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               Lake Victoria view guest house


Located in Entebbe town 10 minutes from Entebbe international Airport. Lake Victoria View Guest House’s garden offers a secret of its own.

A private sitting area at the rear is hidden from the noise of Entebbe town.  The large “Tranquility” garden…provides a large, semi-private retreat for the residents of the Lake Victoria view guest house. While you’re here, don’t miss the stunning view of Lake Victoria, and a commanding view of Planes taking off from Entebbe Airport.

Rooms are individually and sensitively designed, with an emphasis on the highest quality of materials, furnishings as well as pastel colors. Rooms are arranged in such a way as to achieve functional, yet comfortable standard of an Art-Tech style and modern design.

Wake up to incredible views, the guest house is overlooking the breath taking Lake Victoria.The Hotel is within easy access to both the Airport and Entebbe town.