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Are car rental deals safe during COVID-19?

Uganda car rental agencies have come up with stringent car rental rules and guideline to follow while renting their cars. Giving us a clear assurance theta the car rental deals are safe and clean for hire in Uganda on self-drive safari.

To reassure yourself, you should also take a look at small details for hints. Try moving with your own sanitizer and disinfectants to clean the car after it being handed over

The virus is known to settle in some places for hours, meaning if it was last rent ended yesterday there is a possibility of it still having some. However her in Uganda you cannot have a rental car immediately when it has been used by the client.

Dusty roads and bumpy roads call for general cleaning and mechanical repairs and checking before any other client or traveller can use it. The car will surely be clean and fumigated before you get it.

But you might want to ask when the last person was in the car to give yourself an added sense of security.  Just to be at peace with yourself. Because the longer the time the better for you as well.

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What If the last person to use car rental deals had COVID-19?

Usually car rental deals may be considered cheap car for budget travellers and may be a one way ticket to the covid-19 bed. Contrally to car rental agencies they consider all their cars for hire to be the same.

They have different cars and different prices but all the cars will be maintained the same way as the other, so be it luxury car rental or budget rav4 car hire for self-drive. We may all end up getting the virus if it is not well cleaned and fumigated.

This should be the worst case scenario you get and mostly in a developing country like Uganda. According to Dr.Rose, it would be better for all car rental agencies to be sure that their clients have –ve PCR test before the car rental.

Yes there would be technically a big risk in case someone was in the car, but let us put the most used places in mind the door knobs, key staring wheal. These should be sanitized at least every time we exchange hands or come out and in.

The virus takes time to die and it will die also after some time. To buy yourself some extra levels of protection please sanitizes and keep your hands off the soft parts.

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What should I know about a car rental deals cleaning policies for COVID-19?

In Uganda as of now there are no lows governing the cleaning of car rental deals or any sort of policies. Car rental agencies take the initiative themselves to do the general cleaning and fumigation for each and next client they get.

Just in case you can email the car rental company and remind them about the general fumigation and cleaning of the car. Something small may force them to clean vigorously if they were not to.

If you have planned your Uganda self-drive car rental or family safari in Uganda, The risks are much lower than what you think.  We expect the higher risks in money exchange, buying groceries and well as touch touching things inappropriately.

Wash hands, sanitize, keep your mask on and do not touch your soft parts of the nose, eyes, ears and mouth. Even if you get in touch with the virus and do the above you are safe.

Remember covid-19 is a virus that will always find its way If you do not protect yourself.

Mask up, wash hands every chance you get, sanitize and keep social distance.






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