Get inspired, enriched adventure and discover exciting fun filled destinations when you hire a car in Uganda with Auto Rental. From Dramatic landscapes, Lush green vegetation, spectacular waterfalls, exciting culture, endless wildlife, Mountain Gorilla Encounter, upclose and personal with chimpanzees doubled with Authentic local experiences.

Kidepo Valley

Closed your eyes before and thought about Africa? Kidepo Valley National park in nort-east Uganda is the hidden treasure of the wilderness with dramatic landscapes and incredible wildlife. A self drive safari.. Read more…

Murchison Falls

Proudly with one of the most incredible thing that has ever happened to the longest river in the world coupled with spectacular wildlife and birdlife, Murchison falls National Park prides itself ….Read more…


Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth is the oldest, The famous hippo populated Kazinga channel snakes between the two lakes of George and Edward. The famous and elusive tree climbing lions of the beautiful ishasha plains are irresistible. Read more…


Previously known as the Tooro Reserve,The rich habitat of grassland, Savannah, forest and wetland is home to diverse fauna, in addition to 400 bird species and 300 butterfly species. Read more…

Rwenzori Mountain

Rwenzori lies on the boundaries of the west Great Rift Valley and is Uganda’s highest mountain with margarita
peak standing at 5011m high. For the intrepid self drive travelers, here’s a hiking challenge.Read more….


The mountain Gorillas are lovely, support each other and yes they are human’s closest relatives. Get up-close
and personal with the great apes on a jungle walking safari and hike the famous Virunga ranges. Read more…

Lake Bunyonyi

Relax and un-wind the trip memories of a self drive in Uganda on the second deepest lake in Africa estimated
at 900m deep snaking between 29 islands with traditional beliefs and customs. Read more…

Lake Mburo

Strategically located next to Kampala, Lake Mburo is one of Uganda’s smallest National Parks dotted with
lush green acacia trees ,and commonly referred to as the “home for the Zebras and Elands”.Read more….

Mt. Elgon

Mount Elgon is located in eastern of Uganda and bordering Kenya. For the intrepid travelers here a chance to hike
the wagagai peak and bear witness to a series of the biggest waterfalls in Uganda. Read more…

Mabamba Swamp

And the famous “shoe shaped” traditional stock is found in mabamba swamps on the shores of lake Victoria, the biggest fresh water lake in Africa. For the bird lovers, here’s a destination that will leave you excited. Read more…


Bwindi Impenetrable N.P

In the thick and mist enveloped rain forest of bwindi lives the lugubrious mountain Gorillas chewing thoughtfully They are cute, lovely, they support each other. get upclose and personal Read more…

kibale Forest

Famously referred to as the primate capital of the world.Kibale is a rainforest inhabiting human closest relatives
the chimpanzees and with over 13 species of primates. Read more….