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This tour branded the Uganda impressions is an authentic tour of Uganda. this trip will highlight wildlife, culture, encountering the great apes, Gorillas, encountering the tree climbing lions and of course wildlife boat cruises. The chimpanzees are not exceptional on this trip. You will be met by a representative from Auto rental Uganda who will hand over the keys and the required safari arrangements including the required vouchers for your lodges and the permits to you and wave you off for your adventure.


Day 1. A moment at the second deepest lake in Africa known as the Switzerland of Uganda Uganda impresions 1
After breakfast you will proceed south to get to lake Bunyonyi in time. This trip takes about 8 hours excluding the lunch time. This day takes you south of uganda to the ankole land. You will pass most of the interesting places in Uganda, the beautiful stool makers, drum makers and then to the equator. If you have not been to this point at 0 degrees, the southern and northern hemispheres. There is an experiment that illustrates this, If you rilly want to know how Ugandans eat, instead of having the normal tourist lunch in Mbarara, lets orgarnise you an amazing traditional meal prepared by a truly Ugandan woman in an African home and in a simple setting. we call this experience. Here you will be in the african shoes and know how we do it in Africa. After your wonderful lunch experience, you will proceed south to lake Bunyonyi in kabale, on the second deppest lake in Africa. Estimated at 900m deep, this area also called the Switzerland of uganda, Is a nice relaxing will reach in the evening and check in at Bunyonyi Overland resort or Byonna Amagara a hotel on on of the islands.

Day 2. The boat cruise to the Batwa community.Uganda impresions 2
Lake Bunyonyi has a lot of amazing activities to do. On this lake you can decide to canoe or boat cruise, visit the the traditional islands including the up-side down island ant the punishment island. There local guides to tell you all about this history. Consider visiting and hiking to the top of the mountains and visit an isolated batwa community living at the top of the mountain, the views while hiking are spectacular. With this community they will sing for you the traditional dances and you can as well join them and dance to the traditional dance. We still insist you are in the African shoes, forget being the “muzungus” as we call the white people. Return to the lodge and after lunch you will then drive to Bwindi impenetrable national park through this rainforest and enjoy the exhaling cool breeze, monkeys are seen and bush elephants are a a sighting in this park. You will check in to your lodge at Nkuringo gorilla camp, Bakiga lodge or the community bandas.

Day 3. The ultimate Gorilla experience.Uganda impresions 3
Getting very early in the morning and transfer to the headquarters for a briefing before you ascend down into the rain forest for that once in a lifetime wildlife encounter with the mountain gorillas. These great apes are unique, they have families and supprot each other. Amoment with these great apes gives you the feeling and an ultimate adventure. Consider visiting your close relatives. This trecking takes between 4 to 10 hrs depending on the location and movement of this apes. Of course you have a packed lunch and after the encounter, you will get back to your lodge for a nice cold drink. Relaxing at your lodge at the Nkuringo Gorilla camp or the haven lodge.

Day 4. Searching for the kings of the jungle in the fig trees.
After a morning breakfast, you will proceed to the park and do a morning game drive that will take you to the fig trees and search for the tree climbing lions. These are the specialities of this park and one of the few places to spot the topi, in the antelope family. Large herds of elephants, many kobs, bushbucks, buffalos, hynas roam this park and a lot of bird species. Dinner and overnight at Ishasha jungle lodge.

Day 5. The home for the lions and a Kazinga channel boat cruise.Uganda impresions 4
Early wake is advisable, for breakfast and head out to the the park of ishasha sector to catch a glimpse of the morning early risers that you could have missed the previous day. Predators heading back to their hideouts. Elephants, buffalos, water bucks, kobs, leopards, hyneas, lions hitching on the fig trees relaxing after a night hunt, bush bucks. A lot of wildlife and birdlife is concentrated in this part of the park. Both the southern loop and the northern loop of the park. At about 10pm, Start heading out to the northern part of queen Elizabeth to catch your afternoon boat cruise on the Kazinga channel. This you need to call for reservation. Auto rental reservations can do that for you and all you need is drive and pay before the cruise. This cruise at the kazinga channel is amazing, no need to arouse you, come experience what the pearl of Africa has to offer. After the boat cruise you can use the channel track that is endowed with lots of wild animals with you playing seek and hide with elephants. Stoping and waiting for the elephants to cross the small track and give way, look at how they are over protective of their young ones makes this whole track interesting, however its advisable to stay 100m away from the elephants. This area is well known for the rare animals like the camouflaging leopard and the forest hogs. Proceed to the bush lodge that is a grazing field for wild animals in the night.

Day 6. The game drive and transfer to the home of the chimpanzees.
After a a nice breakfast and head out to the northern sector of Kasenyi to catch a glimpse of the morning early risers, predators heading back to their hideouts. Elephants, buffalos, water bucks, kobs, leopards, hynnas, lions roaming and hunting, bush bucks. A lot of wildlife and birdlife is concentrated in this part of the park. You will proceed to the fishing village and relax while window shopping, there are good craft shops if you want to grab a soveinuer for your loved ones back home. When you are done here, consider proceeding up to kibale national park through the mountain ranges of rwenzori. Through the local markets and homes, a spectacular view awaits you on this route. You will reach later on in the evening ofcourse through the beautifull rainforest. Proceed to kibale forest camp, a lodge with the Nature lodges.

Day 7. Encountering our closest relatives the chimpazeesUganda impresions 6
A day dedicated to encountering our closest relatives the chimpazees. Whether you prefer tracking or doing a habituation experience, everything is absolutely possible. Should you decide do the tracking experience, you have enough time for another spectacular experience. Doing the bigodi swamp walk will provide you with a chance to view different types of monkeys that this park has to offer, that not being enough, there also a variety of bird species and tree species. This is also a home for the beautifull bird the Turracco. A community/village walk will entice you with the real Ugandan life including the witch doctors that are an interesting encounter. The local schools, markets and homestades.. still at the nature lodges Kibale forest camp, a lodge with a true definition and in the middle of nature.

Day 8. An ending trip drive back to kampala.
After breakfast, you may now decide any of the activities that you may have left out due to time. With your packed lunch, you will proceed to fortportal and and then through mubende, mityana and arrive at your own convenient time in kampala. A representative will meet you at any place of your convenience and hand back the car keys. Its here that we say “Webaale nyoo, welaaba” Thank you very much and safe journeys.
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  • Comprehensive insurance coverage
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