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Self Drive car rental Uganda & Batwa Cultural experience

Self-drive car rental Uganda is undoubtedly a magical and inspirational option to discovering the hidden treasures of these beautiful lands including authentic local experiences and with no doubt the Batwa cultural encounter is one of the most rewarding experiences. Yes, I agree no more, Uganda is a small beautiful detailed landlocked country, with over 50 tribes and cultures made of several norms and values.

The Batwa are an exceptional tribe living in the southern part of the pearl of Africa with a rich cultural heritage. They were and still are (not a big number) forest-dwelling hunter-gatherers based in the great lakes region of Central Africa, and are widely accepted as the original inhabitants of the region. As times went on forests were encroached on by conservation agencies’ claims which made the original owners, the Batwa, squatters. In Uganda they lived in the Bwindi impenetrable forests and Mgahinga forests that were gazetted in 1991 hence the eviction of the Batwa. However, the government tried fitting them in the society but up to today, their rights as indigenous peoples are neither recognized nor respected

Who are the Batwa?

Commonly referred to as the God fathers of the Forest basically in Bwindi impenetrable National park before it was gazetted into a Unesco site. For Conservation measures, the Batwa who still live the ancient life and who shared the forest with the mountain gorillas were taken out of the forest and allocated land on the boundaries of the Famous forest but still live their Ancient life.

They are one of Uganda’s uniquely cultured people you cannot afford to miss while on a self-drive car rental Uganda safari in the magnificent south western rainforest areas of Uganda. Wondering why, right? Here is the thing, the Batwa stand out as the shortest group of people with an adult male rarely growing beyond 1.5m height and their livelihood is forest based. Look, we are talking human beings not animals surviving entirely on what the forest has to offer, right from the food they eat to the homesteads they set up. Interesting!

For food, the males engage in hunting while the women gather fruits and edible plants to supplement the meat. Their houses are majorly made of bamboo and leaves or grass all got from the forests and they are set up in a small area that they cleared the vegetation of.

Where to visit them:

These Exceptional and ancient God fathers of the forest can be found in a few destinations in Uganda. The biggest number lives on the Boundaries of Bwindi, Mgahinga and Semuliki in western Uganda. It is absolutely possible to reach out to the Batwa in their original homes while on a self-drive car rental Uganda safari.

How to visit them

Different communities can be accessed on a self-drive car rental Uganda safari with the help of a local site guide or make use of an insightful driver guide to easily access the Batwa people. Please be advised that the Batwa are very naughty but interesting people to visit and in this case a site guide or a driver guide comes in handy

What to expect with the Batwa

Considering that the Batwa are very naughty people, it is very much advisable that you should make use of the local site guides but, the visit is extra ordinarily rewarding. Expect traditional dances, a visit to their local ancient homes, their ancient way of living, their ancient health system that clearly portrays the ancient lifestyles of a typical forest survivor. The experience is breathtaking as you get the feel of nature taking care of its people like a mother taking care of her child, where she provides the food and even feeds the little baby but cannot chew for it. Same way, all the Batwa need to do in the forest is put to use all the forest components to survive.

So, that’s just for the eyes, how about we shake off the body fatigue from sitting in the car as we drive through these places? Talk of the Batwa music dance performance as entertainment to the guests. You can join in and free up your body as you enjoy the unique tunes and moves of Uganda’s amazing forest dwellers.

However much the Batwa experience is a doable and interesting activity on a self drive car rental Uganda safari, there are so many other cultural encounters that can be experienced around Uganda and these are, the Karamojong culture on the Eastern corridor of Uganda, the Sebei public male circumcision, the Tooro culture, Buganda culture, to mention but only a few of the 52 tribes in Uganda.

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4×4 Car Rental Uganda & Tips to Choose the Right Rental Car

4×4 Car rental Uganda is absolutely the finest adventure plan for many independent travelers, Choosing the right car for adventure through uganda is also another extraordinary decision needed to be made rightly.  Self drive car rental uganda  independent travelers once they opt to take up a drive in any of the Uganda safari destinations, the choose of the right rental car that is convenient and time saving is an important aspect to consider.

It is becoming very common that many Budget holiday travelers in Uganda elect to use rental cars during their vacations. There are many benefits you as a vacationer enjoys once you choose to use a car rental. This actually can enable you assess different and hard to reach areas However, not all car rental uganda companies are made the same bor have the same car rental guidelines or car rental fleet and one should weigh certain options before booking a rental car during their travels since different car rental companies can be accessed online. So here we share with you some of the Tips to consider when choosing the right Rental Car for your inspirational journey in Uganda

Car Rental Uganda Company operating Hours.

