Lake Bunyonyi


Lake Bunyonyi literally meaning the place of many Small birds, lies in the western part of Uganda between the towns of Kisoro and Kibale that are situated closely to the border of Rwanda. This is the second deepest lake in Africa whose depth is rumored to be over 144ft about 900m deep. It is considered to be the only lake free from bilharzias and totally safe for swimming.

The lake boasts of over 29 islands that are snaking in nature along the Ugandan landscape. These islands are of different shapes and sizes surrounded by a ring of terraced farms. The most prominent of all these islands is Akampene Island commonly referred to as the punishment island where the Bakiga tribe used to dump any girl that got pregnant before marriage. She would be dumped on this island with a single stick to die of starvation and hunger or drown in the waters if at all she tries swimming to the main land. Ancient tradition experience.

Lake Bunyonyi prides its self with the most quiet and calm waters and resorts to un-wind all your daily trip memories. Lake Bunyonyi’s islands with resorts are a good honeymoon destinations.

You can Canoe on the lake, visit the islands, swim, Visit the Batwa community and yes relax to the most beautiful calm sunsets.

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