touristy places in uganda

Touristy places or non-tourist places in Uganda.

Tourist places in Uganda or non-Touristy places in Uganda, Uganda being the pearl of Africa, This name has become a signature for the country — it is a well-deserved one given the variety of not only natural wonders in Uganda but also the non-touristy places in Uganda.

Over the years I have realized I really like a lot of traveling but then get congested in the touristy places in Uganda a lot like the travel destinations or national parks in uganda. And sometimes I do not understand why people would not like to be in such places only when Uganda has got a lot more to offer than the touristy places.

touristy places in uganda
by Guma Alex

I guess this has to do with the personal travel experience, traveler mindset or personal preferences. And here we have got non-touristy places in Uganda that can be mixed with the popular destinations in Uganda.

Time. If you chose to travel it means you have created some time for you to relax, learn and enjoy that time. Planning on how you are going to use your time is the best way to adventure mostly in the famous travel destinations in Uganda as the non-touristy places do not need too much planning. The best non touristy places in Uganda include;

  1. Homes are less touristy places in uganda

For many people, what first comes to mind when hearing Uganda is uganda Safari, astonishing landscapes, and an amazing variety of fauna? These are not too likely to play a big part in your travel to Uganda if you are looking at the less touristy places in Uganda, however having a few parks and landscapes mixed with home stays it’s the best safari you can ever have.

Home stays are trending in Uganda though not a lot of tourists like it, meaning if you choose to travel to Uganda talking to your service provider about your likes and enjoying the stay with real homes, knowing what they eat bathing outside bathrooms, sweeping the compound and cleaning plates without a washing machine can be a real fascinating adventure.

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  1. Local foods/markets

Traveling to kidepo valley national park in Uganda takes about 24 hours meaning you will need a two days drive up there, and coming back I would suggest jumping Murchison to use the days in the markets and eating local food as well as participating in the cooking. These are places that are less touristy in Uganda that you will enjoy to the fullest. With abundant and variety of fresh foods, vegetables and meats. People alone are amazing and can make you want to stay much longer than expected.

  1. Moving around town

Moving by your self or a bike around ton can be hectic in Kampala mostly as it is crowded a lot and theft is at a high level. However Kampala life is much more fun than any other part of uganda you get to know all about us in one place. Kampala city is less touristy place is uganda because people and tourist think it too much for them.

Over 8 years I have been a city guide taking people in and around Kampala on foot to explore and enjoy the city. Yes  i have got those sayings its tiring but most of the say it’s a most tiring but memorable experience they have ever got.

Having a mixture of the travel destinations and the less touristy places in uganda, Uganda is the Pearl of Africa, a country with amazing natural scenery and a rich mosaic of tribes and cultures. However, you may consider living in Uganda for different reasons than the charming environment

Tell me about your travel memories or what you would love doing in Uganda.

local travel experiences.

How to enjoy local travel experiences safari in Uganda with 4 must Rules.

You want local travel experiences . You start researching destinations. You discover that so many countries in Africa mostly Uganda offer a lot of local travel experiences though others say it may not be worthy visiting. It’s true. There are a lot of destinations in the world that have a lot of tourists/travelers in them and have got more to offer than Uganda. So, if you prefer to stay away from mass tourism, it can seem like a real challenge to find an ideal destination to visit, however Uganda has got almost a piece of everything not only Africa but the world has to offer. There’s nothing wrong with visiting the main sights or the most interesting national parks as well, or eating the local delicacies made by the real women and men in Uganda.


Most people fear the real local experiences in Uganda because mainly of our back ground and mostly people think we are so poor and the only place they must sleep or visit is the national parks and the lodges there, Uganda has moved far away from what you think we have got all the world has though some not on larger scale and not fancy like those in your countries. All you know about us have to be concluded here in Uganda with the local travel experience

But if you want local travel experiences, all you really need to do is follow 4 simple rules.

The 4 simple Rules for Local Travel Experiences

If you aren’t into visiting touristy destinations, you might feel the urge to flee from Kampala city within a few minutes of your arrival. You will not get all the authentic experience if you do that.

If you follow these steps you will get the best local travel experience in Uganda.


Have it planned

Planning is the basic and first step ina safari. Be it the local travel experience or the normal safaris in any destination. Talk your travel agent about what you want and let it be planned earlier so that by the time you arrive in Uganda all the authentic local tours are planned and all set for you to go.


Must have a guide

Stepping out of our comfort zone to the locals you do not know or even sure about their behaviors may be little scarily. Here we must get a local travel experience guide. Uganda travel guides are trained and they know which button is better to press and at what time.  You do not need to have a personal guide you may get a guide book or a Google guide (Google maps) or a local real person guide.

What and where to eat

As much as we have plenty of fruits and foods in Uganda, we do not have a lot of those allergies and watching weight as most of the tourist we get. Our local travel experience guide should well know what and where to eat. You can talk to him/her about how you feel and if you do not want to please do not eat.  Our delicacy is a luwombo this is a must do and eat thing.

No pictures without consent

There is no fun in a safari without pictures at all, no fun at all.  Taking picture to go home and show what was it all about and reminding yourself of the good memories and light about it is fun. Taking pictures is allowed and very ok with it however these are local travel experiences the ones you may be doing alone on a self-drive safari where no one has warned you about it. Some people may not take it as much fun as you to take them a picture or their surroundings. Take pictures of the people who allow or sceneries or those you may have befriended and may be the only places that are allowed to.


The Rewarding Results  on local travel experiences.

Using these few steps, will help you end up with the local travel experiences that you prefer.

I travel in Uganda doing the local travel experience myself but I had to follow the 4 steps above, we end up at cozy local restaurants down quiet lanes, with doors that are not plastered with TripAdvisor stickers. There will be no English spoken, the customers will all be Ugandans and the prices will be a 1/4 of the tourist restaurants nearby…and the food usually much better!

We also end up at cool places few people seem to know about, such as local homes, markets, museums that are small with almost the local information you need about Uganda, a local hangout with an incredible view and local drinks.

We get a glimpse of real Uganda life, in quaint parks full of locals hanging out, in hidden squares abuzz with everyday activity, in shops where the fruit and pastries are of the highest quality and the cheapest prices and in beautiful neighborhoods that don’t have well-known attractions to draw a crowd.

It’s that simple. Local travel experiences can always be had…at any time, in every destination around Uganda. It’s just up to us or you to have them because they are authentic and at the end of it all the fun and disappointment’s you get are very much rewarding

What’s your local travel experience in touristy destinations?