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Car Rental Uganda & Tips to Avoid Hidden charges.

Car rental Uganda for self drive is Magical and inspirational but Hidden charges are a complete turn off just at the last minute, just when starting a self drive car rental uganda journey. Has this literally happened to you before? Maybe some car rental company has charged you up a figure you are completely not aware of before or didn’t expect? Yes, I will side with you on this and openly say some car rental Uganda companies intentionally hide this so as to woo you up for the rental and yes they know you don’t have time for the last minute options.

Normally it is more less to say or ask yourself, “Did you really rent or purchased the vehicle?” Well, that’s sometimes what’s happening with most car rental Uganda independent travelers who rent a car in Uganda for self drive and yes I must add, to quack car rental Uganda companies.

Unlike airfares, where taxes and fees are mentioned upfront, car rental companies in Uganda can bury the extra costs in the fine print. Therefore, this may end up causing you actually pay more than what you had been quoted earlier. So, to avoid such scenarios, Auto Rental Uganda shares with you some Tips to avoid hidden charges on a car rental Uganda Option of travel through these beautiful lands.

Try to avoid Airport Car rental Uganda
People actually choose rental cars for self drive tours in Uganda, Kampala, when they are transferring from the airport of Entebbe airport basically thinking the rental price is an all inclusive of taxes or fuel charges but sometimes, the payment obligation may not be over. Some of these hidden charges include authorization hold, insurance charges for damages, toll booth fees, extra driver and early return fee.

Clear Terms forehand before Arrival
Making clear forehand before arrival and making payments is just a tip that would save you from Paying these hidden costs when you rent a car in Uganda. For instance, making sure that you opt for a car rental Uganda company that has a singular charge for its cars. A company that has its Car rental rates well stipulated on the home page.

Consider & Respect your Car rental Uganda Budget
When choosing between a fleet of cars on a car rental uganda company homepage, for self drive car rental Uganda, opt for a vehicle that corresponds with the weight of your pocket. Recommended to always prefer rental cars that actually include fuel prices in its tariff or rental prices that are well stipulated for you meet your budget.

Ask & Note About other apparent Charges
It is recommended that before you seal any deal with any car rental Uganda company or rental, first ask a company representative personal about any other apparent charges, such as early return fee or vehicle licensing fees. Ensure that you also inquire about car comprehensive insurance and third party insurance policies to avoid paying thousands of Dollars in damages.
Renting a car without requesting for security deposits is kind dangerous however much any reliable rental company in Uganda will actually refund it fully once the vehicle is returned in good conditions. However, some companies in Uganda especially in Kampala may actually deduct a particular portion of the amount before return hence helping you to ascertain whether there are hidden charges involved in charges hence enabling you to calculate an overall estimate of Car rental Uganda rental charges for self drive.
The above tips are so simple and try to follow and implement them up next time when you are to rent a car in any car rental company in Uganda. This actually will ensure a free and comfortable self drive experience without going above your expected expenditure.

Car rental Uganda

4×4 Car Rental Uganda & Tips to Choose the Right Rental Car

4×4 Car rental Uganda is absolutely the finest adventure plan for many independent travelers, Choosing the right car for adventure through uganda is also another extraordinary decision needed to be made rightly.  Self drive car rental uganda  independent travelers once they opt to take up a drive in any of the Uganda safari destinations, the choose of the right rental car that is convenient and time saving is an important aspect to consider.

It is becoming very common that many Budget holiday travelers in Uganda elect to use rental cars during their vacations. There are many benefits you as a vacationer enjoys once you choose to use a car rental. This actually can enable you assess different and hard to reach areas However, not all car rental uganda companies are made the same bor have the same car rental guidelines or car rental fleet and one should weigh certain options before booking a rental car during their travels since different car rental companies can be accessed online. So here we share with you some of the Tips to consider when choosing the right Rental Car for your inspirational journey in Uganda

Car Rental Uganda Company operating Hours.

Operating hours stands one of the biggest and important factors which travelers should consider before booking their vehicle is the company’s operating hours. A 24 hour drop off and pick up service option not only allows travelers plan time around their schedule but also be stranded or locked out if they arrive after 5:00 pm. This flexibility will give vacationers extra peace of mind while they are exploring a new locale and yes saving money when using airport car rental Transfers or taxis.

Mutual Communication.

It is also very important that communication between the two parties say the client and the company to be able to communicate in the same understanding language. More so should also be the language of the GPS if the traveler intends to hire car and GPS. Mutual communication language and in most cases would rule out the factor of missing out certain aspects of the car rental agreement.

The Size Of the Vehicle

When booking a 4×4 car rental in Uganda, as a customer will be asked what size vehicle you desire or some companies like Auto Rental Uganda will give you different options for you to have an understanding of the vehicle sizing for area you are traveling in or number of participants is an important aspect.

