When planning a rip to Uganda with of course the places and an idea of where you are going, how and when the following have to be considered.

How to reach Uganda

Uganda can only be accessed by air from the foreign countries that are much far from it like Europe, Asia, America and more though Uganda can be accessed by land from Kenya Rwanda and Tanzania .Customs and immigration officers are polite and efficient, though they won’t accept fraud and fake documents. A visa can be purchased at the spot on the air port or any overland boarder.


The unit of currency is a Ugandan shilling. The US dollar is the foreign currency that can widely be accepted everywhere in restaurants, hotels shops though hard to take in the local markets. The euro and pound starling are also used, these hard currency’s can be exchanged for the local currency in all banks around and private bureau in all large towns. Visa cards are also used to any ATMs of any bank.


All visitors are supposed to take the malaria prophylactic drugs. Some vaccinations are given to visitors before leaving their countries, though in Uganda a certificate of yellow fever is required before entering on any border. It is advised to drink bottled water not tap water, washing your hands and fruits before eating.

When to visit

The good thing with the Ugandan environment is that it is favorable at anytime. Though visiting in the rainy season some activities like mountain hiking, gorilla tacking and forest walks are somehow challenging give the nature of the landscape. The rains are usually in march to may and mid September.


Educated and non educated Ugandans all speak English even though fluently is spoken by the educated ones given the fact that English is the official language. Uganda has over 50 indigenous languages. Luganda serves as the main language, which is spoken all over the country and Kiswahili next.

Getting around

Self drive in Uganda is allowed to persons above 18 with an international driving license and must keep left.  Visitors who are not sure of driving around are advised to get a driver even though self driving is treading a lot in Uganda offered by car rental agencies like Auto rental uganda. Maps are available at the airport, Uganda wild life authority offices, the agent’s office that you’re using to travel and the post office; these can help you get around.

What to wear

Uganda is a little warm during day time, so you’re advised to pack light clothes and cold at night their advised to get light sweaters for the evening. Alpine temperatures in the mountains call for different clothing if you intend to hike.  Solid walking shoes and long trousers and sweaters are advised for forest walks.  A hat, sun glasses, waterproof jackets, closed shoes shouldn’t be forgot.


Uganda is the safest place to be, with friendly people willing to help. Police posts are almost every 60km in case of any emergencies regarding theft or help with roads they are there to help.  In case of sickness you’re advised to go in big government hospitals or private hospitals not small clinics. As a saying goes safety is in your hands.