Operating hours stands one of the biggest and important factors which travelers should consider before booking their vehicle is the company’s operating hours. A 24 hour drop off and pick up service option not only allows travelers plan time around their schedule but also be stranded or locked out if they arrive after 5:00 pm. This flexibility will give vacationers extra peace of mind while they are exploring a new locale and yes saving money when using airport car rental Transfers or taxis.

Mutual Communication.

It is also very important that communication between the two parties say the client and the company to be able to communicate in the same understanding language. More so should also be the language of the GPS if the traveler intends to hire car and GPS. Mutual communication language and in most cases would rule out the factor of missing out certain aspects of the car rental agreement.

The Size Of the Vehicle

When booking a 4×4 car rental in Uganda, as a customer will be asked what size vehicle you desire or some companies like Auto Rental Uganda will give you different options for you to have an understanding of the vehicle sizing for area you are traveling in or number of participants is an important aspect.

The number of Occupants traveling.

When Booking a specific size category, you should take into consideration the number of travelers, their fuel prices and the amount of luggage which will be with them on their trip and if the kind of car opted for can accommodate the persons and the their luggage.

The Car Fuel Consumption

Booking a 4×4 car rental Uganda, As many people know, money can be tight on vacation and one does not want to spend a significant amount of money on fuel. So it is very important to understand the kind of  fuel and the consumption capacity.

The Transmition of the Car

There would be nothing worse than someone arriving to retrieve their car only to discover that they cannot drive it. When booking a car in Uganda, it is paramount that one ensures they are booking a transmission that he or she can drive. They should also have a realistic view of their driving abilities.

Car rental Uganda should not be a headache-inducing experience. Thousands, if not millions, of travelers elect to use car rental Services to enhance their vacation or business experiences. Yet, wherever they go, they should thoroughly consider their traveling needs to have a positive experience during their visit and yes especially with 4×4 car rental Uganda.

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5 Reasons Why to Consider Self Drive Safari in Uganda

Self drive safari Uganda is absolutely the unmatched option for adventure through Uganda-the pearl of Africa, an adventure that is an enjoyable act both intense and pleasurable with the car compared to an extension of the body. Very few emotions or less call them feelings can compare to the surge of adrenaline as you carefully step on the gas pedal firmly steering the wheel. However, Self drive safari Uganda or in a foreign country with a group of drivers following subliminally different rules always creates a tingle of excitement if not frustration. It is exactly cause of this sheer excitement or curiosity to be part of a different driving environment that you should try self driving safari in Uganda.

Uganda, nicknamed The Pearl Of Africa by sir Winston Churchill is a cauldron bubbling with vibrant cultures and sanguine people with breath taking landscapes and magnificent wildlife. Auto Rental Uganda team shares with you a few strong reasons about Uganda that should convince you to try a self drive safari Uganda.

Friendly people.

Remarkably known all over the world, Uganda is home to more than 35 million people who are very friendly and welcoming for the most part.  The hospitality of Ugandans is known worldwide and usually comes in handy for inquisitive tourists and travelers who lose their way or need to understand something about the peoples cultures and more so engage in extraordinaly authentic Local experiences combined with Gorilla tracking in Bwindi Forest national park. So there is no need to worry about getting lost or being attacked by uncultured natives, instead trust these lovely and welcoming people to guide you and also help you when in need.

Easily navigable.

Most of Uganda is rural but the big towns and most districts are linked by direct and distinct highways making it hard for even tourists self driving around the country to get lost. Most of the aforementioned highways connecting the country are tarmacked and easily passable making self drive safari uganda an enjoyable road trip. However with a few exceptions, the highways do not lead you directly to your tourist sites and destinations but seasonal off road tracks connect the destination to the highways which only makes your trip feel more personal as you follow the beaten tracks like a treasure hunter follows his map.

Natural diversity

As mentioned earlier, Uganda was nicknamed the pearl of Africa by Winston Churchill due to its wonderfully diverse nature. Embark on a Self drive safari Uganda and watch the lush green equatorial rain forests sitting on hillsides and mountains in the central region and south western corner morph into an equally captivating flat, dry and bushy landscape in the north and north-east corner. Consequently, the diversity of the landscapes and micro-climates across the country is one of the reasons why Uganda has varying flora and fauna in each region. This enables you to have a mosaic of experiences within the same country.


