The Muzungu that went typical African. Part 2

…………… Follow me and let’s look at the day of the African Muzungu in the typical African shoes.

Oh hey word “Muzungu” is the name used almost all African countries especially East Africa. This is a name that refers to a white person. It isn’t an offensive word but a way they will call any white person that passes by. Most cases it’s the kids you hear call you out endlessly as you pass anywhere in the rural areas on a self drive car rental in Uganda.

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The day started early in the morning at 6:30am. On the previous night, we agreed with Kerry Anderson to get up early so we could start with the local and daily life of a Ugandan. The herdsman told us earlier that he will be setting off to graze cows at 8am,meaning  we needed to get down to milking the cows at 7am- with our mags and to the kraal again. Funny thing! Kerry came to milk the cows donning white stockings and tucking in his shirts. and in my mind it crossed, whats this muzungu thinking hes headed to? Maybe he forgot he was headed in the kraal and not his office in America. That was my mind joke. Another brief on how to hold the tits was practiced. Now Kerry kept laughing around as he held the tits because we reminded each other of joke the previous day.

I will still admit, getting milk out of that tit udder is no joke for a starter, but yes, we tried as well. This day Kerry at some point managed to squeeze out milk. Smiles reflected on his face on seeing he finally managed to get that out at last. He kept trying and managed to get the second out. Not until he was tired and handed back the jag to the herdsman.

Back home to get ready for another chore to be uganda, its work first then eat later and yes this seemed a challenge for Kerry. I needed Kerry to mix up with the rest of the locals so I handed him to my brother innocent who runs our family holdings to take over and show Kerry the other part that I couldn’t know myself. Here they were off in one of our fleet vehicle we came with. A Suv Rav4 that can be used for self drive safaris or guided trips on either of our Pre – arranged trips. I did stay at home with mum as they headed out to the field.

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Now, Kerry,s other work was to plant corn. You possibly know how to use the machines to do this but here we use the manual way of hands and legs to plant crops. He did plant crops in company of more 8 persons everyone with his or her own rows. “That was the hardest thing I had to do today” he said. When I arrived two hours later they were all done planting and while others were done and gone Kerry joined another group to open an irrigation way into the farms. That’s where I found him struggling with the shovel and all sweating. So he tells me jokingly, “Alex, you are punishing me too much” and iam like, I thought that’s what you wanted to know and adventure? The real local life? He gives me that “I hate you” look. But inside him he loved what he was doing. It was about mid-day when we left the field all work done and headed home to get breakfast ready. “What kind of Breakfast is this at 1pm? He adds, Oh yes, that’s how we do it sir. We first work and then eat. Kerry heads to the kitchen and oh yes he prepares us a very nice omelet for all the family members. We made a cocktail juice together. We did the matooke (plantain)peeling, lighted the charcoal stove and made some other bean sauce for us to have for lunch. This took us till 4oclock when we had our lunch.


After Our lunch break, everyone was tired and they decided to take a nap. Kerry did read a book and minutes later he joined my mother to make peel matooke and prepare the bean pods. I was told he did that later on when we slept. My brother innocent and Kerry later drove down to the maize mill so he could grind and mill the corn. However the machine was down, when they returned, we got down to the kraal again to have the evening session of milking the cows, and there was Kerry for his milking session.

When we were done with the milking, it was about 7:30pm when we got down on making the three stone fire and charcoal stove for the cooking session again. Dinner was ready by 9:30pm and we did the family seating to have our dinner with Muzungu. Prayers as usual and we got down to reducing the food on the table. Being with the local community for an authentic local experience is absolutely possible on a guided trip and more so on a self drive car rental We did say goodnight and headed for our rooms to sleep and get ready for the next day’s drive to Bwindi impenetrable national park for the ultimate Gorilla tracking that turned out another adventure experience to Kerry. Oh yes you can double the authentic local African experience with tracking the mountain gorillas of Uganda.



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