The public male circumcision


  Public male circumcision.1 Public male circumcision.2 Public male circumcision4

Uganda with its over 56 tribes also calls for over 30 different cultural behaviors and norms. In the Eastern part of Uganda is a diverse countryside with unique cultural practices and the most interesting is the Public male circumcision. Just the way it sounds,is just the way its done.

Before you are considered adult male, the elders of the society subject you to facing the “live Knife” as sharp as it is, the whole community will witness how they have your fore skin cut off with blood spilling. No medical treatment at all. Its after the process that the Gisu tribe in Eastern Uganda will finally consider you a Man.

At the age of 15 latest, the elders of the community will start preparing you a week before you face the knife. They will keep the candidates in-house and in a closed neighborhood for about 3 days, they will smear you with a special clay plasters on the faces beyond recognition. If you are not a close family member or close friend, it is hard to recognise the faces of the candidates.

The candidates run chanting traditional songs all day and night for all week long. The biggest activity they will do is just sit and eat food. There are so many traditional practices done in doors known only by the elders.

On the day to face the Knife, they will be lined up during sunset one-by-one and have that fore skin chopped off, they don’t expect you to show any signs of pain but rather show the strong man in you. Even after the practice is done, they will leave you to roam around and everyone looking at you. The wounds have a natural healing, no medication is applied.

There is an opening day for circumcision for this Gisu, samya and soga tribe in August and then it goes on till December.
This is one of the activities you don’t want to miss witnessing if you rilly into real Ugandan experience. Every one can join to witness this unique cultural experience. It is free as well.

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