Self driving safari Uganda will definitely give you the much desired freedom to move around without worrying about itineraries. When touring, you aim to relax and enjoy your yourself, but you can’t do that when you are being rushed by your driver or worried about missing the next bus or matatu to your destination. Self drive safari Uganda make your travel time flexible and convenient making your safari in Uganda only more pleasurable.

Personal Experience.

Self drive safari Uganda is sure to feels like a personal experience rather than a collective experience when you choose to self drive in Uganda. Notably because you’ll be provided with a rental car to use as you wish. Coupled with the freedom mentioned earlier, your safari/tourist experience is sure to be enhanced as you will make your own itinerary and timetable, choosing your own destinations, making impromptu stops etc. Self drive safari in a game park following game trails with your windscreen as a mobile window framing the wildlife and rural landscapes through which you’re navigating is an experience to behold when compared to being stuffed in a public vehicle with other tourists

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Car hire Uganda & Why you Need a guide.

Car hire Uganda comes just so in handy with opting to hire a guide drive for a more less self drive car hire in Uganda. When planning for a safari or a tour of a new place for example the jungles of Uganda, whether to hire a guide or self drive is one of the tough choices you have to make that could make all the difference in an adventure. The decision is even harder to make when you’ve chosen to go on a self drive safari because having a guide implies an extra passenger  on board. Letting such decisions give you a hard time defeats the whole purpose of relaxing on holiday. This is exactly why we are sharing with you criteria you can use to determine whether that guide will be an invaluable resource to you during your stay or an extra expense. Described below are scenarios where a travel guide will be more of an asset than a detriment.

When you don’t have much time

If you have little time in a place during your car hire Uganda adventure, it would be better to hire a guide to take you through all the interesting places than take your time at one place. A guide who is well-versed with the locale of your travel destination can get you to see more riveting things about that place in less time than you would have used if you didn’t have a guide.

When visiting popular destinations

Popular tourist destinations usually get large crowds for during the day and crowds can be hectic for a tourist trying to learn new things or take in new sights. A good tour guide always has knowledge about the best visiting hours for attractions; when you can get discounts or when prices are better; the best routes around; and places for accommodation around the tourist attraction. Well experienced guides can even organize private tours of heavily toured attractions.

When on safari

Car hire Uganda Safaris are usually all about adventure and seeing or experiencing new things. In unfamiliar landscapes, it is understandably difficult to navigate and look for the fun hot spots unless you have a guide with you. Some places such as game parks and natural attractions like mountains require safety precautions and maybe a small briefing which a guide is always in place to provide even before you travel to the said destination. Tour guides can always provide you with useful information before you start a self drive car hire Uganda adventure. For example, he  or  she  may  advise  you  to  rent  a  car  with  excellent  & Quality camping  gear  to  save  on accommodation fees if you plan on going to a location with few or no tourist lodgings.

When the language barrier is high

For places where you don’t speak the most widely spoken languages for example in Uganda, odds are the inhabitants will also be unfamiliar with your first language. So to skip the communication barrier that is different languages, we advise you hire a multi-lingual guide who can bridge the gap caused by the difference in language. Such guides come in handy when you as a tourist- want to interact with the indigenous people or learn about their culture. To ensure that your guide has a comfortable command of your language, hold a conversation with them over phone in advance. This will save you a lot of disappointment and frustration.

To handle travel logistics

It is relatively a lot easier for tour guides than ordinary tourists to buy and follow up things such as temporary permits (for those planning to self drive), tickets and entry passes to tourist attractions. Such trivial tasks can be irritating for tourists especially when you’re trying to relax on  your  holiday/vacation  but  what  is  even  worse  is  ending  up  with  not  so  great accommodation all because you forgot to book a room at a hotel of your choice or not seeing the mountain gorillas of Bwindi because you didn’t book your gorilla tracking permit. Tour guides can perform such tasks and more which will ultimately lighten your burden giving you more time to relax and enjoy your holiday.

When you cant/don’t drive

if you think car hire Uganda safari will distract you, very recommended to hire car with a guide to drive and navigate the roads around for you. An added advantage to this is that guides always know the region and which routes to use, be it the fastest or one with the best view. In case you plan to drink while on a uganda safari or holiday, diver tour guides can also ensure your safety as it is not advisable to drive after drinking or when drinking.

