Murchison Falls National Park


Murchison Falls National Park is definitely the largest park in Uganda that is named after the mighty river Nile that passes through the park to Lake Albert on its way to the north ending in Egypt. The river Nile that intersects this park bangs through a narrow gorge and forms the most incredible thing that has ever happened to this longest river in the world flowing down to be converted into a placid river whose banks are thronged with hippos, water bucks, crocodiles, buffaloes,elephants and much more wildlife.

The flora and Fauna at Murchison is characterized by Savannah, river-line forest and woodland. Uganda Wildlife Safari at Murchison falls national park includes, elephants, lions, leopard, giraffes, buffaloes, heartbeats, Oribis, Uganda kobs, chimpanzees, and many bird species including the rare shoebill. Several activities carried out in this national park include the following;

Chimpanzee trekking in Budongo forest, Hiking the top of the falls, Bird watching, Game drives, The Nile boat cruise, The delta cruise, Fishing and nature walks in the budongo forest.



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Watch our guide take you through the Famous Murchison falls,
The most spectacular and incredible thing that has ever happened
to the longest river in the world.