Uganda is a land filled with wonders and awe inspiring beauty in all its corners, so its no wonder its a poplar destination for tourists from all over the globe. One of the most popular ways you can-immerse yourself in Uganda’s beauty is by driving yourself around. With a good car rental company,Self driving is a efficient form of travel mainly because it is all about your comfort zone; and your attention is not split between the attractions and other tourists or guide but rather centered on whats in front of your windscreen, be it graceful beasts in their natural habitats or rhythmic  landscapes against sunset backdrops. Now, driving is in essence the same in every country you go with  a few variations depending on governance and road networks. In case you are planning a self drive safari in Uganda, here are a few pointers that will only make your experience even better and your travels free of any fuss.


Speed restrictions.

Speed restrictions are among the most strictly enforced road rules, and for a good reason. More than 40% of road accidents in Uganda stem from a driver over speeding and it would be more than unfortunate if you were to become part of this statistic. Consequently, we advise you to watch for speed limit signs along the highways and other major roads in the country.

Traffic Police.

Traffic police is an arm of the Uganda police force mandated to ensure proper road use and help road users in general, yourself included. So in case something happens while you on the road, do not hesitate to find the nearest police officer in white uniform. In the same manner, do not be alarmed if stopped by traffic police for they are just doing their job of ensuring road user’s safety. Even when you have been stopped for over speeding or other road offenses, do not attempt to bribe the police as this will only worsen your situation.

Keep left.

As stated earlier, driving in every country is basically the same in every country with a few minor differences for instance which side of the road to drive on. In Uganda, all drivers are supposed to drive on the left hand side of the road. In case you are not accustomed to this manner of driving or find it difficult, you are advised to hire a driver from one of the many car rentals in Uganda just to be on the safe side. Hiring a car with a driver guide from the same car rental company will be cheaper than hiring a car and driver separately.


Self drives are by their description intimate as its usually a family or a couple of friends enjoying each other’s company. Due to this, most of the adventure is mostly visual and the sites visited are normally whats found on the web (and hard to find sometimes). However, that is not all there is to this marvelous country Uganda, as you hire a car,be sure to get a guide book e.g Brandt that will show you where to find the best of what Uganda has to offer and how to get there.

Regular stops.

Some people may beg to differ, but we believe that a journey should be as remarkable as its destination. Based on this impression, we would advise you to set off early every day and drive at a moderate speed to absorb as much of Ugandas beauty as you can through your windscreen and this will also allow you to have regular stops to take pictures or refresh yourself. The main aim of doing this will be to arrive at your destination  unfatigued and ready to be awed by the marvels hidden within the Pearl of Africa.



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How to choose the right car rental in Uganda


Safaris, tours, trips and journeys in general are meant to be enjoyable at the least, that is if they aren’t therapeutic. But, one of the things that could make your trip to the beautiful Uganda unbearable is choosing the wrong car rental. A terrible car rental company can make the difference between a pleasurable self drive safari and a vacation gone wrong. What makes reserving a rental car different from  booking a flight or hotel room is the fact that there are few car rental companies compared to the number of tourists, creating a constant demand which can be credited for the nonchalant attitude adopted by some of the providers. A proper/suitable car rental company should not only respond to your inquiry courteously and enthusiastically/politely but it should also be able to furnish you with all the necessary content prior to your trip in order for you to choose the appropriate car at an affordable cost. In case you are new to how car rentals work or just want to get better deals on your trip, read on as we share with you how to choose the ideal car rental company.


Avoid airport rentals.

The first condition to getting a good deal on a rental car is quite simple; avoid airport rentals. Besides their ridiculous fines and base rates, airport rental cars usually come with stringent rules and conditions which will worry you, draining the fun out of your trip. Now, you may be worried about what other options you have if airport rentals were all you knew, but you shouldn’t be bothered because of the next pointer.


Check the internet.

The internet is renown for many reasons,but the one I wish to draw your attention to is its ability to speed up communication and how it is a platform for sharing knowledge with others. With just a few clicks or taps(depending on your device of choice) you can search the web for reputable car rentals in the region you wish to travel. You can check out their websites from thereon where you should be able to inquire about their rates or car fleet. An ideal car rental should be able to respond within 24 hours at most, which gives you plenty of time to work out a budget depending on the responses you get.



