Self drive

Would you like to rent a car in Uganda for a tour or extend your trip outside Uganda? In Uganda car hire services extend to Kigali in Rwanda and Nairobi in Kenya. Goma in congo and are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can be picked up at Entebbe Airport, Kampala and other locations in major towns in Uganda. Reserved by the hour, day or as long as you want. Even though most agencies prefer you do not drive at night as Uganda is not very good with roads and can lead into accidents.

By East African standards, Uganda major roads are generally in good condition. Surfaced roads radiate out from Kampala, running east to Jinja, Busia, Mbarara Tororo, Mbale and Soroti, south to Entebbe where most of the clients enter from. As a rule, however, Uganda, un surfaced roads tend to be very variable from one season to the next, with conditions likely to be most tricky during the rains and least so towards the end of the dry season. Even in this generalization, an isolated downpour can do major damage to a road that was in perfectly good condition a day earlier. There for potholes are a must as you drive in Uganda on yourself drive.

Driving in Uganda is interesting, a bit more challenging thus calling to be a defensive driver. Fuel is expensive in Uganda –for petro and slightly less for diesel. While driving in Uganda the following documentation is required at all times: the vehicle registration book you will be given a photocopy from the agency your using; ensure it’s a recent one with the most recent vehicle license entry recorded on the back page, a minimum statutory Third Party Insurance Coverage this can be shown with a sticker on the car and a driving license. No taxes are charged in Uganda only you can pay some while crossing borders and some extra insurance.
I agree with visitors and other foreign drivers that Ugandan drivers are very aggressive in Kampala, even though they pretty drive well in town and won’t find that out side town.
Bearing the above in mind, a coasting speed of 80k/h in the open road would be comfortable without being over cautious, 40k/h in trading centres with sign posts on the roads and it’s not a bad idea to slow down and cover the brake in the face of oncoming traffic. In urban situations, particularly downtown Kampala, right of way essentially belongs to he who is prepared to force the issue.

With all that in mind Uganda is much more friendly and warm as you enjoy the self drive do not hesitate to ask for any help in case of anything as they are all willing to help you all the time. In case of any big problem police posts are everywhere or a police man and hospitals to help you.