Mabamba Swamp


Uganda is one of the countries that are widely endowed with all kinds of birds around the globe. These birds include both resident and non resident birds. However, this country has several birding destinations but non beats the endowment and population of birds found in Mabamba swamp.

Mabamba swamp is approximately 50 km south of Kampala, this large wetland is the nearest bird watching site on the shores of Lake Victoria. It is the home of the rare Shoebill that is not found everywhere and will not miss it here after failing in all other places.

Other special bird species resident in this swamp include the Papyrus gonolek, lesser Jacana, Pigeon, grey rumped swallow, pygmy Kingfisher, slender billed weaver, blue-breasted Kingfisher, Lizard Buzzard, Spur- winged Goose, long toed Lapwing and White winged black Terns- European migrant birds and others.