude adopted by some of the providers. A proper/suitable car rental company should not only respond to your inquiry courteously and enthusiastically/politely but it should also be able to furnish you with all the necessary content prior to your trip in order for you to choose the appropriate car at an affordable cost. In case you are new to how car rentals work or just want to get better deals on your trip, read on as we share with you how to choose the ideal car rental company.


Avoid airport rentals.

The first condition to getting a good deal on a rental car is quite simple; avoid airport rentals. Besides their ridiculous fines and base rates, airport rental cars usually come with stringent rules and conditions which will worry you, draining the fun out of your trip. Now, you may be worried about what other options you have if airport rentals were all you knew, but you shouldn’t be bothered because of the next pointer.


Check the internet.

The internet is renown for many reasons,but the one I wish to draw your attention to is its ability to speed up communication and how it is a platform for sharing knowledge with others. With just a few clicks or taps(depending on your device of choice) you can search the web for reputable car rentals in the region you wish to travel. You can check out their websites from thereon where you should be able to inquire about their rates or car fleet. An ideal car rental should be able to respond within 24 hours at most, which gives you plenty of time to work out a budget depending on the responses you get.



A good car rental company should have a wide range of vehicles in their fleet to cater for all types of tourists. Some companies offer only one type of vehicle regardless of the tourist and his/her destination yet you may need a large family van, a 4WD or luxury car  so with your needs in  mind, look through the option of cars availed to you. A good company will always have something that will suit you.

Terms and conditions.

Before you put pen to paper, read through the terms and conditions to ensure the company has no hidden fees or strict conditions. Some companies are deceptive in a way that they may offer cheap prices but insert hidden costs like insurance and fuel policy. However, they are bound by law to let their clients know through company policy and agreements. Thus as you search for a car to rent, ask the rental company for a copy of its policy to acquaint yourself with their terms and conditions of your car rental in uganda.



Good car rentals offer only cars but the best car rental companies offer extras to make your self drive in Uganda even more memorable and more so at small affordable rates. some car rentals such as auto rental Uganda offer quality camping equipment in case you plan on self driving in the wilderness.

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Car Rental Uganda & Tips to Avoid Hidden charges.

Car rental Uganda for self drive is Magical and inspirational but Hidden charges are a complete turn off just at the last minute, just when starting a self drive car rental uganda journey. Has this literally happened to you before? Maybe some car rental company has charged you up a figure you are completely not aware of before or didn’t expect? Yes, I will side with you on this and openly say some car rental Uganda companies intentionally hide this so as to woo you up for the rental and yes they know you don’t have time for the last minute options.

Normally it is more less to say or ask yourself, “Did you really rent or purchased the vehicle?” Well, that’s sometimes what’s happening with most car rental Uganda independent travelers who rent a car in Uganda for self drive and yes I must add, to quack car rental Uganda companies.

Unlike airfares, where taxes and fees are mentioned upfront, car rental companies in Uganda can bury the extra costs in the fine print. Therefore, this may end up causing you actually pay more than what you had been quoted earlier. So, to avoid such scenarios, Auto Rental Uganda shares with you some Tips to avoid hidden charges on a car rental Uganda Option of travel through these beautiful lands.

Try to avoid Airport Car rental Uganda
People actually choose rental cars for self drive tours in Uganda, Kampala, when they are transferring from the airport of Entebbe airport basically thinking the rental price is an all inclusive of taxes or fuel charges but sometimes, the payment obligation may not be over. Some of these hidden charges include authorization hold, insurance charges for damages, toll booth fees, extra driver and early return fee.

Clear Terms forehand before Arrival
Making clear forehand before arrival and making payments is just a tip that would save you from Paying these hidden costs when you rent a car in Uganda. For instance, making sure that you opt for a car rental Uganda company that has a singular charge for its cars. A company that has its Car rental rates well stipulated on the home page.

Consider & Respect your Car rental Uganda Budget
When choosing between a fleet of cars on a car rental uganda company homepage, for self drive car rental Uganda, opt for a vehicle that corresponds with the weight of your pocket. Recommended to always prefer rental cars that actually include fuel prices in its tariff or rental prices that are well stipulated for you meet your budget.

Ask & Note About other apparent Charges
It is recommended that before you seal any deal with any car rental Uganda company or rental, first ask a company representative personal about any other apparent charges, such as early return fee or vehicle licensing fees. Ensure that you also inquire about car comprehensive insurance and third party insurance policies to avoid paying thousands of Dollars in damages.
Renting a car without requesting for security deposits is kind dangerous however much any reliable rental company in Uganda will actually refund it fully once the vehicle is returned in good conditions. However, some companies in Uganda especially in Kampala may actually deduct a particular portion of the amount before return hence helping you to ascertain whether there are hidden charges involved in charges hence enabling you to calculate an overall estimate of Car rental Uganda rental charges for self drive.
The above tips are so simple and try to follow and implement them up next time when you are to rent a car in any car rental company in Uganda. This actually will ensure a free and comfortable self drive experience without going above your expected expenditure.

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5 Reasons Why to Consider Self Drive Safari in Uganda

Self drive safari Uganda is absolutely the unmatched option for adventure through Uganda-the pearl of Africa, an adventure that is an enjoyable act both intense and pleasurable with the car compared to an extension of the body. Very few emotions or less call them feelings can compare to the surge of adrenaline as you carefully step on the gas pedal firmly steering the wheel. However, Self drive safari Uganda or in a foreign country with a group of drivers following subliminally different rules always creates a tingle of excitement if not frustration. It is exactly cause of this sheer excitement or curiosity to be part of a different driving environment that you should try self driving safari in Uganda.