The number of Occupants traveling.

When Booking a specific size category, you should take into consideration the number of travelers, their fuel prices and the amount of luggage which will be with them on their trip and if the kind of car opted for can accommodate the persons and the their luggage.

The Car Fuel Consumption

Booking a 4×4 car rental Uganda, As many people know, money can be tight on vacation and one does not want to spend a significant amount of money on fuel. So it is very important to understand the kind of  fuel and the consumption capacity.

The Transmition of the Car

There would be nothing worse than someone arriving to retrieve their car only to discover that they cannot drive it. When booking a car in Uganda, it is paramount that one ensures they are booking a transmission that he or she can drive. They should also have a realistic view of their driving abilities.

Car rental Uganda should not be a headache-inducing experience. Thousands, if not millions, of travelers elect to use car rental Services to enhance their vacation or business experiences. Yet, wherever they go, they should thoroughly consider their traveling needs to have a positive experience during their visit and yes especially with 4×4 car rental Uganda.

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Benefits Of Hiring a car and Driver Guide in Uganda

car rental and Driver in Uganda: For as long as tourism in relation to Safaris in Uganda as an industry- has existed, guided safaris involving car rental and driver Guide has been one of the most common forms of insightful travel through these beautiful lands. One can never be too certain or knowledgeable of the places they are visiting, so guides always seem like the best or safest way to traverse new or unexplored areas like Bwindi  national  park in south west Uganda, a sanctuary for over half the  world’s endagoured mountain gorillas.

Guided safaris  have  evolved  from rudimentary  walks  with natives of the safari destination to more elaborate and detailed drives covering large areas with experts on flora and fauna directing your attention to things you shouldn’t miss. Guided safaris can be compared to self drive safaris in uganda where you are at the liberty to rent a car for an agreed time to tour and travel as you please on your own. While a self drive safari might offer a lot more freedom during your tour compared to a guided safari, you can not be guaranteed answers to your questions and neither will your curiosity be quenched with knowledge of the wildlife immediately.

Conventional car rental and driver guide safaris include customized or preset itineraries that cover your whole safari from the day of arrival to your departure. That way, you know your destinations and what  to look out  for  prior  to setting off.  In this article, we intend to discuss and share the pros of opting for car rental and driver and try and inform your decision as you debate on which form of travel to pursue while on a car rental safari holiday in Uganda.


One of the prime advantages of car rental and driver is that you do not have to carry maps or worry about where to take the next turn. You are provided with an insightful driver guide who will not only drive you to and from your desired attractions, but also keep informing you about your location and constantly brief you.  This leaves you with only the task of looking out for animals and drinking in the raw panorama unfolding before you.

Trained, insightful and knowledgeable guides

It is very common for the undisciplined eye to miss sight of animals or things that could be part of interest but, for a trained guide, it is easy to point out a leopard camouflaged in tree branches or to track the location of a herd of animals. Local guides usually know the areas thoroughly and always know where to find which animals. This saves you a lot of time driving around just hoping to see an animal by chance or luck.


The tour guides who accompany you are not only with you to drive you and point out animals but also to ensure that both you and the animals are safe. Some tourists who embark on self drive safaris  engage  in  behavior  which  is  considered  risky  to  either  the  animals  or themselves, albeit unknowingly. Tour guides can advise you on how to act in the presence of the animals since they are supposed to be knowledgeable on animal behavior.


Somewhere along the car rental and driver hired safaris, you could be interested in the culture or norms of indigenous people in the area. For example, many tourists who come to Uganda during an even year are thrilled to witness the imbalu(circumcision)  ceremony held by the Bagishu. Now, if you were on a self drive safari your chances of interaction would be slim due to problems ranging from language barrier to shyness of indigenous people. However, if you happen to have hired a car and driver Guide,  your  guide can be of  help and either  translate or  take you to places where  your interactions would be made easier and more interesting.

Self Drive Car Rental Safaris in Uganda.

Renting a car in Uganda for self drive safaris is absolutely a recomendable road trip where you optionally hire a car and privately drive to and around your preferred destination without the hustle of a designated driver or strict itineraries, also very impontant hiring a car and camping gear or the intended Self drive safaris. Self drive safaris are an opportunity to observe and be amazed by the joys of a safari from the driver’s seat. Uganda, blessed with endearing and picturesque scenery, is favorable for self-drive safaris not only because of the enchanting flora and fauna but also because of its hospitable natives and infrastructure.

On arrival in Uganda, you can’t help but notice the usability of the road networks which beckon you driving through Uganda on your own and be part of the activity on the road as you observe whats going on at the same time. Uganda’s major roads which connect Kampala to other regions such as Mbale in the east; Masaka and Mbarara in the south west; Gulu in the north; Hoima in the west are well surfaced and maintained highways that can enhance your self drive experience in Uganda.