Car Rental Uganda & Driver Guides

Car Rental Uganda & Driver Guides For Inspirational Journeys

Car rental Uganda & driver guide redeems as the best and stepping stone for safari planning in Uganda. For as long as tourism as an industry has existed, car rental Uganda & accommodations  have been one of the most common forms of tourism and travel where you have a very insightful driver guide escort you throughout your journey, not only drive you but put together an insightful journey. One can never be too certain or knowledgeable of the places they are visiting, so Driver guides on Car rental Uganda & Driver guide always seem like the best or safest way to traverse new or unexplored areas like Bwindi national park in south west Uganda, a sanctuary for over half the  world’s  mountain  gorillas.  Car rental Uganda & driver guide have evolved  from  rudimentary  walks  with natives of the safari destination to more elaborate and detailed drives covering large areas with experts on flora and fauna directing your attention to things you shouldn’t miss. Car rental Uganda & driver guide  option can be compared to self drive safaris where you are at the liberty to rent a car for an agreed time to tour and travel as you please on your own. While a self drive safari might offer a lot more freedom during your tour compared to a Car rental Uganda & driver guide, you can not be guaranteed answers to your questions and neither will your curiosity be quenched with knowledge of the wildlife immediately. Conventional guided safaris include customized or preset itineraries that cover your whole safari from the day of your arrival to your departure. That way, you know your destinations and what to look out for prior to setting off. In this article, we intend to discuss the pros of guided safaris to try and inform your decision as you debate on which form of travel to pursue while on holiday.


One of the prime advantages of guided safaris is that you do not have to carry maps or worry about where to take the next turn. You are provided with a guide who will not only drive you to and from your desired attractions, but also keep informing you about your location and brief you. This leaves you with only the task of looking out for animals and drinking in the raw panorama unfolding before you.

Trained and knowledgeable guides

It is very common for the undisciplined eye to miss sight of animals or things that could be of interest but, for a trained guide, it is easy to point out a leopard camouflaged in tree branches or to track the location of a herd of animals. Local guides usually know the areas thoroughly and always know where to find which animals. This saves you a lot of time driving around just hoping to see an animal by chance or luck.


The tour guides who accompany you are not only with you to drive you and point out animals but also to ensure that both you and the animals are safe. Some tourists who embark on self drive  safaris  engage  in  behavior  which  is  considered  risky  to  either  the  animals  or themselves, albeit unknowingly. Tour guides can advise you on how to act in the presence of the animals since they are supposed to be knowledgeable on animal behavior.


Somewhere along the safari, you could be interested in the culture or norms of indigenous people in the area. For example, many tourists who come to Uganda during an even year are thrilled to witness the imbalu(circumcision) ceremony held by the Bagishu. Now, if you were on a self drive safari your chances of interaction would be slim due to problems ranging from language barrier to shyness of indigenous people. However, if you happen to be on a guided safari, your guide can be of help and either translate or take you to places where your interactions would be made easier.

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Self Drive Car Rental Uganda and Tips to Fueling a Car

Self Drive Car Rental Uganda is remarkably the best option to traverse through these peaceful and beautiful lands. Self drive car rental being part of hiring a car from just not any company but legit car rental Company comes with difficulties when it comes to fuelling or re-fueling at specific gas stations.

Being a developing country, Uganda and the gas stations are based on manual labour system, this all involves a pump attendant who fuels the car and also is handed cash for the litres consumed. The most common gas stations and also recommended are Shell and Total by many self drive car rental Uganda companies. For you to have a very a hustle free self drive car rental Uganda adventure in Uganda as a growing and a developing country, You definitely need to familiarize with some Tips to fueling a car at gas stations and yes, Auto Rental Uganda team shares with you some of these Important Tips.

Observe the warnings at the fuel stations.

For a better reason known to them and probably yourself, it is very impontant that you turn off your engine when refueling your rented car. Incidences of fire and  many alike are sometimes caused by Still On Ingnition Cars refueling, Its surely a great idea switching the car off.

Know your Tank Before You refuel.

Knowing your tank is important to know how much fuel you may need to refuel for the specific journey. This way it helps you know how much to order and also helps in your budget planning as you take on the self drive car rental Uganda Safari

Look At The meter reading as they Fuel.

More important for when you are a foreigner or “Muzungu” taking on a self drive car rental Uganda safari. Unfortunately a few of the many pump attendants may take advantage of you and kinda cheat you. So, Look at the metre gauage always, don’t sit and boss around in your drivers seat.

Endavour To have changed monies for fuel

Like many self drive car rental Uganda safari travelers do, have monies planned for fuel at all times. Some gas station pump attendants  tend not to have change to give back and will waste a lot of your time trying to find change for you.