Uganda, nicknamed The Pearl Of Africa by sir Winston Churchill is a cauldron bubbling with vibrant cultures and sanguine people with breath taking landscapes and magnificent wildlife. Auto Rental Uganda team shares with you a few strong reasons about Uganda that should convince you to try a self drive safari Uganda.

Friendly people.

Remarkably known all over the world, Uganda is home to more than 35 million people who are very friendly and welcoming for the most part.  The hospitality of Ugandans is known worldwide and usually comes in handy for inquisitive tourists and travelers who lose their way or need to understand something about the peoples cultures and more so engage in extraordinaly authentic Local experiences combined with Gorilla tracking in Bwindi Forest national park. So there is no need to worry about getting lost or being attacked by uncultured natives, instead trust these lovely and welcoming people to guide you and also help you when in need.

Easily navigable.

Most of Uganda is rural but the big towns and most districts are linked by direct and distinct highways making it hard for even tourists self driving around the country to get lost. Most of the aforementioned highways connecting the country are tarmacked and easily passable making self drive safari uganda an enjoyable road trip. However with a few exceptions, the highways do not lead you directly to your tourist sites and destinations but seasonal off road tracks connect the destination to the highways which only makes your trip feel more personal as you follow the beaten tracks like a treasure hunter follows his map.

Natural diversity

As mentioned earlier, Uganda was nicknamed the pearl of Africa by Winston Churchill due to its wonderfully diverse nature. Embark on a Self drive safari Uganda and watch the lush green equatorial rain forests sitting on hillsides and mountains in the central region and south western corner morph into an equally captivating flat, dry and bushy landscape in the north and north-east corner. Consequently, the diversity of the landscapes and micro-climates across the country is one of the reasons why Uganda has varying flora and fauna in each region. This enables you to have a mosaic of experiences within the same country.


Self driving safari Uganda will definitely give you the much desired freedom to move around without worrying about itineraries. When touring, you aim to relax and enjoy your yourself, but you can’t do that when you are being rushed by your driver or worried about missing the next bus or matatu to your destination. Self drive safari Uganda make your travel time flexible and convenient making your safari in Uganda only more pleasurable.

Personal Experience.

Self drive safari Uganda is sure to feels like a personal experience rather than a collective experience when you choose to self drive in Uganda. Notably because you’ll be provided with a rental car to use as you wish. Coupled with the freedom mentioned earlier, your safari/tourist experience is sure to be enhanced as you will make your own itinerary and timetable, choosing your own destinations, making impromptu stops etc. Self drive safari in a game park following game trails with your windscreen as a mobile window framing the wildlife and rural landscapes through which you’re navigating is an experience to behold when compared to being stuffed in a public vehicle with other tourists

Self drive car hire Uganda

Self Drive Car hire Uganda with 6 Tips to Save Fuel

Explore and embrace the magic in saving fuel opting for a Self drive car hire Uganda and yes, with do doubt is absolutely one of the best and unforgettable adventure means traversing through these beautiful lands in Uganda. How irritating does it feel every time your fuel guage lights are warning? Definitely No, I bet you wouldn’t like neither love it. And so never wait till your rental car in Uganda stops moving or until your fuel gauge starts warning. When you opt for a self drive car hire Uganda, not only is it important to constantly fuel your car, but it is also imperative that you keep monitoring the fuel gauge to find out how much fuel you have left either way for your safety or for the safety of the car. With no doubt, self drive car hire Uganda adventure will be inspirational or more so fruitful.

Saving fuel is a very important aspect when opting for a self drive car hire Uganda and yes we share how one can reduce fuel consumption for our own car by following these simple techniques:

Endeavour to Accelerate smoothly when on self drive car hire uganda

Smoothly is: The best way to save fuel is to travel at a steady speed. We recommend a speed of 50kms/hr in centres and 80kms/hr on highways more so this is the recommended speed on the Uganda roads, Planning your time and being patient while driving will save you a lot of litres while on a self drive car hire Uganda adventure

Avoid pushing the accelerator far down

The more the accerelator is pushed down, the more fuel is being guzzled, not because of the gear your are driving but because your working so hard the engine which results into more fuel consumption. And if you are driving an automatic for a self drive car hire Uganda like most of our rental fleet at Auto Rental Uganda, the car will do a better job than you of choosing which gear to be in so it’s not a problem for an automatic.

Do away with the air-conditioning if you can.

Self drive car hire Uganda road trips comes very humid in African countries or in the summer like Uganda and some more, However the problem with air-con being on all the time while you drive is that it works up the engine a little more and yes in return uses quite a bit of fuel, If You can, do away with air-con and put your windows a little down.

Regular Tyre pressure check on self drive car hire

Considerably kindly note that the lower the tire pressure of your car is, the more fuel the car needs to move it down the road. We recommend that you check and balance your tire pressure every morning or at any gas station you come across on a self drive car hire Uganda adventure.

Do Away with unnecessary weight

Opting for a self drive car hire with lots of luggage requires more fuel to move around more weight. Just like you wouldn’t carry a heavy backpack and more energy you will require same applies to when you leave a lot and unnecessary items or luggage in the car boot as so the more fuel your car will consume.

Don’t drive during rush hours

Traffic jam in Uganda is just so frustrating and more so fuel consuming. It requires strong heavy gears to move an inch and so is the fuel required and being wasted every time you start and stop in traffic. Plan your time well with a self drive car hire option and get through in no rush hours most especially kampala suburbs and surroundings.

So here you are with a few of the tips for saving fuel on a self drive car hire in Uganda. Read with us from our professional team, a team that is recommended on tripAdvisor, the worlds travel site and a team that is professionally trained in handling self drive car hire adventures in Uganda.