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Self Drive Uganda Safari To The famous Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Self Drive Uganda safari stands out as the most convenient means of travel through the scenic and nature rich East Africa’s number one tourist destination. Nicknamed the Pearl of Africa, #Uganda is well known for the virgin wilderness waiting to be discovered and her tough terrain roads that make your road trips exciting and worth trying out.

The Queen Elizabeth National Park is located in the south western part of Uganda, well known as Uganda’s most popular and accessible savanna reserve lying beside the Lake Edward with diverse ecosystems that include humid forests, sparkling lakes, fertile wetlands, vast range of wildlife both animals and birds.

How to reach the park.

On a self drive Uganda safari, it is obvious that you’ll reach the Queen Elizabeth by road utilizing our perfect condition 4×4 Car rental vehicles that are strong enough to maneuver the tough terrains of the Ugandan soils. There are different routes to the park depending on where one is coming from or even the traveler’s priority in terms of stop overs he intends to make or even opting for the shortest route available. Our detailed and clear Uganda road maps come in handy to assist you choose a road that seems to meet your preference of travel to the park or better still, our insightful driver guides can help you choose a better route that suites your preferred interests while on your journey to the park. Both routes range between 410 -425 km stretches from Uganda’s capital city, Kampala. Air flights can also be arranged to the existing airstrips of Kasese.

What to do and see in Queen Elizabeth.

For any traveler aboard a self drive Uganda safari to this western nature endowed park, brace yourself for an exciting and adventurous stay in the park because it is a habitat for most of Uganda’s unique wildlife and the most beautiful sceneries from the mountains,plains,valleys and the sparkling water bodies like the famous kazinga channel connecting the two great lakes George and Edward. All these facilitate a memorable game drive that allows you quality time in the wild on just four wheels to get sights of elephants, warthogs, lions, antelopes, baboons, to mention but only a few. The exciting launch cruise along Kazinga channel is one you can’t afford to miss as you get to discover some of Africa’s unique water animals like hippos, crocodiles, water birds and so many other birds in the vegetation on the banks of the waters which is perfect for bird watching. Also, enjoy a rewarding nature walk around the park  and encounter the unique cultural heritage for example the energetic dances of the Kikorongo  Equator cultural performers, locals harvesting salt at Katwe, traditional Banyaruguru hut and different African agricultural practices at Mubuku. There is just so much more to discover in the Queen Elizabeth park than we can put in writing .Any travel diehard wouldn’t give up this trip for anything.

Where to stay.

The park has got plenty of lodges that offer you great accommodation, restaurant and bar services and still allow you the chance to still enjoy spectacular views across your relaxing point. These cater for all budgets ranging from luxury, midrange to budget .Through a reputable car rental Uganda agency, you will be able to book yourself a hotel or lodge of your preference with advice from our travel experts to get you a perfect place to match your descriptions. Also, you can make use of our quality camping gears to be able to commune more intimately with nature and the wild. Even easier, our well detailed itineraries can be of great help to book a fully pre-arranged self drive uganda safari and save you the burden of researching about lodges in a foreign area.

Our Car rental team are always happy to serve you in the most commendable way possible for you to have a memorable trip to the Pearl of Africa.

Self drive Car hire Uganda & 5 Bad driving habits women should stop on

Self drive Car hire Uganda is quit an easy way to adventuring the pearl of Africa but driving through the countryside is a little complicated for women. No matter how much the driving may seem easy and however much you have poor driving habbits, it  does not mean you are an amateur in driving however, there’s a popular perception that women drivers don’t fare well on the road as their male counterparts. However much Self drive Car hire Uganda in general is a skill that does not depend on your gender, women, in general, practice some strange driving habits that seem irritating or confounding to other drivers. Most Self drive Car hire Uganda Agencies get into agreement with Hirers on how to perfectly handle the vehicle and hirers are sometimes riable for their deeds just incases of unfortunatalities that lie under reckless driving. We would advise that you make use by hiring a car and driver guide for your car rental trip but still maintain your own pace.

Auto Rental Uganda shares with you some of the those bad habits women should give up so you don’t repeat them and ensure the road safety during Self drive Car hire Uganda safaris.

Avoid applying make-up at traffic lights
We understand how it makes sense to many women since the few minutes at traffic lights seem to be the only solution for a light makeup session. Well, we also understand how good you must look during you journey, but if you could stop in a safe place and apply this makeup, would safe you a lot of unfortunatalities. Driving in Uganda and especially Kampala traffic areas requires full attention.