Avoid refueling from NOT well established  gas stations

Yes, like any Struggling businesses will in many ways manipulate the services and fuel or provide substandard products including fuel. Not only does the bad fuel take you for less kilometers but will also damage the rental car so, take note when refueling.

Take advantage of the “after services” offered at these gas stations

Many gas station attendants offer free services to check your coolant levels, oil levels or wind screen wash as you fuel your tank perfectly. Always ask if they can, In this way they get you ready and safe for the remaining journey perfectly. This also saves you a lot of time with safety as a paramount thing when you opt for a self drive car rental Uganda safari.

Nevertheless, Hiring a car for self drive car rental uganda safaris is magical, inspirational and sweeps you off your feet through these peaceful and beautiful lands. Our past clients have given praise to Uganda and the team at Auto Rental Uganda through Trip Advisor. Read more of what our travelers have to say.

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7 Simple Tips Preparing For a Self Drive Safari In Uganda.

Self drive safari Uganda is with no Doubt an inspirational and exciting way to enjoy your vacation or holiday in Uganda and yes, Uganda is gifted with a wide variety of flora and fauna, not to mention the beautiful breath taking and Jaw dropping sceneries. What you will find even more thrilling is the fact that you can enjoy your holiday or vacation in the driver’s seat. All you have to do is opt on renting a car for Self drive or hiring a car and quality camping gear from a reputable car hire service provider.

However, for any self drive safari to be deemed inspirational, one ought to be well prepared so as not to be dragged by worries and small problems that could have been avoided. The last thing you need during a self drive safari is to be frustrated or worried sick because that defies the whole purpose and idea of a holiday/ vacation. Therefore, we shall be sharing some tips on how to adequately prepare for a self drive safari Uganda and hope you find them helpful as you journey through the Pearl of Africa.

Write your emergency contacts down

It is of no dought a brilliant idea to save your emergency contacts on your phone and back them up by writing them on a piece of paper in case your battery dies. Your emergency contacts should be made up of your rental car provider, your family and anyone you think is in a position to help you in case you get stranded or have an issue. Alternatively, you can always contact the police by dialing 999 if its a serious issue. Similarly, it is also a good idea to keep your loved ones and any concerned persons that matter in the loop, keeping regular communication such that people don’t get worried and anxious about what could have happened  to you. Fortunately, all the car rental Fleet at Auto Rental Uganda come with a recharging pot, So no need to worry about phone bartrey.

Carry a first aid kit

Renting a car for self drive safari uganda with Auto Rental Uganda guarantees you a car inclusive of A first aid kix Box. Considerably, You can never be certain about how smooth a road trip will go and that’s why it is very important to carry a first aid kit with you in the car. Don’t only stop at that, but also make sure the first aid kit is properly stocked with some painkillers, bandages, and bandaids. A self drive safari Uganda involves visiting places such as game parks and can involve acts such as mountain climbing which can sometimes result into minor accidents or injuries. That is precisely why you need to carry a proper first aid kit. Unattended cuts, wounds and bruises can get infected during your road trip or self drive safari Uganda but with a first aid kit, you wouldn’t have to worry about infections.

Book the car in advance

To prepare thoroughly for your safari, it would be ideal to book the car of your choice a few days or months before your trip. Looking for a car early enough before your safari provides you with plenty of time to look for an affordable car rental service which can save you money. Besides the benefit of saving money, booking a car early gives you time to inspect it before use and ensure it is in the right condition for a self drive safari in Uganda. To top it all off, you get some peace of mind knowing your means of transport are secured before you even travel.

Carry with You insect repelant

While you can never know what to expect during your safari, you can always expect insects all around you most especially in low altitudes and swampy or forested areas. Most of the insects are usually harmless although they can be a little annoying. As you are camping around the campfire, mosquitoes will be the last thing you want to disturb your peace so you should carry some insect repelant to keep away the annoying bites and stings of the insects. Alternatively, you could hire a car with excellent camping gear to keep yourself inside and the bugs outside at the same time.

Make Use of a Guide book, Driver Guide or GPS

If you are not familiar with Uganda’s road networks and destinations, you should get a GPS device to help you get around. You can also get a map showing all the different and possible routes so as not to get lost. In case you are going to a game park or touring remote destinations, it is advisable Rent a car and Driver guide who knows the area thoroughly. Rangers in game parks are usually available at the entrance and can also help you move around easily to see all the different animals in the game parks without getting lost.