A good car rental company should have a wide range of vehicles in their fleet to cater for all types of tourists. Some companies offer only one type of vehicle regardless of the tourist and his/her destination yet you may need a large family van, a 4WD or luxury car  so with your needs in  mind, look through the option of cars availed to you. A good company will always have something that will suit you.

Terms and conditions.

Before you put pen to paper, read through the terms and conditions to ensure the company has no hidden fees or strict conditions. Some companies are deceptive in a way that they may offer cheap prices but insert hidden costs like insurance and fuel policy. However, they are bound by law to let their clients know through company policy and agreements. Thus as you search for a car to rent, ask the rental company for a copy of its policy to acquaint yourself with their terms and conditions of your car rental in uganda.



Good car rentals offer only cars but the best car rental companies offer extras to make your self drive in Uganda even more memorable and more so at small affordable rates. some car rentals such as auto rental Uganda offer quality camping equipment in case you plan on self driving in the wilderness.

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Benefits Of Hiring a car and Driver Guide in Uganda

car rental and Driver in Uganda: For as long as tourism in relation to Safaris in Uganda as an industry- has existed, guided safaris involving car rental and driver Guide has been one of the most common forms of insightful travel through these beautiful lands. One can never be too certain or knowledgeable of the places they are visiting, so guides always seem like the best or safest way to traverse new or unexplored areas like Bwindi  national  park in south west Uganda, a sanctuary for over half the  world’s endagoured mountain gorillas.

Guided safaris  have  evolved  from rudimentary  walks  with natives of the safari destination to more elaborate and detailed drives covering large areas with experts on flora and fauna directing your attention to things you shouldn’t miss. Guided safaris can be compared to self drive safaris in uganda where you are at the liberty to rent a car for an agreed time to tour and travel as you please on your own. While a self drive safari might offer a lot more freedom during your tour compared to a guided safari, you can not be guaranteed answers to your questions and neither will your curiosity be quenched with knowledge of the wildlife immediately.

Conventional car rental and driver guide safaris include customized or preset itineraries that cover your whole safari from the day of arrival to your departure. That way, you know your destinations and what  to look out  for  prior  to setting off.  In this article, we intend to discuss and share the pros of opting for car rental and driver and try and inform your decision as you debate on which form of travel to pursue while on a car rental safari holiday in Uganda.


One of the prime advantages of car rental and driver is that you do not have to carry maps or worry about where to take the next turn. You are provided with an insightful driver guide who will not only drive you to and from your desired attractions, but also keep informing you about your location and constantly brief you.  This leaves you with only the task of looking out for animals and drinking in the raw panorama unfolding before you.

Trained, insightful and knowledgeable guides

It is very common for the undisciplined eye to miss sight of animals or things that could be part of interest but, for a trained guide, it is easy to point out a leopard camouflaged in tree branches or to track the location of a herd of animals. Local guides usually know the areas thoroughly and always know where to find which animals. This saves you a lot of time driving around just hoping to see an animal by chance or luck.


The tour guides who accompany you are not only with you to drive you and point out animals but also to ensure that both you and the animals are safe. Some tourists who embark on self drive safaris  engage  in  behavior  which  is  considered  risky  to  either  the  animals  or themselves, albeit unknowingly. Tour guides can advise you on how to act in the presence of the animals since they are supposed to be knowledgeable on animal behavior.


Somewhere along the car rental and driver hired safaris, you could be interested in the culture or norms of indigenous people in the area. For example, many tourists who come to Uganda during an even year are thrilled to witness the imbalu(circumcision)  ceremony held by the Bagishu. Now, if you were on a self drive safari your chances of interaction would be slim due to problems ranging from language barrier to shyness of indigenous people. However, if you happen to have hired a car and driver Guide,  your  guide can be of  help and either  translate or  take you to places where  your interactions would be made easier and more interesting.

Self Drive Car Rental Safaris in Uganda.

Renting a car in Uganda for self drive safaris is absolutely a recomendable road trip where you optionally hire a car and privately drive to and around your preferred destination without the hustle of a designated driver or strict itineraries, also very impontant hiring a car and camping gear or the intended Self drive safaris. Self drive safaris are an opportunity to observe and be amazed by the joys of a safari from the driver’s seat. Uganda, blessed with endearing and picturesque scenery, is favorable for self-drive safaris not only because of the enchanting flora and fauna but also because of its hospitable natives and infrastructure.

