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6 Tips for Self Driving in Rural Areas of Uganda

Self drive Car Hire uganda: Like Uganda,, christened the pearl of Africa by sir Winston Churchill during his visit, is a land Un-doughtably filled with astonishing still fresh, untouched and natural beauty Contained within its boundaries are hospitable people with flora and fauna which awe you with such majesty and grace that you cant help but be amazed. Even more inspiring is the fact that most of the self drive car hire uganda tourist hot spots such as Bwindi impenetrable forest, Murchison falls national park are pure nature with little or no urban influence. And because this happens, they can only be accessed through the rural parts of Uganda which have mostly murram access roads. However, this should not discourage you from self drive car hire uganda independent travellers touring the wonders of Uganda on a private self drive car hire safari.

On the contrary, this should only arouse your adventurous side to rent a suitable car and self drive through the Uganda countryside. To connect even more with nature, you could hire a car along with quality camping gear and set camp in one of the national parks with the guidance of a park ranger. The ideas shared below will not only guide you on how to
self drive safely through rural Uganda, but also help you enjoy your experience in Uganda. Here are some tips for self drive car hire we share you could find interesting when driving upcountry in rural areas.

Watch the speed
You should watch your speed limit as you drive on feeder roads just the same way you watch it while on a main road. Most of the access roads in Uganda are narrow with hardly any speed limit signs. As much as the road might seem empty, its advisable to be
careful and drive at a speed which you can easily brake or maneuver in case there is another car using the road. As a matter of fact, speeding on murram roads could damage some parts of the car since you can never be certain what lies on the road.
Thus you should observe the speed limit and slow down which will give you time to observe what is on the road and drive or react accordingly.

Be Cautious
A lot of access roads in rural Uganda, are fed by other smaller murram roads and some may not be visible until you reach them. If another user is coming into the road, you may nor realize it until they are in your way which could be fatal. This not only emphasizes the earlier point of watching your speed, but also calls for caution and attention on the road. when approaching a junction where other cars or people join the same road you’re using, you should hoot once or twice to let others know there is a car on the road, it sounds funny and wiered but yes it will save you a heck of trouble.

Always Inquire
Asking or inquiring about your location could make the difference between getting lost or reaching your destination. There places whose names sound similar or which share a name but are located in different regions. If you are not certain about which direction or road to take to your preferred destination, you can always inquire from the hospitable locals or hire a car and driver guide to keep you on the right path or keep you insightful. In the same spirit of Self driving in uganda, you should also ask where a road leads before you proceed when on a self drive safari as it would be unfortunate to waste fuel driving to and from a dead end.

Look out for Tractors or heavy turning vehicles
It is uncommon to find heavy duty cars such as tractors or ATV’s using the same roads as you are in the rural parts of Uganda. In case you encounter such vehicles, please remember to drive at a safe distance even when they appear to be slow. If you
intend to overtake, make sure there is enough space on the road for you to maneuver and remember the truck driver might have restricted view of the road and other users so make him aware of your presence on the road as well either way by flashing lights.

Watch-out for many livestock
Some of the indigenous tribes in Uganda keep animals such as cattle, goats and sheep. This implies that you’re bound to run into herds of animals during a self drive safari in Uganda. Occasionally, livestock will be seen crossing from one side of the road to the
other in search of pasture or water and in such a situation, you should stop the car, keep calm and let the animals cross. You should also avoid startling the animals by hooting or revving your engine because scared animals could attack or run amok.

Plan for the fuel
The further one goes from an urban center, the less the fuel/ gas stations they will come across. Further more, fuel from rural areas usually contains impurities which can reduce your rental car’s efficiency if not spoil it. Due to this, we recommend that you fill your tank from the urban centers and if possible carry extra fuel in a jerrycan because you might not know how far your sense of adventure will take you. If possible, inquire about the distance to your destination and compare this data with your car rental Agency consumption to give you an idea of approximately how much fuel you’ll need to go and return.

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