Traffic is less intense the farther you drive away from the city center, which eases travel to your destination if it is in rural Uganda, however construction of the northern bypass has made it easy to self drive across the city as well. Most of the other roads such as Masindi to Murchission falls or Nsanga to lake Mburo national park are unsurfaced. Unsurfaced roads usually change according to the season as they are usually dusty during the dry season and slippery mud during the wet season, depending on the soil type in the locale. You should be wary and careful as firm steady soil can abruptly turn into black cotton quagmire. Watch the road if other cars are using it easily or being challenged; if taxis are using the road comfortably so should a 4×4 car.

This is why 4×4 Rental cars are recommended for self drive safaris in Uganda, because they can adapt to most of the terrain they are used in. while on a self drive safari in Uganda, there are destinations you should endeavor to tour such as game parks teeming with rare animal species; and Bwindi impenetrable forest which is home to 70% of the world’s mountain gorilla population. If possible you should hire a car with excellent camping gear to enable you experience bush camping in Uganda’s thrilling savannas. For a small fee, you can park and camp in a game park with the help and oversight of a park ranger. Park rangers can be booked in advance or got from the entrance. Camping in a game park is similar to letting nature engulf you and being part of the unbuilt environment to enjoy its thrill as our fore fathers did.

Nonetheless when self driving in game parks, drive slow and absorb all the beauty of the Savannah grasslands as you watch out for game. If you have a guide, don’t be afraid to ask them to show you whatever animals you want to see. Alternatively, you could decide to go gorilla tracking in Bwindi impenetrable national park. Bwindi is approximately 450 kms from Kampala and its about a 6 hours drive although there are multiple routes to get there. The self drive safari can even be more interesting if you use the route passing through Queen Elizabeth national park via Ishasha where you could catch a glimpse of Ishasha’s tree climbing

lions before your encounter with the magnificent endangered mountain gorillas in the equatorial paradise that is Bwindi impenetrable forest. Therefore, if you are in search of a refreshing but unconventional tourist holiday experience, a self drive safari through Uganda is ideal for you

Driving in Uganda and how to use the shift Lock Release

Are you planning on traveling to Africa and planning on self driving in Uganda? Have you rented your car and do you know what kind of transmission your in For. I probably think you are aware and convenient with manual or automatic transmitions and which car will make the best of your inspirational journey in Uganda. It is more important to be sure you well know the vehicle you hired before you start a self drive safari in these beautiful lands.

Knowing the fact about Our car transmissions: There are two kinds Which are manual and automatic. Our Self drive rental cars run on manual transmission have a clutch which the driver pushes each time to shift the gear. The number of gears depends on the size of the engine. A manual transmission car, however, doesn’t have the shift lock release mechanism which makes it alitlle different.

Automatic transmission definitely has the shift lock release button. It is, nevertheless, quite different from manual transmission. This is why Many independent self driving travelers in Uganda who are used to either kind of transmission find it difficult to drive a car with another transmission especially the manual transmition which are a rare offer for self drive clients with many car rental agencies

Shift lock mechanism and with button release is present in cars with automatic transmission because the functionality of both is pretty much different. Here, there is no need to shift the gears manually. They do have a gear shift though. This gear shift, however, is used for switching among options like reverse, parking, neutral. You can usually locate it on the lever itself. It is actually and usually a RED button just above the lever marking.

How to Use Shift Lock Release?

For many self driving clients not familiar with the automatic cars, Here’s how to use the shift lock button. Mainly all you need to do is press it. When you press the button, it will cause the lock to release, thus allowing you to shift the lever to the desired option. As you release the lock, the lever will move as you desire. Now all you need to do is choose the option that you need to put the transmission in, and then press the button again. Pressing the button again will let you lock the lever on that setting.

For first timers, it is a safety function that helps you move your car when the gear shift won’t move from one setting to another. The exact way to use shift lock release is always mentioned in your owner’s manual of your car. For those who are not acquainted with automatic transmission, this mechanism may seem superfluous at first, but those who know how to drive an automatic car know that it is very much important from safety point of view. In manual transmission, since driver has all the control in their hands, a mechanism like this is never a necessity. But, in a vehicle where the control is in the vehicles hands, shift lock release is very much a necessity.

Here are a few steps to following case you cant move the gear rever and how to make use of the Shift lock button with our Automatic transmition cars

Hold on to the Brake pedal so hard.
Hold on to the Gear rever with one hand (Avoid Crossing hands)
Press the Shift lock release button
Now Move the Gear rever easly and gently (Don’t force it)
Now you can release the Button.