On arrival in Uganda, you can’t help but notice the usability of the road networks which beckon you driving through Uganda on your own and be part of the activity on the road as you observe whats going on at the same time. Uganda’s major roads which connect Kampala to other regions such as Mbale in the east; Masaka and Mbarara in the south west; Gulu in the north; Hoima in the west are well surfaced and maintained highways that can enhance your self drive experience in Uganda.

Traffic is less intense the farther you drive away from the city center, which eases travel to your destination if it is in rural Uganda, however construction of the northern bypass has made it easy to self drive across the city as well. Most of the other roads such as Masindi to Murchission falls or Nsanga to lake Mburo national park are unsurfaced. Unsurfaced roads usually change according to the season as they are usually dusty during the dry season and slippery mud during the wet season, depending on the soil type in the locale. You should be wary and careful as firm steady soil can abruptly turn into black cotton quagmire. Watch the road if other cars are using it easily or being challenged; if taxis are using the road comfortably so should a 4×4 car.

This is why 4×4 Rental cars are recommended for self drive safaris in Uganda, because they can adapt to most of the terrain they are used in. while on a self drive safari in Uganda, there are destinations you should endeavor to tour such as game parks teeming with rare animal species; and Bwindi impenetrable forest which is home to 70% of the world’s mountain gorilla population. If possible you should hire a car with excellent camping gear to enable you experience bush camping in Uganda’s thrilling savannas. For a small fee, you can park and camp in a game park with the help and oversight of a park ranger. Park rangers can be booked in advance or got from the entrance. Camping in a game park is similar to letting nature engulf you and being part of the unbuilt environment to enjoy its thrill as our fore fathers did.

Nonetheless when self driving in game parks, drive slow and absorb all the beauty of the Savannah grasslands as you watch out for game. If you have a guide, don’t be afraid to ask them to show you whatever animals you want to see. Alternatively, you could decide to go gorilla tracking in Bwindi impenetrable national park. Bwindi is approximately 450 kms from Kampala and its about a 6 hours drive although there are multiple routes to get there. The self drive safari can even be more interesting if you use the route passing through Queen Elizabeth national park via Ishasha where you could catch a glimpse of Ishasha’s tree climbing

lions before your encounter with the magnificent endangered mountain gorillas in the equatorial paradise that is Bwindi impenetrable forest. Therefore, if you are in search of a refreshing but unconventional tourist holiday experience, a self drive safari through Uganda is ideal for you

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6 Tips for Self Driving in Rural Areas of Uganda

Self drive Car Hire uganda: Like Uganda,, christened the pearl of Africa by sir Winston Churchill during his visit, is a land Un-doughtably filled with astonishing still fresh, untouched and natural beauty Contained within its boundaries are hospitable people with flora and fauna which awe you with such majesty and grace that you cant help but be amazed. Even more inspiring is the fact that most of the self drive car hire uganda tourist hot spots such as Bwindi impenetrable forest, Murchison falls national park are pure nature with little or no urban influence. And because this happens, they can only be accessed through the rural parts of Uganda which have mostly murram access roads. However, this should not discourage you from self drive car hire uganda independent travellers touring the wonders of Uganda on a private self drive car hire safari.

On the contrary, this should only arouse your adventurous side to rent a suitable car and self drive through the Uganda countryside. To connect even more with nature, you could hire a car along with quality camping gear and set camp in one of the national parks with the guidance of a park ranger. The ideas shared below will not only guide you on how to
self drive safely through rural Uganda, but also help you enjoy your experience in Uganda. Here are some tips for self drive car hire we share you could find interesting when driving upcountry in rural areas.

Watch the speed
You should watch your speed limit as you drive on feeder roads just the same way you watch it while on a main road. Most of the access roads in Uganda are narrow with hardly any speed limit signs. As much as the road might seem empty, its advisable to be
careful and drive at a speed which you can easily brake or maneuver in case there is another car using the road. As a matter of fact, speeding on murram roads could damage some parts of the car since you can never be certain what lies on the road.
Thus you should observe the speed limit and slow down which will give you time to observe what is on the road and drive or react accordingly.

