Travel Check List for a Self drive in Uganda

Keeping you safe on the road and general is something we have mastered and taken as a priority. All our cars at Auto Rental Uganda are comprehensively insured with the best listed policies though it doesn’t extend to the First party. We have a special attachment to Our vehicles and so we would like as much possible to protect them reason we thoroughly maintain them and we are able to keep you safe on the road even for the first time drivers in Uganda. Your health is important to us and here we dig deep into the major hazards, Hazards of self drive that Truly inspire us, The Must do on Our vehicles on Each and every return of the vehicle from a trip and yes check lists you must maintain.

On The same hand, it is also the responsibility of the driver to make sure everything is intact and vehicle is great for another self drive day. Below we brainstorm on the Top Things or most important we personally check and you Must check during your Trip for an interrupted Journey through the Pearl Of Africa.

  1. Wheel Alignment and Balancing. Wheels Play an important role and are a crucial aspect of car travel. It wouldn’t be a car if it had no Wheels, would it? And so is the flexibility and capability. Don’t be caught in a situation where you drive a staggering vehicle because of the Tires. As a responsible driver make use of the technicians at most gas stations to check and balance your wheels should you notice un-stabilization This can be noticed when you drive a little Fast on the Highway . It gives much confidence.
  2. Headlights, indicator and Tail lights. It is more than important to check Your lights. Even during the day, you always make use of these when turning, reversing or headlights if you are caught late in the night. It would be a shame confusing fellow road users or being in trouble because of Lights. Check every morning that all lights are working before you proceed with the next journey.
  3. Radiator water and coolant. Sometimes they are long journeys and yes the coolant and water is to keep the temperatures down. As a developing country, we buy our vehicles from Japan and Dubai as used vehicles but these are as good as new. We recommend, every 4 to 5 days check water or Coolant levels in the radiator, double check with the reserve levels so your much confident. Most important make sure you tighten the radiator and reserve cap so you don’t have any traces of evaporation.
  4. Wheel spanner and jack. You will definitely never know how important these two are not until you have a flat tire in the middle of no-where. Just like we know, no matter how good and strong a car is, it is always subjected to a breakdown or flat tire. Our dispatch team always makes sure these two are stuck in the boot drawers and no car moves an inch without them. Oh yes, check these as they are so important instruments.
  5. Engine Oil Service. It is the life of Our fleet cars and yes it is very important aspect in renting a car in Uganda for un-limited mileage. Our cars are always serviced thoroughly at every start of each journey and yes sometimes during the trip we follow up for the life of our cars. Very important for you to check every after 3-4days the levels of the engine oil with the dip-stick just behind the Radiator. Only when the car is cool and the oil has recycled back.
  6. Battery and jumper cables. The look on your face if you ignited a vehicle and it failed to start because of a flat battery would tell how important these two are important. See, forgetting lights on is common and yes you may find a flat battery the next day and you will go like ….oooops. Like we said, we have an attachment to our vehicles and so we make sure this is perfect because we would want this to be the last thing our cars to have. It’s your responsibility to double check you have this before you hit the road.
  7. Tyres Pressure and spare Tyre. The amount of tire pressure in a moving vehicle determines its speed and userbility. Its always important to make sure you have the right amount of pressure in all the tires and on the right roads. Bumpy roads will always require less pressure so to reduce on the bounce-back rate. Make use of the pressure pumps at the gas stations. Our self drive car rental vehicles come with one spare tire but we are happy to provide one more upon your request. As you lookout for the driving tires, make a check on the spare tire so to be great confident with your rented car.
  8. Check Wiper blades. You may want to ignore this but it is a very important aspect of driving in Uganda. On some occasions you may need to wipe the wind screen and it is irritating if you have bad cracky wipers. Check and make sure your good for circumstances that will involve wiping.

Renting a car for self drive in Uganda is something we encourage and would definitely share with you however we would like to do it as a team. We have believed that for every trip taken whether independent self Drive or Guided trip in Uganda, it is always about Team work. The best safari made in Uganda on self drive not about you alone, it is always about US as a team right from the word Go  and yes even on your business car rental trip. Have faith, believe in yourself, share with us and let’s make an inspirational journey of a lifetime by keeping you safe on the road.

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