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Best Tips for Better Photos on Safari

A lot of people including me save not only money but also the best we have got TIME for a safari all around the world and this comes with us preparing on how we will keep the memories and tell stories to our friends and family better yet great and grad children in future. In hope of getting better shots of the wildlife and nature care full planning on how to archive this is of vulnerability.

Here are the 5 tips for getting the most out of this once in a lifetime experience on a safari

Auto rental uganda shooting from  the Ashnil samburu lodge in Kenya


Photograph by Guma Alex T

Choose the best equipment’s/ cameras

Cameras may be a little bit expensive together with all the coasts you will incur on the safari, however if you choose wisely and spend once on a gadget that will give you the best for a long time it can be less cheap in the long run. You will need a camera that will give you the best shot in the longest space possible; here you will need most probably a zoom less around 400mm and a lens for wide landscape shots. To avoid changing lenses you can carry two cameras with each a lens to avoid the time you spend on changing them. Carrying extra batteries and memory cards and camera stands could be of an added advantage. Since you will have a few chances for a shot.

Giraffe grazing on the finest trees in Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya.


Photograph by Guma Alex T


A must to have a safari driver /guide

A self-drive safari is way cheaper that a customized or arranged safari. Yes It’s very tempting to try and save money, though this may not give you the best on a safari most especially in a country like Uganda where wildlife is not so much in plenty. It’s worth it to go with a travel specialist, like AUTO RENTAL UGANDA. Quality travel advisors can offer small or private tours so you are not fighting for a good view or moving on before you get the shot. A good guide will also have the knowledge and experience with wildlife to ensure you’re in the right place at the right time to capture stunning images..

 Time And Where to for for a safari

Planning a safari before you travel is the greatest key to having the most adventurous trip in Uganda and Africa as well. Because you need plenty of time to take as much shots as possible knowing where to and from would work greatly before anything else. Talking to your drive guide every evening to agree on the next day’s plan and how best you can get nice picture.

safariin uganda

Photograph by Alex Guma T



It is tempting to move on from the herd of elephants after snapping a few photos to a lion, but patience pays off. In order to get spectacular images, you have to spend time watching the animals. Over time, you can better understand the animal’s behavior and relationships, which will lead to better photos before moving to another animal.


Get it in a Different Way.

Walking safaris provide opportunities to get on the ground and see things that might be overlooked in a vehicle most especially if you are into culture and people though Game drives are by far the most common way people see wildlife in Uganda but there a number of other options .Flying safaris will give you a whole new view of Uganda though not very much common and a little bit expensive but it will give you a unique view of the landscape and animals while on route to your destination. Trying out the a variety of different animal  guide experts, from cheetahs to African wild dogs, are on hand throughout your safari to provide priceless insight into each animal’s behavior and what actions are being taken on the ground to preserve the species and its habitat. The specialized experts will come with a little more dollars but it worth it.

Photograph by Alex Guma T



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