Be Cautious
A lot of access roads in rural Uganda, are fed by other smaller murram roads and some may not be visible until you reach them. If another user is coming into the road, you may nor realize it until they are in your way which could be fatal. This not only emphasizes the earlier point of watching your speed, but also calls for caution and attention on the road. when approaching a junction where other cars or people join the same road you’re using, you should hoot once or twice to let others know there is a car on the road, it sounds funny and wiered but yes it will save you a heck of trouble.

Always Inquire
Asking or inquiring about your location could make the difference between getting lost or reaching your destination. There places whose names sound similar or which share a name but are located in different regions. If you are not certain about which direction or road to take to your preferred destination, you can always inquire from the hospitable locals or hire a car and driver guide to keep you on the right path or keep you insightful. In the same spirit of Self driving in uganda, you should also ask where a road leads before you proceed when on a self drive safari as it would be unfortunate to waste fuel driving to and from a dead end.

Look out for Tractors or heavy turning vehicles
It is uncommon to find heavy duty cars such as tractors or ATV’s using the same roads as you are in the rural parts of Uganda. In case you encounter such vehicles, please remember to drive at a safe distance even when they appear to be slow. If you
intend to overtake, make sure there is enough space on the road for you to maneuver and remember the truck driver might have restricted view of the road and other users so make him aware of your presence on the road as well either way by flashing lights.

Watch-out for many livestock
Some of the indigenous tribes in Uganda keep animals such as cattle, goats and sheep. This implies that you’re bound to run into herds of animals during a self drive safari in Uganda. Occasionally, livestock will be seen crossing from one side of the road to the
other in search of pasture or water and in such a situation, you should stop the car, keep calm and let the animals cross. You should also avoid startling the animals by hooting or revving your engine because scared animals could attack or run amok.

Plan for the fuel
The further one goes from an urban center, the less the fuel/ gas stations they will come across. Further more, fuel from rural areas usually contains impurities which can reduce your rental car’s efficiency if not spoil it. Due to this, we recommend that you fill your tank from the urban centers and if possible carry extra fuel in a jerrycan because you might not know how far your sense of adventure will take you. If possible, inquire about the distance to your destination and compare this data with your car rental Agency consumption to give you an idea of approximately how much fuel you’ll need to go and return.

7 More Tips for Safe Self Driving In Uganda.

Self driving Tips Uganda for driving in Uganda is a thrilling task or activity, even more pleasurable when you opt for self driving in Uganda. Be it the hustle and bustle of the city centers or the serene and ragged landscapes in the rural areas, a self drive in Uganda offers you a chance to enjoy all the little pleasures the pearl of Africa offers at your own pace. Nonetheless driving carelessly could be tragic and dangerous. Whether you are going for a quick drive around the city or taking a self drive safari around Uganda, it is always best to drive safely. That is why we would like to share with you some tips on how to increase your safety on Ugandan roads.

Uganda, unlike many other countries, drives on the left side, thus right hand drive vehicles are the most suitable to drive. If you do not have such a vehicle, you should not be worried as you can affordably rent a car in Uganda that is well adapted for use on left hand drive roads. Such cars will make it easier to see what is ahead of you and to avoid on coming traffic. but you should always remember to keep left while driving in Uganda. However, if you are on a self drive safari upcountry, it will be hardly necessary as there will hardly be any cars on the road.

One of the key aspects of safe driving is speed. You should always be careful not to over speed as this could easily lead to an accident which could be fatal. As you are driving, look out for any road signs as they can always guide you on what to expect ahead, helping you drive more carefully. Most importantly, look out for speed limit signs to regulate your speed. In addition to this, there is traffic police along the road to ensure traffic rules and regulations are adhered to.

Seatbelts are designed to keep you in your seat and make sure you are not hurled through the windshield incase of an accident. That is why it is always in your best interest to wear one. As much as you may be a great driver, you cannot account for the actions of other drivers or pedestrians and thats why it is safer to wear a seatbelt. Inevitably, wearing a seatbelt will increase your chances of survival greatly in case you get involved in an accident when you hire and drive a car in uganda.

Before you embark on a journey, make it a point to always check you car’s condition and ensure its safe for driving. Things you should check before you set off include tyre pressure, oil levels, turn signals and brakes etc. Failure of any of the above can result in car failure or a mishap on the road which is a risk you shouldn’t take as it endangers your life. Routine maintenance and checking of your car can save you from the hustles of breakdowns which can end up being costly.