Doing something else while driving
Doing something else other than driving is a common vise by many people and not only women especially the teen drivers, usually text or keep the earbuds in while driving. We agree Self drive Car hire Uganda safari journeys goes hand in hand with nice music but truth is that even a slight distraction can lead to dangerous accidents. If you have to text, park somewhere, and listen through the car’s speakers instead of using earbuds. If you must take an important call, either park the vehicle or use a Bluetooth headset caller which should be the last option if you would not want to loose time.

Avoid driving while feeling tired or sleepy.
This is one of the bad habits women should give up with immediate effect while on self drive car hire in Uganda. While it’s understandable because women have more responsibilities for their hubbys and children when on safari or when travelling in Uganda, it is very important than you take some good sleep so that in the morning you are good enough to take up the journey or the wheels for an amazing Self drive Car hire Uganda safari and yes avoid unfortunaterlities

Avoid Sitting in a bad driving posture
Like said earlier and much done, many self drivers on safari in Uganda don’t know how to position themselves behind the wheel to get the maximum control of the vehicle. Stop slouching while driving or resting the arm on the window sill because these don’t give you the ideal body position to react quickly at the time of hazards. Uganda has a lot of crazy road users not like The disciplined back home, so for you to take control of the vehicle you require to be in good sitting postures so that you’re good to go for a self drive trip with many crazy drivers around the country.

Ignorance about the car mechanism
Most and not all women are clueless about the engine mechanism or other parts of the car. You should be familiar with the basic vehicle problems and check the engine with the levels of water and oil regularly for better maintenance. It is important to know that all rental cars for self drive have been used before by other self drivers and yes all cars are subject to breakdown, however it is impontant to be aware of minor problems which you could also have avoided if you knew something. Remember, you are driving far in the wild and on any help from the car rental agencies require patience as they get you any available and nearest help If you keep ignoring the problems like noise and vibrations while drive, the car may end up with a major problem and hinder the anticipated self drive safari.

Hiring and Driving an Automatic Rental car in Uganda for self drive

Renting and driving a car in Uganda is one of the major and growing modes of adventure in exploring these beautiful lands but the question here is, Have you driven an Automatic car before, A common mode of car hired in Uganda for self drive safaris? Oh if you haven’t, Here is From Start to end tips on how to drive an automatic car. It is easy if you have driven a manual car before and of course if your holding an international drivers license.

Driving an automatic car? Well, you will be happy to know that hiring and driving a car in Uganda on self drive with an automatic transmission is easier than the one that uses a manual gearbox. However, it does not mean you can learn to drive automatic without any practice. It’s mandatory to learn how to drive either in a school or under a private instructor. However, learning the basics beforehand will help you big time on your self drive car rental in Uganda.

How to Drive an Automatic Car: The Functions of the Gears
Ever wondered what the letters and numbers on an automatic gearbox mean? It’s crucial to know their role and functions so as to ease with driving test.
In the automotive world, these letters are known as PRNDL (pronounced as ‘prindle’). What they stand for are:

P (Parking): to park the car.
It locks the transmission shaft and does not let the car to move anywhere. The only thing that can rotate in that condition is the non-driving wheels. Although, it will completely lock down a four-wheel drive.
R (Reverse): for reverse driving
Shifting to this gear allows you to drive the vehicle backward. To do that, stop the car completely and choose the R gear after pressing the shift-lock button. There’s no need to do anything while moving from R to N or D, but shifting to the R again will require the use of the shift button.

N (Neutral): no gear
It means the vehicle is using no gear. In this state, the transmission will have no connection to the driven wheels and the car will move using the momentum only. You should use it only for pushing or towing the car unlike many that use it on slopes while driving thinking they are saving fuel). This is very Wrong

D (Drive): to start and move
Understanding the functions of this gear is the most important when you are planning on hiring and driving an automatic car in Uganda. Putting the car in this gear means driving normally. But, the transmission uses some other variations including D1, D2, and D3 to adjust to the speed at which you are driving the vehicle. The D1 means the very first gear and you can gradually move up to the higher ones. Using the highest gear could be fuel-efficient when you are driving long distance on the highway. Otherwise, these gear ratios are suitable for unusual conditions only such as getting the car out of the ice or mud.

When you set the gear at D1, it means that the transmission gets locked in that position and won’t change on its own. Setting the gear at D2 means locking it in the second gear. In some models, the gear automatically shifts from the 1st to 2nd when it reaches a particular speed limit, such as 30mph, to protect the engine from damage.

L (Low): to set a gear at low
Hiring and driving an automatic car changes the gears automatically with the increase and decrease of the speed. Manually shifting to the low gear will decrease the speed but not the torque. As a result, your car gets more towing and staying power.

