Safety tips

Don’t drink & drive

The highest percentages of accidents in the world are caused by drivers under the influence of alcohol. Deaths caused due to driving under the influence of alcohol can easily be avoided if the driver is smart enough not to get behind the driving wheel after a drink .Uganda Traffic police has become strict on this issue most recently introducing the  Breath Tasting Machine locally known as Kawunyemu. Not only make a driver lose concentration but also reduces drivers vision and steering stability leading to collisions. This is the most important safety driving tip you should never break on yourself drive in Uganda.

Avoid all kinds of distractions.

When on road always try avoid being distracted by anything including both gadgets and people. One of the most known distractions include talking on phone and texting, they may seem like simple actions but will make you lose concentration leading to an accident. Other distractions include eating, applying makeup, chatting, adjusting volume or changing radio channels. Always keep your eyes on the road and as much as possible not to forget that a single second off the course can lead to death. In Uganda drivers are a little different from the drivers around the world the try to push themselves ahead leaving you behind so if you lose focus you lose a life.

Avoid Over speeding & over taking

Over 70% of road accidents all over the world are caused by high speeding drivers in a rush or on show off. Whether you are in rush to get somewhere in time or just speeding to impress someone, you should never forget that SPEED KILLS , try to drive at a minimal speed and only over take when you have a good view of incoming traffic passing by. In Uganda we keep left try to keep left and at a minimal speed and follow traffic rules. In town we keep 40km per hour.

Always wear a seat belt

Driving without a seat belt on is a traffic offence all over the world and rightly so because this could be a life saver in-case of any collision. Always strap on the belt before you begin any road or after a stop , in-case you knock a tree or make a sudden stop, the belt will be the only thing that can prevent you from being tossed around or outside through the windshield or car windows saving your life. The chances of surviving a crash with the belt on are high plus you will avoid a ticket and save money.


Look out for bad weather

When traveling to remote destinations like a park, always remember that the weather can change un-expectedly. Heavy rains and fog are not good conditions to drive in and so you should consider slowing speed or even better finding the nearest parking area and avoid an accident or even getting the car stuck in muddy road. Ugandan roads are not so good during the rainy season they can be slippery at times.


Don’t drive when drowsy

Get enough sleep the day before beginning any road trip plus also get water and some snacks to keep you awake on the road. Getting behind the wheel when feeling drowsy is a real huge risk as you can doze off and next thing you know you have collided with a another car, tree or even pedestrian. If you are feeling sleepy, you can just stop over somewhere and take a short break, stretch your muscles, have a drink or eat and then hit the road again after the refreshment. You can also share driving with a friend who is in better condition than you.