If you plan on driving, do not drink any alcohol or take any drugs. Mood altering substances like alcohol can significantly impair your judgement and your senses which in turn makes you a reckless driver. Further more, driving in Uganda under the influence of alchol is illegal and punishable by law. If you can’t avoid drinking, please make sure you have a designated driver who is sober or find a safe place to rest before you can embark on the task of driving once more.

It is usually not a good idea hiring a car for self drive or more so driving in Uganda while fatigued or exhausted. Make sure you get plenty of rest if you know you have a long journey ahead. Drivers who sleep or dose off while behind the wheels tend to cause a lot of unrest which could have been avoided if they were attentive and wide awake. In case you have a long trip and need to make pit-stops, you could opt to rent a car and quality camping gear. This will help you get a comfortable rest anywhere you wish without rushing. A comfortable rest will help you get behind the wheel fresher and more focused.

As a matter of fact, driving in Uganda necessitates you to focus on the road and not get distracted by things such as phone calls, text messages, serious conversations, food or events happening on the roadside. Similarly, dont try to wear make-up or put on clothes while driving. All the above activities can distract you from watching the road ahead as you drive which could lead to an accident.

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Self Drive In Uganda; 8 Reasons why You Can Do It

Self drive Uganda is something most discussed on by many intrepid travelers and many sole travelers who intend to visit the pearl of Africa and yes a very recommended option for those that wish to discover the beautiful lands at their own pace. I agree no more Uganda is gifted by nature with the Aww inspiring culture, Jaw dropping landscapes, vibrant wildlife, grade 5 Rapids and getting up-close and personal with the endangered mountain Gorillas.

Considerably, there are many options on how one can travel in Uganda whatever the budget lies in their means. One can Opt to travel through the beautiful lands on a guided tour taking a package from some recommended tour operators and yes one can opt to Rent a car with Driver, Hire a car and camping gear or opt for an inspirational Self drive Uganda safari. Whatever the option one opts for with good tips of travel to Uganda, You will considerably agree with me that your intended journey and adventure is full-packed and yes is magical for many and other travelers.
Talking about self drive  Uganda safaris, Yes it’s absolutely doable in Uganda and east Africa by many sole and independent travelers whether hiring a Toyota Rav4 or Toyota Prado land cruiser that many car rental agencies offer for self drive in Uganda. Our car rental team Shares with you some of the affirmations why you can travel, Hire a car and handle a self drive safari Uganda.

Amazing Destination
Definitely a must visit on one of your many vacation travels. Uganda ranks one of the best and a very still virgin and lush green destination to travel with many attractions that leave you awing, We haven’t mentioned a once in a lifetime opportunity getting up-close and personal with the world endangered great apes, The mountain Gorillas and So is the drive through Uganda. Hiring a car in Uganda and driving your own adventure is as helpful and safe for many other travelers. Connecting to many different destinations requires a vehicle and yes some of these incredible destinations will require the help of a car especially the wilderness and protected areas in Uganda.

The great improved roads.
Hiring a car and driving in Uganda is absolutely one of the many safe ways for independent travelers and yes the many and new constructed roads in and around the countryside would definitely make it easier self driving in Uganda. There has been a great improvement in the road structure for most roads radiating out of Kampala the capital city and as well as the upcountry roads. The same roads have been so perfectly marked and will definitely lead you safely to your next destination each other day.

Nice Friendly and willing to help People
Ranked by many travelers and world travel site like CNN and AG with the world’s friendliest people in the world, this absolutely makes it easy for many sole travelers to take a self drive in Uganda. Uganda people are so friendly and helpful when asked even on the country sides, this can be observed at the different lodges you get to. Trust me or not, you can never get lost when driving in Uganda, A mere asking the locals or a person passing by, are always helpful and will surely show the right ways or even provide more information than needed. Tip is; keep friendly and nice to them too and always greet them before you ask, Trust me you will feel safer than ever before in a foreign land like Uganda.