Some More Gears and Their Functions
Depending on the make and model, your automatic vehicle can feature some other gears too. Let’s have a look:

S (Sport) mode
It’s almost similar to the D mode but with maximum output levels. It enhances the engine performance when you are speeding up. The downshifting will also be much quicker in this position, boosting the braking effects.
OD (Overdrive) mode
It’s the highest gear and turning it on will allow the transmission to go through all the gears including the overdrive. Turning it off will limit the transmission to move between other available modes. It’s helpful for towing, climbing hills, and overtaking.

B (Brake) mode
Some models among our fleet of vehicles at Auto Rental Uganda come with this gear that helps to decrease the speed of a car. It’s also useful in maintaining a certain speed when you are going downhill.

Driving in Uganda and how to use the shift Lock Release

Are you planning on traveling to Africa and planning on self driving in Uganda? Have you rented your car and do you know what kind of transmission your in For. I probably think you are aware and convenient with manual or automatic transmitions and which car will make the best of your inspirational journey in Uganda. It is more important to be sure you well know the vehicle you hired before you start a self drive safari in these beautiful lands.

Knowing the fact about Our car transmissions: There are two kinds Which are manual and automatic. Our Self drive rental cars run on manual transmission have a clutch which the driver pushes each time to shift the gear. The number of gears depends on the size of the engine. A manual transmission car, however, doesn’t have the shift lock release mechanism which makes it alitlle different.

Automatic transmission definitely has the shift lock release button. It is, nevertheless, quite different from manual transmission. This is why Many independent self driving travelers in Uganda who are used to either kind of transmission find it difficult to drive a car with another transmission especially the manual transmition which are a rare offer for self drive clients with many car rental agencies

Shift lock mechanism and with button release is present in cars with automatic transmission because the functionality of both is pretty much different. Here, there is no need to shift the gears manually. They do have a gear shift though. This gear shift, however, is used for switching among options like reverse, parking, neutral. You can usually locate it on the lever itself. It is actually and usually a RED button just above the lever marking.

How to Use Shift Lock Release?

For many self driving clients not familiar with the automatic cars, Here’s how to use the shift lock button. Mainly all you need to do is press it. When you press the button, it will cause the lock to release, thus allowing you to shift the lever to the desired option. As you release the lock, the lever will move as you desire. Now all you need to do is choose the option that you need to put the transmission in, and then press the button again. Pressing the button again will let you lock the lever on that setting.

For first timers, it is a safety function that helps you move your car when the gear shift won’t move from one setting to another. The exact way to use shift lock release is always mentioned in your owner’s manual of your car. For those who are not acquainted with automatic transmission, this mechanism may seem superfluous at first, but those who know how to drive an automatic car know that it is very much important from safety point of view. In manual transmission, since driver has all the control in their hands, a mechanism like this is never a necessity. But, in a vehicle where the control is in the vehicles hands, shift lock release is very much a necessity.

Here are a few steps to following case you cant move the gear rever and how to make use of the Shift lock button with our Automatic transmition cars

Hold on to the Brake pedal so hard.
Hold on to the Gear rever with one hand (Avoid Crossing hands)
Press the Shift lock release button
Now Move the Gear rever easly and gently (Don’t force it)
Now you can release the Button.

Review of our group tour by Dr. Christel Houthuys Aus Belgium

Review of our group tour by Dr. Christel Houthuys Aus Belgium

Just returned from a fantastic trip of 15 days through ” The pearl of Africa” with Auto Rental Uganda(ARU).With a group of 9 people I make once again a fabulous trip through Uganda with my friends Alex and david, the drivers of our 2 jeeps.

It was the second time I visited Uganda. Because my first trip in september last year was so nice I decided to visit once again Uganda with a group of Belgian people. Already at the airport of Entebbe they gave us a warm welcome. It was the start of a great trip. We were a great team. The jeeps were well maintened, the drivers were carefull and reliable. Auto Rental Uganda gave us excellent service.

Alex and David were more than drivers, they were also professional guides , friendly , open , enthousiast, they knew everything and everyone. They spoke the local languages and knew all about the animals. We had a lot of fun in the jeeps during the long distances. We saw and experienced so many exciting things . We were overwhelmed by the quantity and diversity of the animals we saw. We shall always remember the beauty of the country and his people. Alex and david YOU ARE GREAT!! You never know I come back.. and when I plan a third trip with a group it will be definitly once again with Alex and David of ARU!!!!

Written by Dr. Christel Houthuys: Traveled 1st April – 15th April 2017




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