Semuliki National Park


Semuliki National Park, previously known as the Tooro Reserve, lies near the northern base of the Rwenzori’s in western Uganda. The rich habitat of grassland, Savannah, forest and wetland is home to diverse fauna, in addition to 400 bird species and 300 butterfly species. The park is dominated by the eastern most extension of the great Ituri Forest of the Congo Basin. This is one of Africa’s most ancient and bio-diverse forests; one of the few to survive the last ice age.

The Semuliki Valley contains numerous features associated with central rather than eastern Africa. Thatched huts are shaded by West African oil palms; the Semuliki River (which forms the international boundary) is a miniature version of the Congo River, the forest is home to numerous Central African wildlife species.

Activities carried out here include;
Game drives, Bird watching, Hot springs viewing, Batwa pygmy community tour, Wildlife and nature walk tours.

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