Great weather.
Uganda definitely has very good and great weather but also important to note that the climates in Uganda and at the equator are not predictable. However the weather throughout the year is very nice and good for driving even in the mountains of Bwindi impenetrable National Park. The roads are always clearly and if slippery due to the rains, they always dry out fast something that makes it easier for self drive travelers who opt to hire a car in Uganda.

24-7 Roadside assistance
As a service that comes with car rental Services in Uganda, most reputable car rental companies in Uganda offer 24-7 roadside assistance, a service that is mandatory with self drive car rental in Uganda. With such a service, always consider being rescued at anytime of the day during a self drive in Uganda.

Planned Routes
For some genuine car rental agencies like Auto Rental Uganda, The home pages usually offer options for very well put together itineraries that travelers who opt to hire a car for self drive in Uganda can follow. These itineraries can give a clue or hint on what to do in different destination during self drive safaris. Some of the itineraries show travel times, recommended stops and recommended destination depending on Your travel days. Be assured to ask the car rental agency if they can offer you a detailed itinerary that you can follow up.

Less traffic upcountry
For many parts upcountry, the roads have less traffic as compared to city roads, yes with crazy driver can make the self drive trip complicated and a hustle, but the upcountry less traffic will definitely offer you an inspirational self drive safari. As you travel upcountry where many interesting destinations are, there are less traffic and definitely makes the self drive car rental trip a walk over and incredible.

Perfect mechanical Rental Vehicles
For many car rental agencies try as much as possible to keep their cars in good shape, As much as the personnel’s at the rental agencies would love to helpful as you travel, They wouldn’t fancy when you keep calling them for a mechanical condition every now and then. Of course they will be helpful but a continuous one keeps on their toes. This is why whenever each car comes back from a trip, it is perfectly maintained to keep up with the UN-interrupted safari in Uganda during self drive.

Car Rental Uganda & 6 Tips for Driving With Kids.

Car Rental Uganda is un-doubtably one of the best and magical options fo discovering the pearl of Africa, You will definitely make it incredible if you consider coming down here with your little ones and yes, to show them what Uganda has got to offer, showing them a whole new life in Africa. Not only does it widen their knowledge but also gives them a completely new approach to African life and traditions.

Car Rental Uganda with children can be rily fun, and for some, pretty much taxing. In either case, it is a task that needs a lot of attention so that your children can be safe and yes love the adventure you offered to them especially when you opt Car Rental Uganda for self driving in Uganda. While most of the rental fleet at Auto Rental Uganda comes equipped with safety belts, children need extra care and attention. As a parent, when you drive with your kids, you need to follow some important children safety advice. When accidents happen, it is only of trivial importance whose mistake it is. All that matters is if you have taken all the necessary precautions for your children, and that they remain safe.

Auto Rental Uganda Team shares with you some few tips that you must always remember when you take your kids in the car when you opt for a self drive car rental in Uganda but as drivers, we do realize that the roads in Uganda can be a nasty so this is why you must do all that is possible to prioritize your children’s safety while they travel with you in Uganda.

Make use of the Apt Car seats
Car Rental Uganda and driving in Uganda with kids requires and surely necessitates Apt car seats not only for the confortability but also the safety of the kids on board and especially for the babies. You need one according to your child’s age/measurements. It is not only the absence of baby car seat that can pose a great danger, but also the inapt size of it.

Do away with using a mobile Phone
With No Doubt Car Rental Uganda and self driving using mobile phones are the biggest distraction when it comes to driving not only in Uganda but also worldwide by many drivers whether with or without kids. If you are driving with the kids in Uganda, it is only far more dangerous than otherwise. Consider it as one of the most important aspect and tip for driving in Uganda you MUST do away with and especially with Kids in Uganda.

Seat them at the Right Place
Self driving in Uganda with Children under 12 years of age, or under the weight and height that is considered average for a 12 year old, must ride in the back seat. Whether it is a child below 4 years, or above 4, the place for car seats and boosters is in the back by all means. This is an extremely important children safety advice for parents.

Secure Luggage
Opting to self drive with kids in Uganda considerably advises that you must never place a heavy or projectile article on the shelf behind the rear seats. Do not even stash light objects there behind the kids’ seat. In case you brake hard, these objects can fall directly onto your children. You may get tempted to stack up things there, especially in the case of camping gears in case of renting a car and camping gear, where the boot space is not as much. Also, if you have heavy objects in the boot, use cargo anchors. Considerably place heavy luggage on the floor as far ahead as possible. Don’t pile up things as they will fly on forward in case of unfortunatalities.