Carry a camera

A self drive safari Uganda, is bound to awe you with magnificent and breath taking sights and sounds. These sights and sounds would make nice memories, and that’s precisely why you should carry a camera. The pictures you take will not only remind you of  your adventures, but will also be souvenirs of your trip in Uganda.

Travel light

Uganda is located between the tropics and is crossed by the equator and thus has a tropical climate which can get really hot. Therefore the perfect clothes for one to wear as they take a self drive safari and tour Uganda are light cotton t shirts and shorts. In case you are going to game parks filled with Savannah grasslands, cargo pants with closed shoes are the ideal gear. However, this does not mean you shouldn’t carry any sweaters or jumpers, as temperatures can drop at night, making them useful.

Safety Tips for Self-Drive Safari in Uganda

Self Drive Safaris

Self drive safaris through Uganda are remarkably the most sought after adventure options for a memorable and inspirational journey. Navigating through the lush green vegetation and rolling hills is an amazing and impressive lifetime adventure in Uganda. This also comes with renting a car for self drive safaris in Uganda‘s National parks which requires total awareness and responsibility. A self drive Safari can turn into a menace if you approach such an adventure without formalizing with the natural environment you intend to discover on a self drive safari.

This also applies through the countryside, Things can actually go very wrong and yes your most precious time, money to travel, rented car and further adventure would come to a hault. We are talking about driving a midst wildlife and not domestic animals, wild animals that can be aggressive and destruction. It is quite an important aspect to formalize and be safe before you opt for a self drive safaris in Uganda and so we share some of the Tips for safe self drive safaris in Uganda.

Make use of the Park Rangers if you can:  It sound as a way to rip off your budgeted money or quite a little expensive but that would be the basis of your life safety. The park rangers are always armed (which shouldn’t be a scare) and yes imformative about the park. It is the wild where anything can happen and the park ranger who is well informed with the area can be helpful. Instances are when attacked by a wild animal or with a mechanical problem in the wilderness amidst wildlife or driving through the right spots for better wildlife viewing.

Consider the rhythm of wildlife: With Self drive safaris in the wild, time passes a whole lot differently.  Never try to rush wildlife across the road, or rush them along with your rented vehicle.  This is absolutely looking for trouble with your car rental through Uganda.  Considerably respect and allow wildlife the freedom to move along at their own pace and yes wildlife has a right of way as stipulated by the wildlife governing body.  Although this may take patience on your part, you will be rewarded with wonderful wildlife sightings and safe interaction between man and wildlife.

Keep a distance: Like mentioned before, beasts in the wild have a right of way which requires you to stay 100m away from these animals and especially the Big wild. Driving closely to these animals may push them for self defense against your car causing a threat to you and the rented car. In this scenario of the rented car, such incidents lie in reckless driving which in turn require you to take full responsibility.

Expect Narrow and windy roads: Like many roads upcountry and off the beaten track, these tend to be so narrow and very few chances for overtaking other game viewing vehicles in the game reserve. In scenarios of overtaking, consider driving slow and avoid hooting like it would have been. Hooting scares animals away and limited chances of seeing a lot, keep it calm and bypass the vehicle ahead slowly without interference. Look ahead and beyond the corners with expectations of crossing game and other road users.

Put down your camera: We perfectly understand how it takes you much preparations and money getting ready for your Self drive African trip in Uganda. You got everything bought including the New camera, great big lenses and binoculars. However after minutes of shooting, how about consider putting down your treasured camera and get up-close and personal with the wildlife. There is nothing as rewarding as memorizing and having an internal memory looking at these wildlife especially for the Gorillas in Uganda and more wildlife with your camera away.

Only travel in a vehicle that is well-serviced and roadworthy:  The basics and the checklist for a self drive safari in Uganda. This rotates from the car rental agency you opted for in your plans of traveling through Uganda. In Many cases independent travelers are overtaken by low budget or so cheap car rental rates by companies but forget the fact and condition of the car. Very attractive rental rates are great and saving but the question lies at What kind of car do you get or what is the mechanical condition of the car you receive. Nothing so legit and perfect comes so cheaply for an inspirational journey in Uganda. Don’t be caught stuck and messed up with a dangerous mechanical conditioned vehicle in the middle of a beast filled game reserve that will eventually ruin your trip in Uganda. It so ethical and responsible renting a car from legit car rental agencies. Much enfasis and recommendation is travel with a well serviced and road worthy vehicle from companies like Auto Rental Uganda.