Buckling Up
Car Rental Uganda requires Buckling up kids however this is a simple but important task that you must never forget to do. If you do not, all the car seats, booster, and accessories will come down to nothing. You do make sure to tether and latch the car seats while driving in Uganda with kids, but if you are not using seat belts, it could put your kids at massive risk in case of accidents. Even if you have teenagers riding in the backseat, make sure they use seat belts. It is one of the the bestand safest way to driving with kids in Uganda.

NEVER Ever Leave the Kids Alone
Remember that hiring, driving and then leaving the kids alone inside or around the car can be dangerous. Kids can be helpless if another vehicle hits your car. There have been cases wherein kids have died of heat strokes in closed cars. And, don’t leave them alone around your or anyone else’s car either. They could come in contact with the hot bonnet or exhaust and get hurt. They could also get struck behind the boot while reversing the car in your absence.

Conclusively, make sure that you take this children safety advice very important and very considerate when you opt for Car Rental Uganda and driving with them in these beautiful lands

Uganda Self Drive

6 Simple Tips to Avoid Sleep when self driving in Uganda.

Uganda Self Drive is quite an easy way and can be managed by many travelers who opt for self drive or hire a car with a driver which seems to be the best solution when you rent a car in Uganda with one reputable company like Auto Rental Uganda. As it is, you always have many options at disposal of how you can make best of the car rental services in Uganda, the real decision usually belongs to the car hirer considering his/her tastes and preferences.

When one opts for a uganda self drive, then you are covenant of your driving skills and yes you believe in your perfection in driving on the African roads which Yes to say, can be challenging. Hiring and driving in Uganda is absolutely the best way to discover these beautiful lands but question is, How best are you familiar with the Uganda Self Drive and still be well considering that sometimes you could end up napping on the wheels.

Napping is a very healthy thing to do while on a Uganda Self Drive but yes we insist not on the wheels as you drive through the countryside or on one of those nice paved roads in Uganda. On the other hand, the big benefits of bumpy countryside roads is keeping you awake as you drive, You cant be bumped into a water-filled pothole and still keeping dosing on the wheels, however these smooth/paved roads will take you off and get your self dosing off especially when you have to drive a long distance with same vegetation and scenery. One of the longest same vegetation landscapes is the Murchison – kibale journey that takes 10hours but worry not, it’s a bumpy road.

Auto Rental Uganda Team shares with you some few tips for driving in Uganda and that can avoid sleep especially those that hire a car for self drive safaris; And if you prefer not to keep the tips and also prefer the comfort of your rental car, we advise that you hire a car with a driver for your trip through these beautiful lands.

Avoid driving when you are too tired.
Considerably, the first rule of staying safe on a self drive journey is not to hit the road when you are too tired. Since you are driving independently and not on a fixed schedule, take time to sleep little, relax enough and avoid being stressed. If You have been busy the previous day, how about use part of the next day to relax? Trust me this will do wonders for a long journey ahead and yes for your safety when driving in Uganda.. You need a strong mind to enjoy a Uganda Self Drive.

Avoid driving & Rushing
Supposedly, most self drivers drive at night without stopping for breaks or would rather make the most of the holiday weekend or holiday journey. But, there’s a limit to the amount of stress and labor that your body can take without taking rest or breaks. So, don’t cut the resting time to rush to the destination. Plan accordingly, like have an itinerary or travel plan with time. Some car rental agencies like Auto Rental Uganda will definitely draft you a very perfect itinerary with travel time.. Planning is a very important aspect and especially long journeys.

Make use Caffeinated products
Driving with the help of Caffeine helps in keeping you awake when self driving and especially for sole traveling self drivers in Uganda, believe me your mind will keep alert. So, drinking one or two cups of coffee whenever you feel sleepy when driving will help to avoid falling asleep at the wheel. Keep caffeinated mints and gum in the vehicle in case you can’t buy beverages on the way as you drive past.

Make use of Breaks/driving intervals.
You control the car and yes control Time of travel too. Taking a break at every two to three hours or 100 kms will give you a time to relax and refresh your mind. Usually park the vehicle somewhere safe with people in vicinity and enjoy a snack or listen to a song. Start the journey after 15 to 20 minutes. If you want, you could make use of a small jog just behind your rental car and allow blood in you move fast, this way you have the sleep under control.

Remember to take a Nap
Driving a rental car in Uganda for long distances at some point requires taking a nap. This could be the last resort if nothing mentioned above works. A 20-minute of nap will keep you alert for the next couple of hours. So, if you are sleep deprived and caffeine seems to have no effect anymore, park somewhere safe and take a short nap. Trust me This will def work for independent self driving travelers in Uganda

Travel and share driving with a buddy or spouse
Is is not nice and good accompaniment? This is also one of the most efficient way to avoid sleep when driving and yes, not loose time when self driving in Uganda. This is helpful when you are set for a very long journey. Hire a car and drive with someone else so that you can take turns. It’s the best way to avoid falling asleep when driving on Uganda roads because you can take rest when the other person is driving and surely works out just so perfect. Trust me even sharing self driving memories is just paramount and memorable.

Self drive Car hire Uganda & 5 Bad driving habits women should stop on

Self drive Car hire Uganda is quit an easy way to adventuring the pearl of Africa but driving through the countryside is a little complicated for women. No matter how much the driving may seem easy and however much you have poor driving habbits, it  does not mean you are an amateur in driving however, there’s a popular perception that women drivers don’t fare well on the road as their male counterparts. However much Self drive Car hire Uganda in general is a skill that does not depend on your gender, women, in general, practice some strange driving habits that seem irritating or confounding to other drivers. Most Self drive Car hire Uganda Agencies get into agreement with Hirers on how to perfectly handle the vehicle and hirers are sometimes riable for their deeds just incases of unfortunatalities that lie under reckless driving. We would advise that you make use by hiring a car and driver guide for your car rental trip but still maintain your own pace.

Auto Rental Uganda shares with you some of the those bad habits women should give up so you don’t repeat them and ensure the road safety during Self drive Car hire Uganda safaris.

Avoid applying make-up at traffic lights
We understand how it makes sense to many women since the few minutes at traffic lights seem to be the only solution for a light makeup session. Well, we also understand how good you must look during you journey, but if you could stop in a safe place and apply this makeup, would safe you a lot of unfortunatalities. Driving in Uganda and especially Kampala traffic areas requires full attention.

Doing something else while driving
Doing something else other than driving is a common vise by many people and not only women especially the teen drivers, usually text or keep the earbuds in while driving. We agree Self drive Car hire Uganda safari journeys goes hand in hand with nice music but truth is that even a slight distraction can lead to dangerous accidents. If you have to text, park somewhere, and listen through the car’s speakers instead of using earbuds. If you must take an important call, either park the vehicle or use a Bluetooth headset caller which should be the last option if you would not want to loose time.

Avoid driving while feeling tired or sleepy.
This is one of the bad habits women should give up with immediate effect while on self drive car hire in Uganda. While it’s understandable because women have more responsibilities for their hubbys and children when on safari or when travelling in Uganda, it is very important than you take some good sleep so that in the morning you are good enough to take up the journey or the wheels for an amazing Self drive Car hire Uganda safari and yes avoid unfortunaterlities

Avoid Sitting in a bad driving posture
Like said earlier and much done, many self drivers on safari in Uganda don’t know how to position themselves behind the wheel to get the maximum control of the vehicle. Stop slouching while driving or resting the arm on the window sill because these don’t give you the ideal body position to react quickly at the time of hazards. Uganda has a lot of crazy road users not like The disciplined back home, so for you to take control of the vehicle you require to be in good sitting postures so that you’re good to go for a self drive trip with many crazy drivers around the country.

Ignorance about the car mechanism
Most and not all women are clueless about the engine mechanism or other parts of the car. You should be familiar with the basic vehicle problems and check the engine with the levels of water and oil regularly for better maintenance. It is important to know that all rental cars for self drive have been used before by other self drivers and yes all cars are subject to breakdown, however it is impontant to be aware of minor problems which you could also have avoided if you knew something. Remember, you are driving far in the wild and on any help from the car rental agencies require patience as they get you any available and nearest help If you keep ignoring the problems like noise and vibrations while drive, the car may end up with a major problem and hinder the anticipated self drive safari.